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3 months ago I waved goodbye to my husband as he set off on his detachment to Cyprus with the RAF. It was an incredibly emotional day and both Fletcher and I cried inconsolably for quite some time. It feels so strange that it was still summer back then, we had just spent the weekend at Poulton's Park and I was swanning around in shorts and a t shirt and now I'm sat here at my desk in my pjs with the heating on, a storm is brewing outside and I most definitely wore a scarf around my neck today.

In 6 days time I drive up to Dylan's base to collect him.  I've been waiting 87 days for this moment, I miss my husband terribly and making parenting decisions on your own is hard.  In fact parenting in general is hard when you're flying solo, hats off to all you single parents out there you guys deserve a medal. Throw in some diabetes too and it makes the situation even more challenging. Dylan and I are the only 2 people that are trained to change Fletcher's cannula for his insulin pump and this has to be changed every 3 days. In this 3 month period I would have changed his cannula 30 times and Fletcher would have pricked his finger over 600 times to check his blood glucose levels! Thats just insane.

So how have I coped? I honestly don't know what I would do without the support of my family and friends. My mum in particular  has been absolutely incredible. I've spent so much time with her and I truly love her company. I've spent nearly every Saturday night at her house and she's got up with Fletcher most Sunday mornings so that I get a bit of a lie in, she's been my saviour.

I've managed to keep myself busy painting, decorating and moving furniture around. I started my capsule wardrobe the week after he left, i've been on days out to the woods, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, The Eden Project, the beach. I've been running with my friends. But now I am so ready to be reunited with Dylan. 3 months is such a long time for any little boy to be away from his daddy and I know i'll be a blubbering mess next week.

I cannot wait to have my husband back, he really is the missing piece to our little puzzle.

Keep Smiling

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