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Anyone else start thinking of a new project before finishing the last. I've just started to make a dent in painting and decorating our main bedroom and i'm already thinking about what I want to do in our living room. We still haven't even bought interior doors yet because my husband has a problem parting with large amounts of money........i've stopped hassling him about it now and accepted that I am never going to have the beautiful white doors that I dream of. Sometimes I dream of living alone and having exactly what I want in my house, you know, decor to my taste, but then I remember that he's pretty handy to have around when my car breaks and I am kinda fond of him.

Anyway here is a mash up of all the little things i'm loving for our living space but I will never be able to buy because Dylan will either a. not like it or b. not want to part with the money! Our living and dining area is all in one which is why there are some dining bits on my wish list


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