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FINALLY I've finished work for Christmas! Oh it couldn't come soon enough. I haven't taken any annual leave since the summer.......say what!!! Its no wonder i'm feeling well and truly frazzled. I think i'll make it my new years resolution to take time off more frequently and stagger it out a bit better throughout the year.

I cannot wait to have 18 whole days away from work though. Its Fletcher's last day of school on Friday and I simply cannot wait to do some family stuff, have a ton of lie-ins, get festive, listen to Michael Buble on repeat and watch some Christmas films.

I also really need to get my shit together and finish my Christmas shopping and start wrapping too. I've left it so much later this year. The one good thing is that we don't do Christmas cards.  They are such a ball ache aren't they? No one likes writing them, you spend a fortune on the stamps, they take forever to write out.  For the last 3 years we have donated to Diabetes Research so that saves me a lot of time every year. I also actively encourage my friends and family not to give me Christmas cards 1. because I feel bad that they won't get one back and 2. because it will more than likely just get thrown straight in my recycling bin (sorry but its true I hate the card clutter).

Keep Smiling

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  1. Enjoy your time off! I've done my wrapping today, I hate it so very relieved it's out of the way!


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