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I've been wanting to create a capsule wardrobe for quite some time now and a couple of weeks ago I decided to just go for it, I mean what have I got to lose (apart from a few items of unwanted or unloved clothes). 

I did a lot of research into a capsule wardrobe before I got started and found Caroline from un-fancy.com had the most helpful information around the subject including a downloadable Capsule Planner. I cannot stress how important this step is. Filling out the capsule planner gave me a real insight into my style, my lifestyle and items that I was missing.

So what is a capsule wardrobe I hear you say? Well essentially it is a downsized wardrobe full of seasonal items that you can switch around to make lots of different outfits. I set myself a target of 40 items max including coats and shoes. This doesn't include underwear, sportswear, lounge/nightwear, handbags or accessories. You are allowed to buy new items at the start of each season (so every 3 months) and then thats it.....once its in your capsule, no more spending until the next season when you do it all over again.

As we're transitioning into Autumn I felt this was the perfect time to start. I started by emptying the entire contents of my wardrobe and drawers onto my bed.   I was then able to give the inside of my wardrobe a good wipe down and hoover. Its at this point where I began to think "what the hell have i started" there were clothes everywhere! I also bought some fancy new velvet hangers from Matalan for the occasion. 

I made 3 piles -  a capsule pile, a keep pile (seasonal items) and a ged rid pile.  The capsule items went straight back into my wardrobe on my lovely new hangers. The keep pile was carefully folded and placed in 2 boxes and stored in my loft.  The get rid pile was then either tossed straight into the bin or was put to one side to sell or give to charity. It took me an afternoon to sort through it all and I was so surprised at how much fun I had doing it. I carefully selected the items for my capsule keeping in mind the change in weather, my lifestyle and my personal style. 

Here's the items that made the cut (apart from a pair of leggings not pictured).  I've tried to link all the items that are still available or i've put similar items where I can but please bare in mind that a lot of my items are years old. I have a total of 37 pieces. GO ME!
Top L to R - Topshop / H&M / NewLook 
Middle L to R - Topshop / Topshop / H&M
Bottom L to R - Primark / Marks & Spencer / Boden
Top L to R - Topshop Jamie / Miss Selfridge / ASOS
Middle L to R - Hollister / Topshop Lucas / Topshop 
Bottom L to R - H&M Kids / Hollister / Topshop
Middle L to R - Topshop / All Saints / Zara 
Bottom L to R - NewLook / Zara / Zara
Left - Topshop / Right - ASOS similar 
Top - ASOS
Middle L to R -  New Balance 420 / Red or Dead /Converse 
Bottom L to R -Kickers / ClarksDune 

I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, it is life changing. It's so nice to be able to open my wardrobe each day and pick an outfit with no fuss. Whereas previously I would open my wardrobe and be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothing (a closet full of clothing but nothing to wear). 

It would appear i've inspired a lot of others on Instagram to sort their wardrobes out too including my sister whose wardrobe I helped sort out just last weekend. If you're interested in seeing how I'm styling these items then head over to my Instagram (sunshinesamblog) where I've been uploading regular pics.

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  1. Well done Sam! I'm feeling inspired...that's my weekend plans sorted then. I also love looking at how you've been styling your capsule wardrobe on instagram...keep up the updates! Thanks x

  2. I've done a capsule wardrobe too, inspired by your insta story! X

  3. Hi Sam loved the blog
    Interested to know if this includes your work clothing and outfits for a night out? Thanks x


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