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I'm always a little wary when it comes to giving Fletcher juice. It's the sugar content that always worries me. He's diabetic you see (if you didn't already know that), so I always look for something that's low in carbohydrates but big in flavour and most fruit juices have so much sugar in them that I tend to avoid them like the plague. Fletcher however thinks that any drink that comes in a bottle is the best things on earth, like its a bottle of magic or something and I'm not one to deprive him of these small little joys that "ordinary" children would just drink to their hearts content.

I was very kindly sent some juices from Benson's for Fletcher to try out. He was absolutely delighted that he would have SO MANY bottles of magic to try. So a couple of weeks ago after a strenuous walk up to Carn Brea Castle I let him loose on the Juice! It's safe to say they are a big hit with the little man (and the older mama too), Orange & Apple is a firm favourite.

What I really love about Joosed is that they have no added sugar and the juice is mixed with spring water which actually makes them lower in carbohydrates that your average run of the mill fruit juice (perfect for my little diabetic). They are also free from preservatives and artificial flavours so you know you're only getting the good stuff......simple. The other good news is that they are available to buy at Waitress (very posh hey). Aaaaaaand they are one of your five a day. WINNER!

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