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Well that went quick didn't it? Here we are again, the start of another week, at least its starting on a Tuesday though and I didn't have to feel that Monday gloom that I inevitably feel every week.

We had a marvellous bank holiday weekend and kicked off with a spontaneous date night on the Friday eve as my lovely mum offered to have Fletch overnight.  We made the most of the beautiful weather and made our way down to St Ives to watch the sunset on Porthmeor Beach. We grabbed a hot chocolate in Porthmeor Beach Cafe before finding a spot in the sand to watch the sunset. It was perfect, there were children playing British Bulldog, the smell of sausages cooking on BBQ's, A group of girls catching up over a bottle of Prosecco, keen photographer's setting up their equipment to  grab that perfect sunset shot, people surfing.  I felt like I was living my dream "beachy" life. After a little while we headed into town to grab ice-cream at 9:45pm.  All in all it was an absolute perfect way to kick off the weekend.  
Unfortunately the weather went a bit downhill from that moment on.  Saturday was a bit dull so we did some odd jobs, Dylan bathed the dog, we took a trip to the dump, had pasties for dinner, Dylan and Fletch watched the FA cup final, we watched a film called Central Intelligence which was OK. 
Sunday gave me all sorts of feelings of nostalgia and transported me back to when I was little.  In the morning we beat the rain and took a trip to the park. Returned home and baked some cupcakes from Tanya Burr - Tanya Bakes, with the sound of Formula 1 racing in the background.  I then cooked a roast whilst the boys watched Star Wars. When I was growing up a typical Sunday for me would have started with Sunday School, a play in the park, my dad watching the racing, mum cooking a roast and then a classic Western film on the TV. It made me feel all warm inside.
Monday was another grey old day and after chucking some beef and veg in the slow cooker we got our wellies on and took the dog for a long walk in the countryside. We made a game of counting bumble bees and butterflies and bizarrely got chatting to a guy in a farm that kept bees so Fletch and Dylan went up to see the bees whilst I stayed with the dog (I love bees but I'm terrified of getting stung, i've been stung 3 times in my life! although I think they were all wasps). We came home, drank a lot of water and then played a couple of boardgames.  

So there we have it, a successful weekend had by all.  I hope you all had wonderful bank holiday too.

Keep Smiling

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