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Not the cheeriest of titles I know but I want to be honest and just tell you that i've found November a real struggle. I've had a low sense of self worth, feeling paranoid, doubting everything I do and say and have been quite tearful and just generally feeling low.  The good news is I slowly feel like i'm coming out the other side now. Must be the weather or something, or possibly the fact that I went to the happiest place in the whole world last month and came back down to earth with a big thud!

So last month we went to Disneyworld Florida and had the most magical time EVER! We were all literally on a high every day. I mean its difficult not to be happy when the sun is shining and people are singing in the street on the daily......then we came home and we were greeted with a temperature of 3 degrees after just spending 2 weeks in the 30s. Now I always suffer with post holiday blues but PDB is another level (thats Post Disney Depression btw) so after I got over the jet lag and those first painful days back in work I decided to get a plan together to try and perk myself back up.

1. Get Outside 
This is a big one for me. I work an office job from 7:30-3:30 Mon-Wed and as the days have drastically got shorter it's difficult to even get a little glimpse of daylight sometimes. So on my days off I'm making a conscious effort to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. We went to St Ives on the motorbike at the beginning of the month and it was JUST what I needed. I felt like it blew the cobwebs away perfectly.

2. Go to the Beach
Sticking with the "get outside" theme. The beach is my happy place and is probably the only place that I can actually just sit and do nothing but watch the waves rolling in. I immediately feel my mind getting clearer when I'm next to the ocean. I think the sea has so many healing properties. It definitely makes me appreciate how much beauty there is in the world

3. Me Time
Finding time for yourself when you have a child can be challenging.   I feel like I'm forever rushing around, getting packed lunches sorted, making dinner, cleaning the toilet, and making sure everyone else is happy putting my own needs on the back burner. Did I also mention that my husband is in the RAF and works away for half of the week so I also solo parent too. But just taking an hour out of the day for a little pamper session is so beneficial. I've been trying to give myself an at home facial once a week after putting Fletcher to bed and it feels nice to do something just for me.

4. Sleep
I'm forever trying to get better at going to sleep at a decent time as I know how important it is for physical and mental health. I already have a bit of a bedtime routine that starts at 9am with me removing my make up, getting into my night clothes and making a warm cup of horlicks before getting into bed and reading a chapter of my book or Breathe magazine.

5. Hydration & Vitamins
I've really upped my water intake recently and feel like it has had such a great effect on my skin and my energy levels. I've also started taking Berroca again every morning for that extra boost of energy. Its packed full of B vitamins which apparently is great for boosting your mood.

6. Listening to Music & Podcasts
I touched on this breifly on my instagram but I am absolutely loving listening to podcasts at the moment. I've started listening to them on my journeys to work, before bed, whilst cooking tea, whilst walking the dog. A personal favourite of mine at the moment is Pressing Pause by Gabrielle Treanor. They are nice and short, uplifting to listen to and full of positivity.

7. Surrounding myself with loved ones
I'm always happiest when i'm in good company. I cherish time with my family and friends so much.

Keep Smiling


We recently gave Fletcher's room a much needed freshen up. His room had kinda been neglected with  mismatched paint, stains on the walls and a big bulky day bed that used to live in our spare room. 

We still have a bit of work to do as he needs new carpet and i'm still trying to figure out storage solutions and decide on what furniture to go in the room but we've made a start with painting the walls in Dulux Polished Pebble (my favourite shade of paint), adding a new lampshade from Habitat and also a gorgeous Berber rug which was very kindly gifted to us from Greenmount Rugs.

With the go ahead from Fletcher, I also had a massive purge of all of his toys as he had so many that he doesn't even play with any more or that he has outgrown. I donated most of these toys to the Children's Unit at the Hospital where I work.

To add some finishing touches I added some prints from Desenio who i've teamed up with for this blogpost and I think they finish the room off perfectly. I also have an exciting discount code for 25% off posters so be sure to keep reading for more information on that.

I'm sure most of you have heard of Desenio but if you haven't they are a very popular print/poster website and have an array of prints and frames to suit every taste. Their Instagram is full of inspiring displays of art and their website even helps you to design your very own gallery wall or you can take all the stress out of choosing and literally buy straight from their inspiration page. I'm quite choosy and wanted to pick prints personal to Fletcher that I knew he would like.

For Fletcher's room we chose 

Fletcher was absolutely thrilled when he stepped into his bedroom after we hung them on the wall. Also another little tip for hanging them on the wall......we use the sticky strips and stick them to the wall rather than hammering nails into the wall which is perfect if you are renting a property.

Moving onto our living area. Our living room is the largest room in our house and there was a large section of blank wall which was just screaming for some posters.

I'm a massive fan of the colour combination blue, pink and turquoise and it only seemed right that I went for a beach vibe as we live by the sea in Cornwall. I opted for gold frames in the living room as I think it really compliments the colour of the prints.

For the living area we went for

OK so now for the bit you've all been waiting for..... the discount code which is valid for 3 days only so make sure you get in there fast with your orders.

The code “SUNSHINESAM” gives 25% off posters* on all of our sites between October 30th and November 1st . *Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters

This post is in collaboration with Desenio. All images, words and views are my own.
Keep Smiling


I feel like autumn is in full swing now. The leaves are turning the most amazing shades of red, orange and brown, theres a definite chill in the air and tights are most definitely needed with dresses and skirts along with long sleeved knits. Its almost time to make a big old batch of pumpkin soup too (my favourite).

If I could describe Autumn in one word it would be COSY!

My perfect cosy autumn day would consist of donning my wellies and going for a walk in the woods with the family, finding the most beautiful leaves and walking through the crunchy ones then going home and getting cosy under the blankets, drinking hot chocolate (with all the trimmings) with the fire on and snuggling up on the sofa to watch a Disney film with popcorn.

I like to feel cosy too and there is nothing better than the feeling of soft cashmere on your skin and this cashmere sweatshirt from The White Company ticks all of the cosy boxes - soft, delicate, luxurious and lightweight. The White Company have an amazing range of cashmere products including jogging bottoms, scarves , throws and even a fragrance range (the bed socks are definitely on my Christmas list)

As most of you are aware I've been following a capsule wardrobe for the last 12 months. This means that i'm more selective with what goes into my wardrobe, only choosing items that I truly love and that I can see myself getting lots of wear out of with multiple options on how i style the item. The cashmere sweatshirt is most definitely an item that will see me through Autumn and Winter and I can't wait to style it with skirts, dresses, leather leggings and skinny jeans and because its grey it will literally go with everything! Its all about making clever clothing choices.

Keep Smiling