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World Cup Nails

Did I take it too far?


What The Frock? #4 - Another day another Maxi!

The sun has got his hat on again, well sort of, it could be hotter but at least I get to wear my other River Island number.  Today I plan to meet up with my girls for coffee at good old Starbucks, read some of my book, i'm reading Twilight (I don't know why it took me so long to decide to read these books as I love the films and love reading) then later on I will be donning my England shirt and cheering on the boys at a local pub with friends COME ON ENGLAND!!!!

Keep smiling

Whats hot and whats not #2

Hey guys!  I have been so busy recently I haven't really had time to blog. I went to my cousins wedding yesterday which was in a lovely marquee with great views of the countryside. 

Me and my hubbles Dylan.

My gorgeous Neice Morgan.  I love this photo!

Thought I would do a quick whats hot and whats not.

Whats Hot?

1.  St Moritz fake tan - Wowzers, I used this for the first time last week.  I'm not going to a review on it because I think everyone knows how amazing this stuff is. All I will say is that I love everything about it, the ease of application, the non streaky results and the amazing colour.  I will not be forking out £25 for a bottle of St Tropez ever again!

2.  MAC So Chaud lipstick - This colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's a reddy coral colour (a lot like lady danger) I feel so powerful when I wear this lipstick haha

3.  BBQ's and dining alfresco  - I'm so glad the weather is warm now, I love dining outside.  I scrubbed my BBQ like mad last week in preperation for the BBQ season.  There is nothing better than the smell of burgers cooking (unless your vegetarian?!?)

4.  Lady Gaga - I saw her at the O2 arena on Bank Holiday Monday and she was fantastic.  She has such an amazing voice and really put on a great show.  I loved how the show had a story to it as well.

5.  The World Cup - It's the only time I get excited about football.  For some reason I get all patriotic about it.

Whats Not?

1.  My fingernails - They are in such a state at the moment.  I don't bite them or anything but they are just so weak and split like mad.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make them stronger?

2.  Sunday evenings - I hate Sunday evenings purely because work is just around the corner.  I don't hate my job but I just prefer being at home.

3.  Eurovision - I don't know why the United Kingdom bother anymore, what a waste of time and effort.  Although I do enjoy watching it hehe.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

Keep Smiling