Monday, 18 May 2015


THURSDAY - Ok so technically not the weekend, but Dylan was off work so our weekend started early.  We have friends that come down to Cornwall every year and stay in St ives and so we met up with them on Thursday. We started the day off with breakfast at the local greasy spoon whilst Fletch was a pre-school and then picked him up at 11:30 and went straight to St Ives. We had a lovely day at the beach and then went to one of our favourite places to eat The Hub. Its always so lovely meeting up with them and Fletcher got on really well with their girls.

Trying a new breakfast, this is from Aldi and is SO GOOD\\my little work out spot\\A lovely gentleman gave us all of his tickets that he won at the arcade in St Ives and we had enough to get a minion for Fletcher.  He was thrilled.

Egg and soldiers for lunch\\delicious smoothie\\making a start to the holiday packing\\taking Fletch for a lovely bike ride and exploring the woods

No pictures for Saturday as I spent the day at a children's party and didn't think the other mums would appreciate their children being all over my blog for the world to see.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends.  I only have 3 more days to work and then i'm off for 2 weeks.  I can't freaking wait for my holiday!!

Keep Smiling

Sunday, 17 May 2015


Its Sunday night.  I've usually had my bath by now, have a face mask on and am getting myself all ready for the following day.  But instead i'm sat at my computer writing down my thoughts.

I've had a really lovely weekend (more on that on my post tomorrow) but something struck a chord with me on Saturday.  I went to a children's birthday party, something that I would have found a completley normal activity this time last year.  This year however, Fletcher has Type 1 Diabetes and it is a totally different ball game.  As soon as the invite went out I felt dread and a million thoughts swirled through my mind.  Will there be food? what kind of food will it be? will I be able to work out how many carbs are in it? What time will they be eating?What the hell should I do if he's offered sweets?

Kids parties and buffets are my worst nightmare!  But the stupid thing is, I got myself so worked up but Fletcher was an absolute angel.  He played so nicely with the other children, he knew not to help himself to the food, I managed to work out his carbs (it took a little while and a lot of guess work) and he had a really great time. I just wish I could have relaxed a little more.

An hour or so after the children had eaten they brought out the ice cream and that was my cue to go.  That's the problem with diabetes you see, you can't monitor your blood glucose properly if you just eat what you want when you want.  Insulin takes 2-3 hours to take effect in the body.  I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness for Fletcher as all the other children ran around enjoying their ice cream. It was at that point that I decided we needed to go.

On the way home, I promised Fletcher that we would have ice cream for dessert.  He was sat in his car seat super excited about his party bag and pulled out a packet of exploding candy and exclaimed "Mummy they put sugar in here for when I have a hypo" well that set me off!  My sweet innocent little child, thank the lord I got a good one.

Keep Smiling

Monday, 11 May 2015


Another weekend another load of memories to share.

  • Friday morning date with husband whilst Fletch was at pre-school.  We went to a super cute little tea room called Elm Tree and the caramel shortbread was amazing.
  • Went shopping for holiday clothes for Fletcher. Next have the best kids clothes and the 2 blue shirts were from Boots Mini Club, buy one get one half price.
  • Also picked up a lip balm with SPF15 for my holiday and some Lee Stafford hair mask because I want my hair to grow and i've heard (and seen, from my niece) good results with it.
  • A delicious dinner. That Thai sweet chilli dip was so good.
  • Catching up on The Following, with popcorn.  Season 3 has definitely been the best so far. Its gripping!!

  • Prettying up the house with freesias and tulips.
  • Bacon sarnies
  • A lovely trip to Veryan where we walked along Carne beach and had a cream tea at The Nare.  The scones were lovely, the tea was not! but the view more than made up for that.

  • Laser Tag for my friends birthday, it was so much fun.
  • Parklife.
  • A standard Sunday night of pampering.

Hope you all had great weekends and if you didn't, well there's always next weekend :-)

Keep Smiling

Friday, 8 May 2015


I wanted a sleeveless jacket ever since I saw this picture of the girls on the New Look PR instagram page sporting a lovely camel version.  Unfortunately this one sold out sharpish and I was left on a hunt to find the perfect alternative.
I had seen THIS gorgeous one in Topshop but having spent nearly my whole wage packet in Topshop this month I decided against it.  Instead I opted for this gorgeous one from New Look.  They do it in camel too but I decided I preferred the grey as it goes with a lot more and I always class camel as more of an Autumn/Winter shade.
 Black Top-Topshop||Jean-Hollister(Ryan)||Sleeveless Jacket-NewLook||Converse

How's everyone feeling about the sleevless jacket?  I think it instantly smartens up an outfit, even when you're just wearing jeans and chucks. Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot.

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Did everyone have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend? Its a shame the weather wasnt better really but isn't that always the way, as soon as you get a few days off work the rain comes.  Its OK though because the next Bank Holiday I will be off to Greece.

Freshly cut grass\\Chilli Con Carne
A hilarious evening playing games with my girl friends.  Cards against humanity is all kinds of wrong but is so good.  We had such a laugh.
Baked the cookies from Vivianna Does Makeup Blog (recipe) they are the BEST cookies ever and are so easy and quick to make.

Chorizo burgers with salt and pepper fries\\Treating Fletcher to a Scalextric (hours of fun)\\Cleaning my house from top to bottom (I love the smell of cleaning products)
Bought some new little succulents & cactus plants from Homebase\\Playing my piano\\A smoothing hair mask\\Fresh sheets in a clean bedroom\\A lush bath with my favourite Blackberry bath bomb\\Finishing my book and started another.

Not pictured - A workout\A 40th birthday party\Roast dinner\A movie (Pompeii, it was good but the ending bugged me)A lie-in\A cheeky Topshop order (shhh don't tell Dylan)\an early night all ready for work. 

Keep Smiling