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I feel like autumn is in full swing now. The leaves are turning the most amazing shades of red, orange and brown, theres a definite chill in the air and tights are most definitely needed with dresses and skirts along with long sleeved knits. Its almost time to make a big old batch of pumpkin soup too (my favourite).

If I could describe Autumn in one word it would be COSY!

My perfect cosy autumn day would consist of donning my wellies and going for a walk in the woods with the family, finding the most beautiful leaves and walking through the crunchy ones then going home and getting cosy under the blankets, drinking hot chocolate (with all the trimmings) with the fire on and snuggling up on the sofa to watch a Disney film with popcorn.

I like to feel cosy too and there is nothing better than the feeling of soft cashmere on your skin and this cashmere sweatshirt from The White Company ticks all of the cosy boxes - soft, delicate, luxurious and lightweight. The White Company have an amazing range of cashmere products including jogging bottoms, scarves , throws and even a fragrance range (the bed socks are definitely on my Christmas list)

As most of you are aware I've been following a capsule wardrobe for the last 12 months. This means that i'm more selective with what goes into my wardrobe, only choosing items that I truly love and that I can see myself getting lots of wear out of with multiple options on how i style the item. The cashmere sweatshirt is most definitely an item that will see me through Autumn and Winter and I can't wait to style it with skirts, dresses, leather leggings and skinny jeans and because its grey it will literally go with everything! Its all about making clever clothing choices.

Keep Smiling


There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and feeling like you've had a really decent nights sleep. I often wonder how my son Fletcher manages to drift off so quickly and easily each night and then comes bounding into my bedroom early every morning, full of energy, raring to go! Then it dawned on me......its because he has a set routine that we stick to EVERY evening.  His body recognises that it's bed time when he comes out of the bath, puts his PJ's on, brushes his teeth and reads his book.  With this in mind I'm determined more than ever to get my own Bedtime Routine down and I've started a few little night time rituals to make drifting off to the land of nod that little bit easier.

The White Company have recently launched their new Sleep Collection and its got everything you need for the most perfect nights sleep. The collection comprises of seven different products to help you drift off to sleep - from candle, diffuser, body oil, body cream, hand cream, bath soak and pillow mist

First things first. Your bedroom must be your haven. You're never going to be able to drift off into a peaceful nights sleep if you are surrounded by clutter and mess. Tidy up, put your floordrobe into your wardrobe. Change your pillows regularly and ensure you have the right tog duvet for whichever season you are in. Keep your room cool, the ideal temperature for sleeping conditions is between 60-67 degrees F

Run yourself a bath (make sure its not too hot though), pour in some lavender scented bath soak, put some relaxing music on, grab a book and read a chapter.  I'm using the new Sleep Calming Bath Soak from The White Company.  Its infused with essential oils such as lavender, clary sage and chamomile, all known to have soothing properties. 

Cocoon yourself in even more of that gorgeous sleepy scent with Sleep Softening Body Oil spritz it on and gently rub in. This quite literally smells dreamy and leaves skin super soft and glowing by the morning.

Pop on your softest comfiest nightwear. This sends signals to your brain that you are getting ready for sleep. Make sure you are comfortable and your nightwear isnt too tight. This Jersey Nightshirt is quite possibly the softest material that's ever touched my skin, its like a comfort blanket.

Reflect & Plan
Spend 5 minutes reflecting on your day. What went well? how do you feel? I like to write down 3 things that i'm grateful for each day before going to bed along with a list of things I need to do the following day to really help to clear my mind.

Turn your phone off and grab a book or a magazine instead. The blue light that is emitted from your phone is known to suppress melatonin which is the hormone that controls your circadian rhythm (natural body clock).  Make yourself a warm milky drink. I tend to drink either tea or Horlicks in the evening as cows milk actually contains Melatonin too.

And drift off  Zzzzzzzzzz

Keep Smiling

*This post is in collaboration with The White Company - a company that I have loved for many years and am delighted to be working with. All images, words and views are my own


I love eating.....eating, sleeping and cleaning are my all time favourite things to do so when I was invited to bring a few of my girlfriends along to Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen at Watergate Bay for a sharing lunch, I obviously jumped at the chance. 

Fifteen is the most stunning venue with gorgeous views of Watergate Bay and I have to hand it to the team, they really know their stuff.  They can reel off EVERY dish from the menu with great detail and they cater for everyone, we had one vegetarian and one preggers in our party of 5.... (Party of 5, anyone remember that programme).

We all sat at the bar on arrival and ALL ordered the same drink - Non Alcoholic Strawberry Daiquiri's they were so delicious and refreshing. The atmosphere at Fifteen is so relaxed and welcoming and I love that you can see all the chefs cooking away in the kitchen.

After we had all finished chatting and catching up over Mocktails we took a seat at our table. Another thing I love is no matter where you sit you will get a sea view, the beach is literally right in front of you.

Carrots, almond, carrot top pesto
Mozzarella, peach, marjoram 
Potato gnocchi, beef ragu, parmesan
Agnolotti, hazelnut, sourdough, tallegio, kale
Pansotti, Cornish duck, buckwheat, pecorino 
Pork belly, aubergine, tomato, pine nuts 
Featherblade, carrots, kale, horseradish, pistachio, pangrattato

I love the concept of their menu of ordering a selection of smaller sharing plates rather than just choosing one dish to yourself. Its a great way of sampling a bit of everything and trying something that you wouldn't normally try. If you're not the sharing type though you can order a larger dish to yourself (but where's the fun in that).

After our waiter, Sam (great name btw!) went through the menu thoroughly with us, we decided on a nice mix of dishes, ordering around 8 different sharing plates and going larger on the dishes that really took our fancy (namely the Beef Ragu Gnocchi, yum).  We did however decide that desserts were not for sharing!

Amedei chocolate mousse, caramel, crystallised chocolate
Peach frangipane tart with clotted cream

The girls (how gorge are my friends)

We all had such a lovely time and it was so nice to have a proper catch up over delicious food. Theres just something so magical about being beside the sea, hearing the soothing sounds of the waves crashing in the distance and people watching. We all left feeling really relaxed with full bellies and i'm totally inspired to up my game in the kitchen and use different ingredients together (I would never have put mozzarella and peach together)  

If you're looking for amazing food with a relaxed vibe and incredible views of a rather spectacular beach then you really do need to try Fifteen, you won't be disappointed.

Keep Smiling

This post is in collaboration with Fifteen Cornwall and is one that i'm very excited to be working on. All images, words and views are my own