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Today I'm talking all things hair. I get asked about my hair quite frequently on Instagram so thought I'd dedicate a whole blogpost to it.

Hair History
I was born with no hair on my head, I was a total egg head, baldy locks, fuzzy peach. When my hair did eventually start to grow it was very blonde but over the years started to darken to my NOW natural hair colour which is a very mousy dirty dark blonde/light brown. I've dyed my hair every colour under the sun (check out this post with some pictures of my hair history). 
Hair Currently
I'd say this is the happiest i've ever been with my hair since finding the most amazing hairdresser (Holly you are my saviour) and over the years I've found some staple products that my hair just absolutely loves.
Cut & Colour
I currently have a creamy blonde balayage through my hair with my natural colour at the root blended  down to the tip (so its not an obvious colour change). It's quite literally the best colour to manage as I don't have to worry about root touch ups and it just looks so natural as its not an extreme colour change. I have long layers cut through my hair and some shorter face framing pieces.
How I Curl My Hair

The only way to explain this was through a video so here you go...

Shampoo & Conditioner can change quite frequently (depending on whats on offer) but last year I discovered Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo & conditioner and it is now a firm favourite. It literally smells incredible and I just repurchase whenever its on offer.

Other products I love are:

Keep Smiling


  1. You have amazing hair ! i love the way you style it. how do you make it last all day though? because i find my hair coming loose by the end of the day since its so thick and heavy. Keep up the great posts ! :)

  2. I actually have almost the exact same long of hair as you do, i love how you do your hair, this was so helpful for hair care, thank u


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