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Don't you dare get mud on my trousers Maisy!
Top-ASOS (short sleeve version here)

1. These Jeggings 
I bought these these jeggings from Primark for a whopping £6 a few weeks ago and literally every time I wear them someone comments on how lovely they are, and I have to agree they are simply lovely. They are comfy, fit perfect and are the nicest colour (I have them in a light olive green colour also) I had intended to wear them just for work but I've been wearing them everywhere

2.  Alone Time
I love nothing more than spending time with friends and family but it is equally important to spend time alone. This week on my days off i've been enjoying doing things for myself and on my own, like putting on my headphones and going for a run, having a long soak in the bath with my book, drinking coffee in a beach cafe, walking along the beach

3.  Spring Blooms
I just have to mention the fact that there are daffodils, tulips and hyacinths everywhere. This has put me in the best mood ever and has brightened every corner of my home

4.  Celebrity Big Brother
OMG this is soooooo good this year. I am literally obsessed. They have some really fiery characters in there this year......a lot of them i'd never heard of (Stacy/Jessica/James C) I'm team Speidi all the way. But Kim Woodburn........she is something else isn't she! And i'm actually a little gutted that Chloe has been evicted, she was so entertaining.


1. Fraud
I had a call on Wednesday to say that my credit card had been used to place 8 orders online amounting to just under £4000! These orders were clearly NOT placed by me and I then had the palaver of sorting this out with the bank.  Thankfully it has all been sorted and refunded now but it just

2. Stupidity 
I don't really know why I'm about to admit to this but on Tuesday morning whilst I was in the shower I had just finished washing my body and then got what I thought was my cleanser and started to massage it into my face only to realise I was massaging Femfresh into my face........my skin has never felt better though, so every cloud and all that.

3. January
Its just such a long, cold, rubbish month isn't is! Roll on February, I'm ready to celebrate Fletcher's 5th birthday and not celebrate valentines day

4.Being Pale
I need to get some fake tan back in my life. I'm definitely getting my tan on later this evening. I always feel so much better with a little bit of colour.

Keep Smiling

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