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i wish

I wish

A few things i'm wishing for this Summer

1.  Roberts Revival radio - I want this so bad.  The kitchen is next on the decorating agenda and this would look amazing with the pastel colours I plan to use.
2.  Blanket - I already have one of these fold up carry blankets but I just adore the colourfulness  of this one. Great for all the picnics im planning on having this summer
3.  Flip Flops - Desperately in need for some new flip flops
4.  Sophie - Every baby needs one of these
5.  Swimsuit - I actually bought this already, its having its first outing tomorrow when I take Fletch swimming
6 & 7.  Hair products - I'm trying to get whats left of my hair in good condition, thanks hormones
8.  Wooden toys - I can't get enough of wooden toys, they just look nicer than plastic ones and look great on display in the nursery
9.  Slippers - I would love to be able to afford these Ugg slippers but £70 is a lot of money just for slippers.  I do need to get a decent pair though and call me a granny but I really love the sheepskin ones.  I seem to go through slippers like no mans business. 

Keep Smiling

whats going on?

My little man who fell asleep during our yoga class this week, gosh I love him :-)

I'll tell you whats going on............. I unintentionally took a break from blogging and do you know what, it felt nice.  I spent time with my boys and just enjoyed some quality family time.  Dylan has unfortunately been sent away to Oman with work for 6 weeks and it absolutely broke my heart hearing him say goodbye to Fletcher, I swear my heart was actually aching, it's so much harder saying goodbye when you have a baby.  But onwards and upwards, instead of dwelling on the fact that he's not here I'm going to spend my days looking forward to his return and get planning some exciting things to do when he gets home.  I've certainly got enough activities to keep me busy now that I've started baby yoga and baby swimming lessons. So anyway, you can expect some more posts from me very soon.

Keep Smiling