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my kinda night


Last Friday husband and I had ourselves a little date night {stay at home style}. It started with the recreation of Ikea's infamous Swedish meatballs for dinner followed by some Swedish lemon fairy cakes for dessert......can you see a theme {It was Swedish week at the supermarket Lidl}.  Baby was then bathed, sung to, fed and put to bed at 8:30pm {a routine we've been doing since week 1} leaving the rest of the evening for a movie, popcorn and yes you guessed it Swedish beer. I'm actually not a massive fan of alcohol and very rarely drink the stuff but as it was date night I made an exception. Turns out quarter of a bottle was enough for me before I cracked out the cranberry juice. 

Keep smiling 


being a mum rocks

Jeans - Primark
Vest - Topshop
T-shirt and Blouse - New Look

Clever Fletch somehow already knows that I love Pandora charms because look at what he got me for Mother's Day, he also only woke once in the night last night allowing me to get 4 hours of straight sleep followed by another 3 hours....... the boy did good.  He also grows a better moustache than his father (stole this idea from Pinterest, which i'm hopefully going to be joining very soon).

I feel so blessed to be able to share this special day with so many other mums in the world.  I remember last year I so desperately wanted to be a mama and this year it feels like all my dreams came true....being a mum is rocking my world.  Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums.

Keep Smiling 

keep smiling..........from Fletcher

Jacket, Jeans, Vest, Top - All Topshop
Boots - Barratts 
Lipstick - Rubywoo Mac

Sorry for the head to toe Topshop ensemble......what can I say, I love that place.

This week I have noticed something.....since becoming a mother I find it really difficult to remember what day of the week it is as every day is the same.  I'm constantly asking "what day is it"  It doesn't help that Dylan has the most bizarre shift pattern.  I am however slowly starting to get myself into a daily routine and so is the little man which is great as my life really does revolve around him at the moment *not that i'm complaining*.  I also have activities throughout the week, for example every Thursday I attend a breastfeeding group (to be honest its more of a catch up with other mums with free cups of tea and lunch) and on Fridays I meet up with my other mama friends for lunch.  I then spend the rest of my days with my mum and then when Dylan is home we make the most of our time as a family.  All in all being a mum is rocking my socks off.  Oh and not to make a big deal of it or anything but the little guy is smiling now, pretty major stuff.

Keep Smiling

Prada 21NS

Friday I received a long awaited pair of sunglasses. Please let me introduce to you the Prada 21NS in black.

Ok so there's a bit of a story behind them....it's rather a long story but I'll try and shorten it for ya........let's set the scene:

Its 29th December, its just after Christmas, I'm heavily pregnant with Christmas money to spend. Ordinarily I would buy clothes but that wasn't an option this year so I went for sunglasses instead.  I always knew i wanted cat eye frames (its all Olivia Palermo's fault) and after falling in love with this pair by Prada I went ahead and ordered them from sunglasses-shop.com who informed me they didn't have them in stock but that they could order them in for me and it would take 7-10 working days. I ordered them ......... I waited.......... nothing

10 weeks, 16 emails and 1 complaint later they finally turn up.  Turns out the first girl that was dealing with my order left her job and didn't follow it up. And then the warehouse failed to send the frames out to me TWICE, the second time they apparently sent them to another customer!! I called them, complained and they then managed to get it right.

So finally I have them and boy oh boy do I love them. They are going to be essential in covering those dark circles. 

Keep Smiling


grey day

Everything about today was grey apart from my mood.  The weather was grey and unintentionally so was my outfit, but there is nothing grey about my mood, I am in the best mood ever.  Dylan came home from work today so I've had a lovely day with my 2 favourite boys.

This morning I was interrupted mid nappy change by the doorbell, upon opening the door I was greeted by the postman with not 1 but 3 parcels for me *oh how I love parcels*.  He was all apologetic because it was 7:30am and he thought he had interrupted my sleep, little did he know that Fletcher is pretty good at doing that.   Anyhoo.........onto the parcels.

The first was my new Snugiwrap baby sling which I have been very excited about and just so happens to be the colour grey.  I've been wearing it around the house pretty much all day and I now have a happy baby and a clean house (soooo good to have 2 hands again).  The second parcel was a gift that I ordered for my God Daughter's 1st birthday (if you must know......it is Sophie the Giraffe, someones got some nasty teeth coming through).  The third parcel was my new Tigi S Factor Shampoo & Conditioner and let me tell ya, this stuff smells divine.

Husband strolled through the door at about 12:30pm and then there was another knock at the door ANOTHER PARCEL, this time it was a pair of sunglasses that I ordered back in December (more on that in a separate post).  After lunch we went for a family walk to the park and then the 3 of us had snuggles on the sofa when we got home *happy girl*.  To top it off were having a junk food dinner, KFC here we come.

Keep Smiling

keeping mum

Another comfy outfit
Top & Vest - Topshop
Wideleg Jeans - Hollister 

Well my little man is already 1 month old and what a month it has been. I feel like I have been on cloud 9 (albeit a  very sleepy/tired cloud 9).   I can't believe how much he has changed in such a short space of time, he has already outgrown loads of his sleepsuits, he seems to be piling on the pounds rather nicely.

Every day I'm learning new things about being a mum, it is the best job ever. Here is what I have learnt so far:

-1- Breast is best - I have been fortunate enough to have a baby and breasts that just automatically know what they are doing.  It is well known that breastfeeding can be difficult but by some miracle my precious boy took to the breast like a duck to water.  I am very thankful for this.  Also breastfeeding makes you really thirsty and makes it look like i've had a boob job :-)
-2- Baby's love to be close to their mama - My Baby Bjorn has been a great purchase, Fletcher loves to be close to his mama, I wear it around the house, he falls asleep and I get to use 2 hands to do things..............its amazing.  I'm now looking into buying one of those material slings so that I can breast feed whilst wearing it.
-3- Zzzzzzzz - Its amazing how little sleep you need to survive.  I'm averaging out about 5 hours of broken sleep every night as Fletcher wakes every 1-3 hours at night for a feed.  I recommend YSL touche eclat, its doing wonders for my dark eye circles.
-4- Baby weight - Breastfeeding seriously helps you lose your baby weight without even trying.........I mean seriously.
-5- Hair loss - Yes my hair is falling out but i'm pretty sure its not all that noticeable to others
-6- Milky -  Wearing black or navy is a no no with a baby, milk gets EVERYWHERE, but thats OK because Spring has nearly sprung and I prefer colour anyway oh and I permanently smell like milk and spit up...yummy
-7- Boys Pee - Boys pee everywhere FACT.  The moment I gave birth and he was handed to me he peed all down me and when Dylan changed his first nappy he peed all over him......this made me laugh rather profusely
-8- Love - Having a son and seeing how great your husband is with him just makes me love him even more....I didn't think it was possible.  Good gosh I love you Dylan!
-9-  Fresh Air - I absolutely love taking my little Fletcher-Roo out in his pram.  I couldn't wait to take him out and show him off to the world.  I think its important to get out of the house and get some fresh air so we've been out and about lots.
-10- Go with the flow - It really is best to just go with the flow.  Every day and night brings something new and we have learnt to just go with it and learn along the way.

Being a mum is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  Watching Fletcher grow right in front of my eyes and knowing that it is me that he is solely dependent on is an amazing feeling........can't believe I made and grew you Fletcher Roo.......go me!

Keep Smiling