Saturday, 31 January 2015


Camel Coat-Zara||Jumper-Primark||Jeans-Topshop,Leigh||Brogues-Schuh, Red or Dead||Necklace-Forever21

Today it is so cold.  I feel like it's snowing everywhere in the UK apart from Cornwall.  I want snow so bad. In fact if the snow faries could turn up on Fletcher's birthday on Tuesday that would be totally awesome.  I would love to spend the day building a snowman.

So today is 31st January, the last day of my Bloguary challenge of blogging every day for the whole of January and it's also the birthday of my best friend Amy (hey Amy, I know you're reading this!!).  I must say I have really enjoyed blogging every day and I definitely want to blog more regularly.  I was a bit slack last year but this year I plan to change that.  I'm going to aim for 3 posts a week with a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Today we starting ripping down our wallpaper in our lounge.  I am so excited to get it off our walls I just want to paint them a nice neutral greige colour.  Speaking of neutral, this is what I wore today.  Grey is possibly my favourite colour for everything especially clothing.  It goes with everything and I love how the yellow necklace gives it a lovely pop of colour.  Happy Saturday everyone.

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Friday, 30 January 2015


I like to have a nice selection of fragrance to choose from. I don't typically where the same fragrance every day. I generally tend to separate my perfume into categories.

Every day wear/work wear -I usually go for the cheaper options when it comes to work. 

Zara|Baby Boy - This may seem like a random perfume to own as it is supposed to be for babies (which I find a little bit odd in the first place but each to their own) but let me just tell you that this perfume smells absolutely gorgeous. It's a very soft,comforting, powdery smell and it is so cheap for such a big bottle. I really recommend you give it a sniff, you won't be disappointed. 
Paul Smith|Extreme - These perfumes are always in the sale. I've got to be honest though, this isn't my favourite scent as I find it quite peppery but it's fine for work I suppose. 
Lidl|Suddenly Madame Glamour - My most used "work" scent. Iit's not pictured because it lives in my handbag and I totally forgot about it until I started writing this. If you haven't heard of this fragrance then I suggest you get your bum down to Lidl and pick it up. Basically it's Chanel Coco Mademosielle for £3.99. 

Special Occasions - I save my more expensive perfumes for days when I'm not in work or when I'm going out on a special occasion. The fragrance I choose often depends on what season we are in. 

Spring/Summer - This is when I wear my lighter, fresher, floral fragrances. These include:
Marc Jacobs|Daisy Dream - I actually won this last summer in a competition with Escentual. It is such a beautiful fresh, clean scent. I like to wear it with sunglasses and flip flops :-)
Chanel|Chance - Every girl needs a Chanel fragrance in their collection and this is my choice. Everything about it is so chic. It's such a lovely fresh classic scent. 
Calvin Klien||Beauty - Another simple sophisticated fragrance that again smells fresh and almost slightly sweet. Great summer fragrance.
DKNY|Golden Delicious - Its fruity and fresh and I love it!

Autumn/Winter - The woody, musky, sensual scents come out around this time. These include:

LancĂ´me|Poeme - My signature scent and all time favourite perfume. It looks a terribly old grannyish colour but it smells like heaven to me. I've been wearing this perfume for 12 years and the amount of people that ask me what fragrance I'm wearing is unbelievable. I swear nearly every time I wear it someone comments on it. 
Gucci|Premier - Husband bought me this for Christmas after I sniffed it in Debenhams and fell in love. It's a very sophisticated scent and an all round lovely fragrance. 
What are your go to fragrances? Do you keep your daytime scents separate to your evening ones?

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Thursday, 29 January 2015


Ahhhhh sleeping, its my favourite thing to do second to eating haha.

I think the most important thing about getting a good nights sleep is consistency and getting a good circadian rhythm going.  I aim to go to bed at around the same time every night and wake around the same time each morning (whenever Fletcher wakes up) apart from on a Sunday when I get a lie in but even then I limit myself to 9am.

A typical evening for me usually goes something like this:

- Watch a bit of TV, catch up on blogs, do a bit of window shopping on the internet, have a bath, light a candle.
- A warm mug of Horlicks, every night without fail, and yes I am aware I sound like a granny.
- Take a magnesium tablet.  The mineral Magnesium is a muscle relaxant so it naturally helps you to feel less tight, stiff and it deactivates adrenaline giving you an all round feeling of relaxation.  It is also reported to help with migraines, which I do suffer from and I have seen a major improvement since taking it.
- Shut down everything for the night, clean up odds and ends in the lounge, turn off lights, put dishwasher on, give the dog her bedtime treat, check Fletcher's blood glucose levels.
- Night time skincare regime (cleanse, tone, eye cream, face oil, moisturiser)
- Make sure my alarm is set
- Into PJ's
- Into bed
- Read
- Sleep for 7-8 hours

A few important things that I find really help me to get a good nights sleep include:

- Winding down. I usually start the wind down process about an hour before I'm due to go to sleep.  I think its really important to really make sure you have done everything that you need to do before getting into bed. There is nothing worse than climbing into bed and then 20 minutes later realising that you forgot to set your alarm or make your lunch for work.  I go through a little mental checklist in my head each night.
- Sleeping in a tidy/dark bedroom.  I simply cannot sleep if my room is a mess and I make it as dark as I possibly can.
- The right temperature.  I like my room to be cool but not ice cold.  If its too warm it is impossible to get comfortable.
- Reading,  Its the one way to really get your mind to switch off, because your mind can't wander when your attention is fully in your story.
- Headspace App. If i'm really struggling to sleep I stick my Headspace app on, it has a really great podcast on sleep and i'm usually asleep before its even finished.

Bit of a random post tonight but I know that sleep disorders are really common and these are just a few tips that I find really helpful.  Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Totally unrelated pictures to this post but I just found them on my phone from before Christmas and thought they definitely needed to be shared with the blog world!

I'm officially on annual leave!!! This excites me greatly. I have so much planned for my week off.

- Celebrate my best friend Amy's birthday 
- Bake a birthday cake for a special little boy that's turning 3 on Tuesday and try and figure out how many carbs are in the damn thing! And also can we just pause time for a bit, time is passing by so fast, I can't believe Fletch is turning 3, was it really that long ago that I gave birth.
- Finish my book. I'm aiming to read a book a month.  I'm currently reading Sophie Kinsella Can You Keep a Secret, it's an old book but it's a gooden.
- Rip my wallpaper down and paint my walls in a neutral grey/greige (is greige actually a word?) 
- Clear out my wardrobes 
- Try and get my hair cut
- Make enquiries about the beauty course that I want to start this year
- Exploring some new woods and beaches
- Date night!

This week has been pretty good to me so far. Yesterday I was on the phone to a receptionist at a GP surgery and was told that I was a pleasure to speak to because I was so bright and helpful, she said it was so refreshing to hear, that made my day. And today I was told I looked like a teenager!! Seeing as though I haven't been a teenager for 12 years I was pretty pleased to hear that. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, maybe I'll win the lottery or something.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Valentines Picks
Click on the picture for details of items

Valentines Day is fast approaching and I thought I would share a few of my picks for the day that is dedicated to all things LOVE.

I'm actually a big fan of Valentines Day.  I know some people think its just an excuse for the card shops to make money and that really you should shower your other half with love every day anyway and blah blah blah.  But Dylan and I got together around Valentines back in 2002 so it's actually kind of a special time for us. I remember he sent me a massive bouquet of flowers to my work on Valentines day and I was ridiculously happy and embarrassed all at the same time and the next day I drove all the way up to his base, which was in Wolverhampton at the time and we decided to become official then.

I'm definitely doing heart shaped waffles this year with strawberries and raspberries and would you just look at that cute little rose gold french manicure (totally doing that too!) In fact I want everything in this set but if I had to pick just one it would be the teeny tiny little Pandora heart ring, so cute.

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Monday, 26 January 2015


Sundays are for lie-ins||fresh sheets||laughter||family||roast dinners||bubble baths||scented moisturiser||at home facials||intensive hair treatments||manicures||reading a good book.

I pretty much do all of the above on a Sunday.  Its like my prep for the upcoming week.  I like to have freshly manicured nails for work on a Monday and there is nothing better than jumping into a bed with fresh sheets after you've had a warm bubble bath.

I am determined to get my hair in the best condition ever this year.  I haven't coloured it since September last year as I think i'm going to give my natural hair colour a whirl (I'll just pick the greys out eek).  I've been doing weekly intensive treatments, letting it dry naturally and I plan to get regular trims (still need to book that up, oops)  It is definitely feeling in much better condition already.

I hope you all had a nice Monday - mine was pretty manic!  Being a Medical Secretary for 4 Paediatricians is hard going sometimes.  But when I got home from work the sky looked like this, and you know how much I LOVE THE SKY, it was beautiful and made me happy.

Keep Smiling

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Cardigan-NewLook||T-Shirt-H&M||Vest (underneath)-Primark||Jeans-Hollister (Ryan *surprise surprise*)||Shoes-Converse
I love black.  I mean lets face it, it goes with everything.  I bought this eyelash cardigan a couple of months ago from New Look and it is the cosiest, warmest, snuggliest little cardi ever.  It's always guaranteed to warm me up on these cold wintery days.

Speaking of the cold, we spent yesterday afternoon at the park.  I've been really making an effort to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine every day.  Even though it is so cold I think it's important to get your daily dose of vitamin D because it is the happy vitamin after all, and i'm all about HAPPY.  Yesterday was super sunny, but also super cold, so we wrapped up warm, sat on a giant dragon fly and Fletcher took us for a ride on his train.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.  I'm off to jump in the bath now.  Work tomorrow.......grrrrrr!!!

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