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Project 365 #272 - Delicious and Nutritious

Day 272 - Delicious and Nutritious - This evening I made a stir fry which I kinda just threw together and it ended up tasting seriously awesome.  I can't give you exact measurements as like I said I just threw it together.

Ingredients (Serves 1)

1 Chicken breast
Yellow/Red/Orange Peppers
Light Soy Sauce (about 3 tbsp)
Rice Wine Vinegar (about 1 tbsp)
Toasted Sesame Oil (about 2tsp)
Honey (about 1 tbsp)
Chinese 5 spice (about 1-2tsp)

Put the rice on to boil.  Fry the chicken until brown and then add all the vegetables and stir fry for about 5 minutes.  Add all the liquid ingredients and the Chinese 5 spice and continue to cook until the rice is ready.  Once the rice is ready, drain it and add it into the frying pan with all the other ingredients.  Stir all the ingredients together, serve on a plate and hey presto a delicious easy meal for one.

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Project 365 #271 - Mag Hag

Day 271 - Mag Hag - I can't go a week without buying a magazine.  This week I chose More as Look wasn't available anywhere this Tuesday?  It was a nice change.  In other really exciting news I have changed my food shopping day to a Tuesday because I have yoga on Thursday (when I used to do my shopping).  I told you it was really exciting!!!

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Project 365 #270 - Bedtime Reading

Day 270 - Bedtime Reading - I bought this book on recommendation from my yoga teacher.  I'm literally only a handful of pages in and am already enjoying it.  It has some really empowering birth stories in it.  I can't wait to read more!

I had girlfriends around this evening for a catch up.  We meet up once a month and talk about everything and anything that's going on in our lives.  I love a good old catch up with the girls and it was nice to have something to look forward to on a Monday because god knows I hate Mondays........ I know i'm not alone on this one!

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Project 365 #269 - Healing Remedy

Day 269 - Healing Remedy - I forget how great Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is!!  You can literally use this stuff on anything that is dry, chapped, burnt etc....  I've been applying it to that nasty burn I have on my hand and it has worked wonders.  It relieved the itching immediately and I'm hoping I can avoid a scar.

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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼

I am not a Mexican!
Leggings - Topshop
Dress - Newlook 915 range
Cape - Dorothy Perkins

Whats Hot

☼ - The Body Shop - quite possibly the most generous shop going.  Thanks for all the freebies and samples
☼ - Husband has been gone for one week, the first week is always the worst so I'm glad its done - only 5 more to go!
☼ - DKNY Golden Delicious - I had a whiff of this whilst browsing around Boots and gosh this stuff really smells delish - I think it might be going on my Christmas list (yep already thinking of Christmas)
☼ - All the adorable baby clothes in Marks & Spencers - I couldn't help but pick up a little baby sleepsuit, it has a little hood, too cute for words.
☼ - Jordans Granola Super Berry - Wowzers this stuff tastes amazeballs.
☼ - Setting my washing machine on a timer to come on before I wake up and it actually working - I am a domesticated genius
☼ - My lady lumps - Will they ever stop growing? Not complaining..... I've always had a chest like a 12 year old boy

Whats Not

☼ - WIND - just in general really.  Wind really stresses me out when I'm walking the dog, especially when you've got lipgloss on and your hair keeps sticking to your lips eurrgghh!! And you know that other type of wind.... you know..... the trapped kind, well that sucks too!
☼ - People having bonfires when my washing is on the line - Mmmm thanks... just the scent I was going for lavender and charcoal!
☼ - Whilst walking Maisy this week I spotted an older couple pushing a pram in front of me, I thought "how lovely they must be taking their grandchild out for a stroll", well they were walking pretty slow so as I passed them I had a little look in the pram to find a dog looking back at me, no word of a lie, A DOG!  I'm not sure what to do with that??
☼ - The scab from my burning incident last weekend.  Its now tight, itchy and flaky.  Yeah real sexy!

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What the Frock?

Leggings & Grey Vest - Topshop
T-shirt - New York Stall
Boots - River Island
Necklace - Ernest Jones
Ring - Accessorize 

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Project 365 #268 - Sparkle Sparkle

Day 268 - Sparkle Sparkle - My newest Barry M additions Peach Melba and Pink Iridescent, and oh yes they go well together.  Thought i'd inject a little bit of sparkle to one of the nails on each hand.  Just imagine how great this is going to look at Christmas time, it will go with everything.

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Project 365 #267 - Beastly

Day 267 - Beastly - Friday night is quite often movie night in my house.  With husband being in Oman for the next 5 weeks I got my best girlfriend over and we watched Beastly whilst scoffing chocolate and drinking tea.  It was just what I needed!  Thank god for great friends.  Oh and by the way, the film was OK, not great, but watchable.  There were some parts where they got all Dawson Creek on us and I had no idea what they were talking about????

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Project 365 #265 - Yoga

Day 265 - Yoga - REALLY enjoying pregnancy yoga.  My teacher is great, she creates such a peaceful atmosphere and i'm learning some really great breathing techniques that should help out on labour day along with some stretches that release so much tension from my back and ribs.........baby seems to like hanging out under my right rib.  I also ordered a guide to childbirth book this evening on my teacher's recommendation, looking forward to getting stuck into that.

I used to do regular yoga years ago so I have my own yoga mat which I intend to crack out more often now so that I can practice at home too.......and breath!

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Project 365 #264 - Body Shop Make-Over Local Event

Day 264 - Body Shop Make-Over Local Event - Whilst perusing my local Body Shop a couple of weeks ago I was approached by a lovely member of staff.  She was very complimentary and said I had the perfect face for Bridal Make-up........ I thought she was talking to someone else!

She asked if I would be interested in having my make up done at an evening event they were holding.  You basically pay £10, which you get back on anything you buy in store anyway along with 10% off and also a free gift worth £32 so I jumped at the chance, I mean that is such a good deal right?

So I went along to the event where I was greeted by a lovely girl called Hayley who offered me a glass of non alcoholic wine and sat me on her chair and worked her magic.  I've got to say I was soooo impressed with the outcome I wanted to buy everything she put on my face but I limited myself to the eye shadows and the lipstick....... but I think I NEED the Baked to Last Bronzer so I may go back and get that at the weekend.

Free Gift & Eden Project 2 for 1 Tickets
Free Samples of Vitamin E Cleanser/Toner/Moisturiser & Nutriganics Mask
Free Gift 
Dreams Unlimited Body Butter/Vanille & Feves Tonka Room Diffuser/Fig & Rosemary Shower Gel
What I bought - Eyeshadow shades 13 & 41/Colour Glide Lipstick in 14

Im so glad I was approached because I never would have known about this event otherwise.  Im sure Body Shop hold evening events like this all over the country so my advice is not to be afraid to ask about any upcoming events.  I had a really lovely evening and came out feeling fab!

Keep Smiling

Project 365 #263 - Cable Knit Socks

Day 263 - Cable Knit Socks - How cushdy do these look, I can confirm that they are as cosy as they look they even have fleecy lining .  Picked these up from Matalan today, I wish they did them in more colours, grey would be good please Matalan!

Had dinner at my friends house tonight, they always look after me when husband is away, I have the best friends and family.  Although speaking of family my mum, dad, sister and her family are all in Florida at the moment so I have been well and truly abandoned by all of my nearest and dearest.  I can't wait to have them all back in my life!

Keep Smiling

Project 365 #262 - Ouchies

Day 262 - Ouchies - Not my most attractive photo but OUCH this hurts today!  I'm such a clutz, that'll teach me for thinking i'm invincible!  Nasty grill!

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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼

Whats Hot

☼-The fact that a little person is cooking up rather nicely in my belly.  Babs seems to like dancing about in there too, make yourself at home why don'tcha
☼-When husband leaves for work and he not only kisses me goodbye but also kisses my belly and gives it a little rub.  He's the sweetest.
☼-Seeing our little-en doing a massive yawn whilst having my scan. I'm sorry my womb is such a boring place baby but don't worry there's is plenty to see and do on the other side of my belly.
☼-All things autumn/winter I'm loving anything berry coloured and fairisle print
☼-Singing happy last day to husband in the tune of "happy birthday" whilst holding a tray of croissants and tea for breakfast in bed...... I'm such a good wife
☼-Hot Chocolate with tons of marshies and sprinkles!! P.S. I also enjoy the odd squirt of whippy cream

Whats Not

☼-Husband leaving for Oman for 6 weeks. I'll miss you baby daddy!
☼-OK were gonna get a little personal here..... Pregnancy totally buggers up your digestive system, constipation and bloatedness are not sexy!
☼-The lack of knitting. I really DO need to crack on with that if I want to finish this blanket before the babe comes.
☼-Burning my hand on the grill whilst turning the "happy last day" croissants
☼-Trying to decide whether September is too early to blast the central heating on??

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Project 365 #261 - Goodbye!

Oh crums.....

Do you like my lippie? 

Jeans - Topshop Baxter
Jacket - Bershka
Wellies - Hunter

Day 261 - Goodbye! - Today was a sad day as I had to say my goodbyes to husband as he is going to Oman for 6 weeks (thank god its only 6 weeks). Started the day off on a high with breakfast in bed and a nice cuppa.  It then rained a lot but once we saw a break in the clouds we took the dog for a lovely walk.  Dylan left at about 4pm, I'm pretty rubbish at goodbyes,  but at least I get to plan exciting things for us to do when he gets home.  It was as if the baby knew he was going away because the little nugget was kicking so hard last night that Dylan got to feel it for the first time (well done baby!) it was such a beautiful moment (I may have shed a little tear or two) and I'm so glad he got to feel it before leaving.

Keep Smiling

Project 365 #260 - Charlotte's Tea Room

Day 260 - Charlotte's Tea Room - Today husband and I went to the cutest tea room in Truro called Charlotte's Tea Room.  The building has been restored and all the staff wear Victorian uniforms.  There were also lots of antiques and old books for sale in the adjoining rooms, it was really a rather beautiful place.  We both went for the cream tea and it was delicious.  Dyl was amazed by the sugar dispenser!

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Project 365 #259 - Life.....boy?

Dress Dorothy Perkins/Leggings Topshop/Cardi H&M

Day 259 - Life.....boy? - To celebrate Friday and husband coming home for all of 2 days before jetting off to Oman we decided to go nuts and order Domino's.  We placed our order then took a little stroll along the pier whilst we waited for it and whilst there we messed about taking photos..........Lifebuoy?? Life Boy??  Are you a boy baby??

We then took our pizza back to the car and ate it whilst watching the boats bobbing along from the point.  It was just lovely.

Keep Smiling

Project 365 #258 - Oh Baby!

Day 258 - Oh Baby! - Halfway there and half a stone heavier.  The little nugget is 20 weeks old and is kicking like a premiership footballer.  This evening I started a pregnancy yoga class and got to meet lots of other lovely mums to be and it was nice that we all had the same thing in common.  Baby seemed to enjoy it as he/she was bouncing around in my belly............bonding aleady?

Keep Smiling

Project 365 #257 - Whoa..... were halfway there!!

Day 257 - Whoa..... were halfway there!! - Yep.... i'm quoting Bon Jovi!  Today (Wednesday) has been emotional!  Dylan came home from work at 5:30 this morning, I had to get up an hour later for work so off I trot to work, I was in a pretty good mood too as I've made it to the "Halfway House" with the pregnancy and my scan is all booked for Friday.

By 8:30am my mood has taken a massive nose dive, husband calls me to tell me he has to go to Oman for 6 weeks, his flight is on Monday and he has to travel back this evening because he needs to do a 2 day course before he goes, now this wouldn't be a problem if his base was down the road but it isn't, its 4 hours up the road.  I could hear the dissapointment in his voice that he was going to miss our babes detailed anomoly scan and it upset me because he would never have those memories of our 20 week scan and once you miss those moments you never get them back.  So after a lot of tears I decided I would do my best to see if I could have the scan today, all I can say is thank god I work in the maternity unit with the most amazing people as the obstetrician pulled a lot of strings and I managed to have the scan!!  I'm so pleased we got to share that special moment together and watching Dylan's face light up whilst watching our little one move around was the best.

So onto the fun stuff....... baby is developing well and everything is within the average rates.  We decided not to find out the sex as we want it to be a surprise and I'm hoping the fact that I don't know will give me the willpower to give it my all on labour day!

Baby Sunshine!
Awww big baby yawn
Baby leg/knee/foot

Dylan has gone back to base now for his course but were hoping to steal a couple of days on Saturday and Sunday before his flight on Monday..... yeah in your face RAF!!!

Keep Smiling

Project 365 #256 - Health Kick

Day 256 - Health Kick - Today my body craved fruit and veg so I rustled up a pasta salad for dinner 

Pasta/red, yellow and orange peppers/cherry tomatoes/radish/spring onion/pepper/french dressing

and then a fruit salad for dessert/to take to work for the rest of the week
Strawberries/red grapes/green grapes/satsuma/orange juice

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What the Frock

Jeans - Hollister
Tee - H&M
Cardi - Topshop
Bag - Primark 

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