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I don't really have a picture to go with this blogpost so here is a picture of the view from the top of my road. I have this thing with the sky. I just love it! On Saturday after staring the day off with a little yoga session we mostly ran errands in the morning and then cleaned our cars in the afternoon before my sister came over to get her hair and make up done for a Christmas do that she was attending that evening.  

Although it was a day of not really doing anything much you would not believe the fun we had washing the cars! Fletcher had the time of his life throwing soap suds all over me and it was great to get the cars washed because boy did they need doing. Just doing something so small like washing the car as a family brought so much joy to Fletcher. It really is the little things in life isn't it.

I've been enjoying my annual leave so far, having nice slow mornings, plenty of cups of tea and lots of mince pies. I've also been thinking of things I can do for myself after my session with the psychologist. 
  1. I'm going to start a yoga class in the New Year.  I have always loved yoga and I think I would really benefit from doing it in a group. 
  2. Continue with Zumba because I just love dancing so much and quite often get lost in the moment. 
  3. I love reading before bed so I want to always make time to do this.  
  4. Bubble baths because who doesn't love a bubble bath
  5. Get pampered
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