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Top - New Look (old) //Jeggings-Primark//Boots - New Look (very old similar here)

I had my works Christmas do tonight (Tuesday). It was a lovely quiet affair with just 7 of us and it was actually just perfect. I liked the fact that I actually got to speak to everyone because it was such a small group. I find it much easier in small crowds, I can find it a bit intimidating when there are a lot of people so it really was just the right amount of people.

We went to the Victoria Inn in Threemilestone.  They do the best carvery, in fact I am yet to have a bad meal at The Vic, they just know what they are doing. I am now at home absolutely full to the brim feeling like a total bloater pants! But hey its Christmas, the one month when you can eat like a pig because calories don't count in December (and I did lose nearly a stone last month through stress and anxiety!)

Anyway it was nice to go out on a school night, wear something sparkly and some leopard print heels. It was nice to break the week up.

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