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This is kinda ridiculous, I mean i'm already over a month into my Spring Capsule and i'm only now sharing the items in my wardrobe. To be fair though we had quite a bit of ice, snow, rain and plummeting temperatures in March that it took me a while to part from my cosy knits, scarves and hats.

I'm still learning with this whole Capsule Wardrobe malarky. Its difficult to know what pieces to add for each season. When I think of Spring I think of floaty light materials and bright and pastel shades, definitely not fluffy socks, thick coats and pompom hats!! I'm pretty sure come next Spring I will have nailed it as I'll have this blogpost as a reference.

Anyway onto the good stuff.  Here is what I have added in my Spring Capsule.  Ive linked any items that are still available or similar but please bare in mind that the majority of my items are past season.

1-Whistles//2-Maison La Biche//3-Second Female//4-Topshop//5-Topshop
6-Marks&Spencer//7-NewLook//8-Topshop//9.Topshop//10.Maison La Biche
11-F&F Tesco//12-F&F Tesco//13-F&F Tesco//14-F&F Tesco//15-Boden 
20-F&F Tesco//21-Newlook//22-ASOS//23-Zara
28-Seasalt//29-All Saints//30-NewLook//31-Topshop(Similar)//32-Topshop(Similar)

So there you have it the entire contents of my spring capsule (i think). Im looking forward to it warming up soon. May is usually a good month weather wise and boy am I looking forward to cracking out my Saltwater sandals next season!

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