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Boots - Old New Look

I've had these little booties for as long as I can remember..........ok since 2011! I will never forget it was Laura from buynowbloglater that featured them on her blog and I knew there and then that I needed to buy them. Isn't it funny how someone simply posting a picture of an item they have bought can persuade you to go out and buy it for yourself. The powers of social media hey.  Anyhow seeing as you can no longer buy these booties any longer here is another similar pair from ASOS which are currently in the sale.

I currently look nothing like I do in this photo though, i'm having a bit of a dressed down Sunday, hair is piled ontop of my head, minimal make up. The weather is abysmal today so we're having a day of snuggling under blankets, we've already watched the Lego Movie and we're now catching up on The Jump.  Just when I was starting to get excited for Spring the stupid bloody rain came and ruined my vibe. DAMN YOU RAIN!

Keep Smiling

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  1. Great post, love getting outfit ideas from fellow mums. I keep seeing leopard print boots everywhere at the minute but can't seem to find any in my size as I'm a tiny UK3.


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