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I ♥ Daisy Chains

So I saw Fearne Cotton wearing this daisy chain headband a few weeks ago and fell in love with it so much that I had to find out where it was from and buy one.   Turns out it was from a website called http://www.spottedcowcreations.co.uk/

Picture taken from dailymail.co.uk

I love daisies so much they are the best looking weed going!

Here is a pic of me wearing my daisy chain headband and my hubbles.  It was his birthday last week so we went out for a meal with some of our friends and I made him a red velvet birthday cake.

Yummmm, it really was delicious even if I say so myself.  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend

Keep Smiling

Accessorize SALE Haul!

SALE SALE SALE!!!  Every girl loves a sale and an Accesorize Sale is probably me favourite kind!  Here's what I picked up yesterday 

Bangle £3.50

Earrings all £3 apart from the round pearls and round gold studs which were £2

Flower Head Band £6

Love Ring £2
Heart Ring £2.50 
Bangles (just seen) £6 for a mix of 7

Love birds necklace £6 I think?
And the scarf was £10

So all in all I got some great Accessorize items for Primark prices! YAY!

4 year wedding anniversary and a nasty weever fish!!!

Oh my days I have been seriously slacking on the blogging front, I can only apologise for my lack of posts of late.  I have been so preoccupied with life in general that I havent had a chance to get on here and update.

  Anyhoo my hubbles and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on 17 June.  We had absolutely amazing weather and spent the day doing lovely things.  First off I took him for breakfast at our local greasy spoon called Smokey Joes which is renowned for their hearty breakfasts

 I nearly had a heart attack just looking at it!

We then went to a lovely place in Mawnan Smith called Trebah Gardens, it is beautiful and backs onto a private beach so we spent the day there and had a picnic on the beach with and celebrated with a bucks fizz!

In the evening we went to a lovely restaurant in town called Mannings and enjoyed a bottle of wine with our meal.  So overall we had a great anniversary.

Last weekend I went to the beach with my dog Maisy.  The sea was so lush if a little cold but it didn't stop me from taking a dip, unfortunaltey whilst running out of the sea I stood on a weever fish, at first I thought I had just stood on a sharp shell but then about a minute later the excrutiating pain came and left me hobbling up the beach in floods of tears. 

I knew the only way to relieve the pain was to put it in water as hot as I could handle but as the lifeguard hut was about a mile up a cliff and my car was a 20 minute walk away (it took me long enough just to walk back to my towel plus there was no way I was going to be able to drive home) so I ended up sitting on my towel on my own rocking back and forth to try and ease the pain, the beach was empty so I couldnt even scream for help and ended up ringing my sister to come and rescue me from the beach.  Over an hour later I finally made it home!  I can safely say I will never step foot in the ocean without some sort of footwear, as I never want to go through that pain ever again. 

Be aware people weever fish are very nasty!!!

Keep Smiling