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So Spring officially started on 20th March and I have to admit I have welcomed all the spring flowers with open arms. It's been an absolute delight to only have to spend £3.50 on tulips and daffodils every week.

It will come as no surprise to you that I love to spend time outdoors. The first sniff of sunshine and I'm out of those doors faster than a rocket. So i've been getting out and about as much as possible when its dry. It's still been a little chilly here in Cornwall but I did go out for the first time last week without a jacket (small victories).

A couple of weeks ago we went to visit Trewithen Gardens in Probus. I had never been before but had heard that it had the most beautiful selection of Camellia's and Magnolia and as Magnolia doesn't tend to stick around for long I had to visit it ASAP. We had a lovely day out, luckily Fletcher actually doesn't mind walking around garden's, he just loves being outdoors as much as we do. After a little mooch around the garden we stopped off in the little tea shed for tea and cake. It was the perfect family day.

Im hoping i'm going to have more to share with you on the blog over the spring/summer months.  I take my camera everywhere with me and am very much a happy snapper, but then I never find the time to share them on the blog (life just gets in the way). But i really want to make a conscious effort to apply more time to my blog. I find writing really therapeutic and in fact I always kept a diary when I was younger and would write in it every evening before bed.

Have a wonderful week
Keep Smiling

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