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Barry M Turquoise

Never before in my life have I had so many comments on a nail varnish!

Soooo I was looking through pictures on weheartit.com and noticed a lot of pictures of girls with turquoise nail varnish and thought to myself “wow I wish I had a nice bright turquoise like that” when I suddenly realized that I actually already had one in the form of Barry M Turquoise.

I totally forgot I even had this colour and think I’ve only ever worn it once so I slapped on 2 coats on Sunday and all the nice comments came rolling in. I love love love it!

Keep smiling


Yay I got an award!!

WOWZERS!  I am so happy to get another blog award.  I got tagged by the lovely Dollface for this Happy 101 award, you should all go check out her blog it is fabio!

Here are the rules:

Post who gave you this award
State 10 things that you love
 Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

Here goes............

1)  Messy bed head hair - I love big messy hair I just wish I could master it better haha!

2)  Joseph Gordon Levitt - Mmmm he is yummy.  This is a very recent crush after watching Inception and 500 Days Of Summer.

3)  Corn Fields - I have this weird thing where everytime I see a cornfield I get the urge to run through it! my dream is to run through a corn field in a summer dress with flowers in my hair haha!

4)  Music - I couldn't actually live without music I would rather listen to music than watch telly.  Growing up I played the piano but then stopped at the age of 13.  I can still play but not half as good as I used to.

5)  Reading - I only got into reading in the last couple of years but once I finish a book i'm onto the next one immediatly. I love the Twilight Saga books they really are so amazing!

6)  The Beach - I am so lucky living in Cornwall as we are spoilt for choice but my favourite beach to visit in Cornwall is Gwithian. I took this picture last weekend whilst taking my dog for a walk there.

7)  Freckles - I used to hate my freckles when I was younger but as i've grown up i've actually grown to love them.  I think the fact that there are so many gorgeous celebs out there like Sienna Miller, Evangeline Lilly, Rachel Bilson, even K-Stew with freckles it makes it easier to like them haha and as the saying goes "a face without freckles is like a sky without the stars" (photos from google images)

8)  Jaffa Cakes - I am obsessed with these and Reese's Peanut Buttercups at the moment

9)  Baking - Since getting the Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book I can't stop baking, I would love to visit the actual shop in London! Here is a pic of black bottom cupcakes that I made.

10)  Disney - The films, Disneyland, the outfits, the soundtracks I love it all

All photos from weheartit.com unless otherwise stated.

I Tag

Come and get your awards girlies

Keep Smiling

I want the world...... I want the whole world!

OK so I have a bit of a problem with wanting everything at the moment! I plan on having all of these things at some point or another in my life, hehe x

Nissan Figaro

VW Camper

Bright coloured headphones

Kitchenaid mixer

Cross ring

Diana Camera

Nikon DSLR Camera (D3000)

All photos from weheartit.com

Keep Smiling