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Whenever I need to update my wardrobe my first stop is ALWAYS Topshop. I've been shopping there since I was about 12 years old.  I will never forget my first Topshop purchase. It was a purple t-shirt with blue piping around the cuff and neck. I remember feeling so stylish every time I wore it. Fast forward 22 years and it's still my go to shop in fact I'd say 80% of my wardrobe is Topshop (it's not just for teenagers and students after all)

As we've just moved into the new season (I can't believe its December) I've picked up some real gems  from Toppers for my winter capsule wardrobe and have also dragged out some old faithfuls too.

I'm really into skirts this year and absolutely love a bit of denim and I think the zip at the front just gives it that something extra. I've paired it with this gorgeous cherry print shirt which I also think will look fabulous with jeans, my red trousers and also my leather skirt.
I simply love the Clueless vibe of this checked kilt skirt. I really need to get me some knee high socks and a matching blazer so that I can channel my inner Cher (not the singer btw)
Speaking of blazer's this is an oldie from last year and the t-shirt is even older but I just love how putting a blazer over a plain white tee can make such a difference to an outfit.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I styled some of the pieces from my capsule wardrobe and no doubt I will be sharing more with you over the coming weeks.

Keep Smiling

*This blogpost is in collaboration with Topshop and contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site, then I may make a commission from that purchase. 

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  1. Hi lovely outfits. What size are you if you don't mind me asking as never to sure what I am in #topshop.
    Thank you


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