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Skirt - SHEIN // Vest - H&M // Sandals - Saltwater 
Ok so can we talk about personal style for a minute. I absolutely love fashion, I think its a great way to express your personality and just like the weather can really reflect my mood, my mood can also reflect my outfit choice (I generally wear a lot of black when i'm feeling insecure).

Last Thursday I took Fletcher to the beach and whilst I would ordinarily wear shorts and t-shirt to hit the beach, I was feeling particularly fancy on that day and decided to take my new skirt for a whirl along with my husbands hat (which I bought for him last year and he never wears so now its mine!)

I've definitely been experimenting more with my style this summer. Although I will forever be a "jeans and a t shirt" kinda girl. This skirt is something I would never normally go for but I absolutely loved the colour and the style so decided to try something a little different and i'm so glad I did because I really love it, I think it fits my casual style.

Living in Cornwall we have a very laid back approach to fashion, nearly everyone's style is very casual and whilst it looks perfectly normal to nip into town in your heels if you live in a big city, it would look a bit daft here in Kernow, but saying that I have no problem with anyone going to the supermarket in 6 inch heels......each to their own and all that! 

Ultimately I would love to hire a stylist to take a look at me and tell me what would suit my frame, my age and what colours would look good on me.

What's your signature style? Do you follow the trends?

Keep Smiling


  1. The hat really suits you! <3
    Have you bought anything else from Shein? How did you find the quality?
    I've seen a few things I like on ads but heard bad reviews.

    1. I am also wondering about the quality and delivery of sgein , i am keen to try the online shein but nervous to , Sam how do you find their stuff in general ? x


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