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I mentioned in yesterdays blog post that I went to The Eden Project to see the Festival of Light and Sound and it was absolutely incredible. I went along with my sister, brother in law, niece and Fletcher. Dylan missed out as he was on a Christmas night out. Just the journey up there and back was brilliant, we had Heart Christmas blaring out of the speakers and played eye spy to keep Fletcher entertained!

Now I have been to the Eden Project quite a few times and for me its one of those places that I don't really need to visit that often. I feel like once you've experienced the biomes you don't really need to go back and see them again and again, thats not to say that its not worth a visit because it REALLY is worth a visit. I just personally never feel the need to go back just to visit the biomes.  BUT..........stick a bunch of lasers, lights and music into the biomes and its a whole other ball game. Visiting Eden at night is a totally different atmosphere. We walked around the Rainforest biome in the dark with the sound of waterfalls and birds and it was so tranquil and calming. We then made our way to the Mediterranean biome where all the action was and we literally all stood there in awe. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so mesmerising. It really was rather spectacular and we all had such a lovely evening. I really hope they do it again next year as I will definitely visit again.

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