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What The Frock? #5

I picked up this dress in Primark last weekend. 
It was £5 in the sale :-) what a bargain. 
After my post about all the lovely knitwear in Topshop I caved and got the slouchy cape cardi, its so soft and i've pretty much been living in it since I bought it!

Dress - Primark
Cardi - Topshop
Boots - River Island
Tights - Dorothy Perkins

I go to America in 3 weeks time, I am soooo excited and can't wait to go shopping in New York
 (Hello Forever21). 
I am also looking forward to gambling all my money away in Vegas
(I have never gambled in my life!)

Keep Smiling

Barry M - Bright Purple Ltd Ed

Popped into town on Sunday and picked up a couple of Barry M nail polishes
They were buy 2 for £5 in Boots :-)

I picked up 303 Bright Purple as pictured and 312 Indigo which I am yet to try

(Pic of me as you haven't seen my face around here for a while)

I think this colour is perfect for Autumn although I would recommend 3 coats of this bad boy. I sometimes find Barry M a bit hit and miss with how many coats you need to apply, sometimes you can get away with 2 but this is defo a 3 coater!

(Pic without flash)

(Pic with flash)

Can't wait to try Indigo.  I'll post some photos when I do
Keep Smiling

Currently listening to.....

I really love Ashlee Simpson and decided to crack out her old albums this week.  Shadow is one of my fave songs from her first album and I love the lyrics to Catch me when I fall for her I am Me album!

Canon or Nikon??

Ok so for my birthday this year I am getting a DSLR camera but I am in a bit of a predicament as to which one to get?!? I only want an entry level because I am new to the DSLR world, so you would think this would be an easy decision but let me tell you, it is not! There are so many amazing entry levels out there to choose from and now I am just totally confused!

Initially I wanted the Nikon D3000 but it annoyed me that there was no live view (which the Canon 1000d had) but then I found out that they were bringing out the D3100 which had live view, 14 megapixels and record video mode and I thought WAHOO I’ve finally made up my mind and this is the one I want. But after doing way too much research online I have discovered that the general consensus is that professionals prefer Canon. Now, I am no professional so I don’t know why this should even bother me but it has left me wondering .................

So my final choices are either

Nikon D3100

Canon 500d

 The specifications and price of both are very similar and I seriously have no idea which one to go for!  I'm drawn to the Nikon because its all shiny and new and was only released last month (yes I really am that fickle) and the Canon came out over a year ago but on the other hand Canon has a really good name for itself in the photograpy world! arrrgghhh HELP!