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I have this little ritual that I do every day after tidying away my dinner dishes......lighting candles. I love the warm calming glow that a candle gives off which then eminates through to your body giving you that warm fuzzy feeling and creating that classic hygge atmosphere. Throw a beautiful fresh scent into the mix and a lovely soft blanket and your just maximising the cosy feels!

I was very fortunate to receive a beautiful Imperial Candle recently from the lovely Lauren in the scent Green Tea and Lemon. Now first off I just need to stress how incredibly fresh and light this candle smells. It's quite literally the perfect spring fragrance. I've been lighting it every day and am really enjoying how clean and fresh it is making my house smell.....mmmm lemony fresh!

But this isn't just any candle though, oh no! Each candle is hand poured using the finest soy wax, it has a 120 hour burn time and it doesn't end there, each candle has a a little surprise hidden inside in the form of a jewell. I'm excited to see what piece of jewellery I have waiting for me. It could be anything ranging from £10-£2000 you just keep burning until you reach your little foil package and then reveal your hidden item of jewellery. Its like an adult version of a Kinder Surprise (although I still love Kinder eggs at the ripe age of 33). They do bath bombs too with the same concept. Such a lovely idea.

There are so many lovely scents to choose from, I quite like the sound of Peony & Pomegranate for another nice spring/summer scent.

Keep Smiling

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