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I am so incredibly excited about the summer holidays this year and I'm not entirely sure why. I mean we've already had our family holiday to Portugal so its not as if I have that to look forward to. I think its just the fact that we have 6 weeks to play with. I'm really hoping for plenty of beach days, coastal walks, making the most of our National Trust membership and attempting to keep everything alive in my garden apart from the weeds, although I seem to be particularly good at keeping them alive.

Speaking of gardening. I feel like each year that passes I get a little bit better at this gardening malarky. Don't get me wrong I still forget to water my plants on occasions and don't even get me started on the slugs LOVING my Dahlias.....I must remember to keep topping up the slug pellets. But all of the above pictures were taken in my garden and I'm pretty proud of my David Austin Olivia Rose which is just about to flower for the third time this summer!

A few things I'm planning to do this summer include:

- Go to the beach
- Picnic in the park
- BBQ with friends
- Drinks in a beer garden
- Go away in the camper van
- Try a new watersport
- Use my National Trust membership as much as possible
- Go on a bike ride
- Read a book in my deckchair
- Eat ice-cream
- Visit the farmers market and pick up some local produce

Wishing you all the best summer ever!

Keep Smiling


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