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Yesterday I did my last minute dash into town to get the last little bits for Christmas (mainly Dylan's presents). Why are men so bloody hard to buy for. Whenever I ask Dylan what he wants for Christmas he always says nothing and I would quite happily get him nothing so that he can spend his budget on me......but that would be pretty tight so off I went into town yesterday with absolutely no idea what to buy him. Luckily I did come home with a couple of bits. 

I came home, put on a Christmas film and pottered about the house adding bits of Christmas here and there. Some eucalyptus in every room, christmas hand towels, christmas bedding, twinkly lights, cookies and a cup of tea. Its been so nice to just wind down this week and savour the Christmassy vibes. 

Dylan drove back to work at 6pm and my mum came over to look after Fletch so that I could go to the Zumba Christmas Special, which was great fun and I dressed up with some antlers and a red nose. I had hoped to get an early night but I stayed up reading until about 11:45pm eek. Maybe tonight hey?

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