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whats my fortune

Dyl and I bought some fortune cookies for a bit of fun as it was Chinese New Year on 23 January.  As I cracked open mine and started reading it I couldn't help but feel it was completely meant for me, I'm all about the laughter and keeping positive :-)

Keep Smiling 
(or laughing, its up to you really)

date night (the last one for a while)

Last night was date night, the last one in a while as I am now 39 weeks pregnant. We went to our local Prezzo (I had a voucher, buy one main get another for £2).  I've been to Prezzo many a time and can't fault them really, I could live off Italian food.  The food was delicious and obviously the company was the best! I was a little disappointing that they had run out of the lemon tart for dessert though but I had banana and custard when I got home instead mmmmmm.

I am soooooo ready to meet our babe now, starting to get a little impatient if I'm honest.

Keep Smiling

gonna miss this

Gonna miss my little shelf.  I've quite enjoyed resting my hands, cups, dinner plates etc on my belly.  Can't wait to be able to bend down to put my socks and shoes on with ease though.............forgotten what that feels like!

Today husband and I went to town to pick up a birthday present for my friend.  We also stopped in Starbucks (it would be rude not too) which is where I took the above pic.  I then spent the rest of the afternoon filing, buffing, de-cuticle-ising **yep think I just made that word up** and polishing my nails.

I'm just about to shoot out as it's date night tonight, probably our last one for a while, so catch ya later

Keep Smiling


I will mostly be doing this
and then maybe this
most definitely lots of this
but first I need to do the dishes after my tasty bangers and mash

Keep Smiling

9 months......

Top - All Saints
Leggings & Vest - Topshop

So this is what 9 months pregnant looks like guys and gals!  I pretty much live in leggings and cannot wait to wear a pencil skirt again one day.  

Yesterday I had a very chilled out day, my darling husband bought me a hydrotherm massage for my birthday as I have been getting quite a bit of back ache and so I went along to the beauty salon and sunk into  the water pillows whilst they massaged my back.  It's perfect for pregnant ladies as its all donewhilst lying on your back rather than your front.  Finished off the day with a luxury pedicure where I had my nails painted in this beautiful colour by Zoya, I did look at the name of it but forgot it within hmmmmm 2 milliseconds, sorry!

Whilst I was in town I decided to spoil myself and buy the lipstick that was in my previous post but Maybelline don't seem to stock the colour fuchsia anymore so I went for Pink Punch instead.  I basically wanted a bright pink fuchsia colour for Spring (hence why I thought the colour fuchsia would be a sure winner) and this one ticks all the boxes.  I spent the day with my sister today and decided to wear it and I'm impressed, I've got a feeling its going to be my new fave lippy!  My sister also used her new Babyliss Wave Envy on my hair, what do you think?  I'm personally loving the beachy mermaid waves. 

Keep Smiling

pastel passion

Topshop 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
Mango 10/11/12/13
Dorothy Perkins 14
Essie Mint Candy Apple 15
Maybelline Moisture Extreme in 04G Fuchsia 16 (not actual colour in pic) 

Dreaming dreaming dreaming of tulips, daffodils, warm sunshine and beautiful soft pastel shades to wear this Spring!  I cannot wait to wear something other than leggings every day (38 weeks pregnant today, not long now little baba).  

I'm absolutely loving the pastel theme that seems to be happening for Spring this year.  Topshop and Mango are tickling my fancy right now and anything in the shades mint, peach, navy or ice blue is a winner.

Keep Smiling

baby shower

My wonderful sister and best friend threw me the most amazing surprise baby shower last weekend.  I had a very relaxing day with my all my close friends.  The day involved pedicures, manicures, cupcakes, a chocolate fountain and of course some games.  They put so much effort into planning it and I can't thank them enough!  You guys really are the best x

Keep Smiling

tips for preggos

My wonderful sister took some bump snaps for us last Thursday.  I am absolutely delighted with how they turned out and can't wait to get them printed and up on my photo wall.

We are so close to meeting our little belly dancing babe now, the anticipation is building somewhat.  I'm 37 weeks on Wednesday which they class as full term.  I've been really fortunate to have a very straight forward pregnancy and wanted to share a few little things that I learnt along the way which have helped me (This is based on my own experience so may not work for everyone).

✿ Folic Acid - Start taking folic acid as soon as you find out you are pregnant.  Even better, if you are planning a pregnancy you can start taking it before you even conceive.  I took it for 4 months before.  Taking 400mcg a day can reduce the risks of spinal problems in your baby like Spina Bifida. 
✿ Eat for YOU not for TWO -  The saying "eating for two" is actually a load of rubbish, you actually only need something like 300 more calories a day during the second half of your pregnancy.  I also found eating little and often really helped and snacked on cereal bars and fruit throughout the day.  A lot of mums-to-be suffer from morning sickness in the first trimester, I was super lucky in that department but if you do suffer from sickness ginger is a winner apparently. 
✿ Keep active - I kept active by swimming once a week and daily walks with my dog.  I also started pregnancy yoga at 20 weeks which is quite frankly the best thing I EVER did, just interacting with other mums-to-be and learning breathing/calming techniques has been fantastic.   
✿ Research EVERYTHING -  Pregnancy books/magazines/TV programmes etc.. are all full of brilliant information.  I really enjoyed reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and The Baby Whisperer, also One Born Every Minute is a great programme to watch to prepare you for birth. You can never have enough information. Knowledge is Power!!! Also do your research when it comes to buying your pram/cot/car seat etc... You can find some real bargains online and some highstreet stores have a price match guarantee (we saved an absolute fortune doing this through Mothercare). 
✿ Stretch Mark Creams - Apply an oil or cream to your ever expanding bump and breasts to try and keep those nasty stretch marks at bay.  Whether they work or not is debatable but there is no harm in trying.  I've tried every cream going, my favourites include Mama Mio Tummy Rub, Neal's Yard Mother Balm and Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter
✿ Sleep - Stock up on your sleep and enjoy those lie-ins as they will soon be a thing of the past.  I have had a few nights of reduced sleep over the last few weeks mainly due to restless leg syndrome and just plain being uncomfortable.  If you do suffer from sleepless nights, putting pillows under your knees and bump may help.  I recommend the dream genii which can be doubled up as a breast feeding pillow.
✿ Pregnancy Journal - Keeping a journal of your pregnancy is great to look back on and reminisce, fill it with your thoughts, feelings and bump pictures. 
✿ Naming the baby - This is a biggy for husband and I.  We have put so much thought into what to name our babe.  Pick a name that you both love and try not to be influenced by others. Dylan and I have kept our name choices to ourselves and will announce the name to everyone on the day it is born.  Just remember a name is for LIFE so choose wisely.  
✿ Maternity Clothes - You don't need to spend a fortune on maternity clothing.  I literally bought 3 tops and that is it!  Leggings are your friend, as are long vest tops and elastic bands which can be used on your regular jeans/trousers to make extra stretchy!
✿ RELAX - Lastly try to stay calm and relaxed.  A happy mummy means a happy baby.  

Keep Smiling

everyday super neutral make-up

My everyday make up routine is ridiculously simple and natural.  Don't get me wrong I love to play up on my eyes for an evening out but for everyday I like to keep it real simple and it literally takes about 5 minutes.

My Routine

1.  Apply Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in number 52 Vanille using a foundation brush
2.  Next apply YSL touche eclat to those eye bags, (I got this for christmas from my wonderful sister).  I've heard I'm gonna need A LOT of this when the baby arrives.
3.  Apply blush to cheeks.  I nearly always use cream blush.  For this look I used a mix of Topshop Flush and Maybelline dream soft blush in Apricot.
4.  Dab some highlight to the inner eye (near those little tear ducts) You can go ahead and use a brush but I use my ring finger because I'm lazy. I used the silvery part from Body Shop Moonstone Baked Eye Colour.
5.  Apply some brown eyeshadow under your lash line (I always use a flat slanted brush for this) and also the same colour to fill in eyebrows.  I used the shade Night Maneuvers by MAC (sorry it was limited edition about 3 years ago but espresso is a very close shade, any other dark brown will do though)
6.  Line your bottom inner rim of the eyes with white eyeliner.  I used Chanel Le Crayon Khol in Blanc
6.  2 coats of mascara.  I swear by Maxfactor Masterpeice Max in Black.  It is my holy grail......seriously nothing compares.
7.  A quick dab of lipbalm, im wearing vaseline rosy here.

And BAM your done!  See I told you it was simple.  How do you wear your make up?  Do you keep it natural or do you go all out for the day with eyelashes etc?

Keep Smiling

resolutions 2012


I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year.  I for one cannot wait to see what 2012 brings. But lets just step back in time for a second because 2011 happened to be an absolutely amazing year for me.  Highlights being.......

I fell in love with the colour mustard
I got to grips with my camera and started a camera course
Husband and I decorated 3 bedrooms and the hall in our house
I ombred my hair
I saw Take That in Cardiff
We celebrated 5 years of marital bliss
My best friend gave birth to a beautiful girl
I become a Godmother for the 3rd time
I started knittting and got crafty by making my own Christmas Cards and Tags
But.................The biggest blessing of all was discovering that I was pregnant.  It was something that we were hoping would happen in 2011 and we were so delighted when it did.  I have been so fortunate that my pregnancy has been so easy breezy, no sickness, no tiredness and if i'm totally honest I am thoroughly enjoying the 9 month stretch! Only 4 1/2 weeks until I'm full term now!

Onto the resolutions for 2012

Be the best mother I can possibly be and spend quality time as a family 
Continue to stay happy and in love
Less TV more books and conversation
Learn to cook something new
Eat more fruit and drink more water 
Be more creative
Lose the mummy tummy 
Decorate the bathroom

Keep Smiling