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I woke on Sunday after an amazing lie in with over 9 hours sleep (thanks hubs) and after looking out of the window decided I wanted to take a trip up to Carn Brea Castle (we can see the castle from our lounge window you see, check out yesterdays Blogmas for the view of the Castle) I had not been up there in years, it was a dry day and I love getting outside so we all got our coats and scarves on, bundled into the car and drove up the the top of Carn Brea.

I literally felt on top of the world up there. I put a pic up on Instagram and mentioned that my problems felt so small whilst I was up there looking down on the world. I took a moment to gain some perspective on life. Life is unexpected and some things are just way out of our control, but its how we cope with lifes unexpectancies that shape us as the people we are. Yeah life can be tough but it can also be pretty bloody awesome and no matter how bad you're feeling there is someone out there feeling a tonne worse. As I get older i'm learning so much about myself. I'm so grateful for what I already do have in life, supportive family and friends, a truly wonderful husband (and dad to Fletcher) an absolute dear of a son who has taken a lot more crap than he ever deserves, a roof over our heads which we worked hard for, food in my belly and my own health.

I'm enjoying the smaller things in life like a beautiful sunset, a stolen kiss from my husband, listening to music whilst I walk the dog, breathing in the fresh air, dancing, when Fletcher says the funniest things, getting lost in a good book and do you know what it feels marvellous. And when I'm feeling a little bit down i've been reminding myself that I won't feel that way forever.

Keep Smiling

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