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Holiday Excitement :-)

I am seriously excited about my holiday now! I spent most all the day packing yesterday. We leave Cornwall for London on Friday and fly out on Saturday. I cannot wait to visit the MAC counter at Heathrow hello tax free make up!

I always find the lead up to a holiday really exciting, I love buying little travel size toiletries, spending AGES packing my suitcase, travelling to the airport, stocking up on magazines and books, and then of course the duty free once you get to the airport.

A few little extras I picked up for the holiday

First stop is LA for 4 days then were off to San Fran for 3 days, then onto Vegas for 3 days and finishing off in New York for 4 days. It will be my 27th birthday whilst I’m in San Francisco so I have been trying to find a nice restaurant for my birthday meal, we are staying in Fishermans Wharf. It will also be Thanks-giving whilst we are in New York so I also need to find somewhere nice for a Thanks-giving meal.

If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants or things to do once we get to our destinations please feel free to leave a comment.

pic from weheartit.com

Here are some things we plan to see and do:

LA - Universal Studios /Hollywood Walk of Fame/Rodeo Drive
San Fran - Alcatraz/Golden Gate Bridge/Golden Gate Park/Lombard Street/China Town

Vegas - Stratosphere/A lot of gambling (even though I have never gambled in my life eek)

New York- Empire State/Central Park/Rockefella Centre/Ground zero/Staten Island/Times Square/Macy's parade

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Rundown of my week

1.Tried Welsh Cakes for the first time and they were yummy.
2 Wore this outfit to the cinema (all from Topshop)
3. Watched Social Network - It was OK but a bit blehh
4. Wore my favourite scarf from Accessorize
5. Made Owl Cupcakes
6. Do you like my apron?
7. More cupcakes
8. Boo cupcakes
9. Cross ring came from ASOS, it was too big so had to send it back and order a small
10. 11 & 12. Went to a Halloween Party, seriously lazy on the costume front so went for the beat up look
13. Photos for my drivers licence. I can't believe my drivers licence has expired, have I really been driving that long!  And seriously, does anyone take a good photo in those stupid photo booths??

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What The Frock? #5

I picked up this dress in Primark last weekend. 
It was £5 in the sale :-) what a bargain. 
After my post about all the lovely knitwear in Topshop I caved and got the slouchy cape cardi, its so soft and i've pretty much been living in it since I bought it!

Dress - Primark
Cardi - Topshop
Boots - River Island
Tights - Dorothy Perkins

I go to America in 3 weeks time, I am soooo excited and can't wait to go shopping in New York
 (Hello Forever21). 
I am also looking forward to gambling all my money away in Vegas
(I have never gambled in my life!)

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Barry M - Bright Purple Ltd Ed

Popped into town on Sunday and picked up a couple of Barry M nail polishes
They were buy 2 for £5 in Boots :-)

I picked up 303 Bright Purple as pictured and 312 Indigo which I am yet to try

(Pic of me as you haven't seen my face around here for a while)

I think this colour is perfect for Autumn although I would recommend 3 coats of this bad boy. I sometimes find Barry M a bit hit and miss with how many coats you need to apply, sometimes you can get away with 2 but this is defo a 3 coater!

(Pic without flash)

(Pic with flash)

Can't wait to try Indigo.  I'll post some photos when I do
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Currently listening to.....

I really love Ashlee Simpson and decided to crack out her old albums this week.  Shadow is one of my fave songs from her first album and I love the lyrics to Catch me when I fall for her I am Me album!

Canon or Nikon??

Ok so for my birthday this year I am getting a DSLR camera but I am in a bit of a predicament as to which one to get?!? I only want an entry level because I am new to the DSLR world, so you would think this would be an easy decision but let me tell you, it is not! There are so many amazing entry levels out there to choose from and now I am just totally confused!

Initially I wanted the Nikon D3000 but it annoyed me that there was no live view (which the Canon 1000d had) but then I found out that they were bringing out the D3100 which had live view, 14 megapixels and record video mode and I thought WAHOO I’ve finally made up my mind and this is the one I want. But after doing way too much research online I have discovered that the general consensus is that professionals prefer Canon. Now, I am no professional so I don’t know why this should even bother me but it has left me wondering .................

So my final choices are either

Nikon D3100

Canon 500d

 The specifications and price of both are very similar and I seriously have no idea which one to go for!  I'm drawn to the Nikon because its all shiny and new and was only released last month (yes I really am that fickle) and the Canon came out over a year ago but on the other hand Canon has a really good name for itself in the photograpy world! arrrgghhh HELP! 

♥ Topshop Knitwear

Oh Topshop why do you do this to me!  I'm trying to save all my pennies for my America trip in Novemeber and you go and tempt me with all this gorgeous knitwear.  Here are few things I am lusting over right now.  I might have to cave in and buy the first cardi!

I suppose we should all be thinking about getting our knitwear out soon.  Although the sun has been out for the last week I can definitely feel the season starting to change.  There are a few leaves on the ground and the wind is cooler.  I absolutely love Autumn, all the beautiful colours of the trees and stepping on crunchy leaves!

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100 Followers! WOW

Wow thanks guys, seriously can't believe I have reached 100 followers.


Thought I would do a quick pic of what I'm wearing today, its nothing special as I was only going to tesco haha.  The sun has made a bit of a comeback of late so I got the legs out!

Denim Skirt - Bershka
White Tee - New Look
Blazer and Bag - Primark
Flip Flops - Roxy
Bangles - Selection from Accessorize

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Barry M Turquoise

Never before in my life have I had so many comments on a nail varnish!

Soooo I was looking through pictures on weheartit.com and noticed a lot of pictures of girls with turquoise nail varnish and thought to myself “wow I wish I had a nice bright turquoise like that” when I suddenly realized that I actually already had one in the form of Barry M Turquoise.

I totally forgot I even had this colour and think I’ve only ever worn it once so I slapped on 2 coats on Sunday and all the nice comments came rolling in. I love love love it!

Keep smiling


Yay I got an award!!

WOWZERS!  I am so happy to get another blog award.  I got tagged by the lovely Dollface for this Happy 101 award, you should all go check out her blog it is fabio!

Here are the rules:

Post who gave you this award
State 10 things that you love
 Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

Here goes............

1)  Messy bed head hair - I love big messy hair I just wish I could master it better haha!

2)  Joseph Gordon Levitt - Mmmm he is yummy.  This is a very recent crush after watching Inception and 500 Days Of Summer.

3)  Corn Fields - I have this weird thing where everytime I see a cornfield I get the urge to run through it! my dream is to run through a corn field in a summer dress with flowers in my hair haha!

4)  Music - I couldn't actually live without music I would rather listen to music than watch telly.  Growing up I played the piano but then stopped at the age of 13.  I can still play but not half as good as I used to.

5)  Reading - I only got into reading in the last couple of years but once I finish a book i'm onto the next one immediatly. I love the Twilight Saga books they really are so amazing!

6)  The Beach - I am so lucky living in Cornwall as we are spoilt for choice but my favourite beach to visit in Cornwall is Gwithian. I took this picture last weekend whilst taking my dog for a walk there.

7)  Freckles - I used to hate my freckles when I was younger but as i've grown up i've actually grown to love them.  I think the fact that there are so many gorgeous celebs out there like Sienna Miller, Evangeline Lilly, Rachel Bilson, even K-Stew with freckles it makes it easier to like them haha and as the saying goes "a face without freckles is like a sky without the stars" (photos from google images)

8)  Jaffa Cakes - I am obsessed with these and Reese's Peanut Buttercups at the moment

9)  Baking - Since getting the Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book I can't stop baking, I would love to visit the actual shop in London! Here is a pic of black bottom cupcakes that I made.

10)  Disney - The films, Disneyland, the outfits, the soundtracks I love it all

All photos from weheartit.com unless otherwise stated.

I Tag

Come and get your awards girlies

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I want the world...... I want the whole world!

OK so I have a bit of a problem with wanting everything at the moment! I plan on having all of these things at some point or another in my life, hehe x

Nissan Figaro

VW Camper

Bright coloured headphones

Kitchenaid mixer

Cross ring

Diana Camera

Nikon DSLR Camera (D3000)

All photos from weheartit.com

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