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getting stuff done

Sometimes I feel like I never get anything done in a day.  I wake up with good intentions to fold my laundry, do the ironing, cut the grass, clean my bathroom etc etc etc.... and then this little bald fella called Fletcher distracts me and I end up spending hours doing silly things to make him smile and laugh and then all those chores that I've been meaning to do for days just get forgotten.......but its ok because I have a happy baby and I'll take that over a spotless house.

I've learnt that I if I want to get things done around here I have to stick to just one main chore a day rather than try and do everything in a one-er and so far over the past week I have managed to dig up the weeds in my garden, do all of my ironing, clean my bathroom, change the bed linen and puree some food for Fletch.  Yesterday's chore was cutting the grass which I managed to do just before the rain came.  Once Fletcher had gone to bed I managed squeeze in a little me-time in the form of a facemask and New Girl {it's always good to make time for yourself}.  Today's chore is to do the food shop.......yep really extreme stuff hey but as the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day".

Keep Smiling

are you surprised to see me

Wow I haven't blogged in so long, and I don't really have a reason why, i've just not really found the time.  My days are mostly filled entertaining a soon to be 6 month old and by the time i've put him to bed i'm just about ready to crash out on the sofa with a cup of tea and the TV.  Anyway a few things have happened since my last post.

-1- Dylan turned 35 on 9 July.  I made apple streusel cake and heart shaped breakfast pancakes and we went for a really lovely meal at the Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth.

-2- Fletcher had an underwater photoshoot and the pics are awesome, his little lips were all pouty and everything {pics to follow in a separate post}

-3- We finally have a shower in our house, I've been taking baths every morning for the last 5 1/2 months as Dylan has been doing some DIY in the bathroom and basically everything has gone wrong from the word go,  then he had to go to Oman for 6 weeks so its taking a lot longer than we had planned, but we have a shower now and it is seriously awesome.

-4- Summer finally made it.  I went to the beach and even swam in the sea whilst Fletcher was chilling in his tent with Grandma.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have an amazing weekend.  I'm out for a meal with the girls tonight so I'll be recording the Olympics opening ceremony and watching it tomorrow.

Keep Smiling

June empties

Jumping on the "empties" bandwagon as I think its such a great way to use up all my millions of lotions and potions I have kicking about in my toiletries basket.  Here goes..............

Farouk USA Biosilk Silk Therapy - I've had this stuff for longer than I care to mention and it smells absolutely divine......makes me wonder why I stopped using.  It tames frizz and makes my hair silky smooth. I'm actually thinking I might repurchase this once I've used all my other hair tamers.
Nip + Fab Pigmentation Fix - I bought this to try and help the fading process of my linea nigra {the dark line that runs down through your belly button as a result of pregnancy}.  I do believe this has helped a great deal and the line has pretty much gone now its just very faint.
Neal's Yard Mother Balm - I used this throughout my pregnancy to prevent stretchmarks {I went through 3 tubs of the stuff!} and I don't know if it was the cream or just good genes but I didn't get one stretchmark.  I continued to use it postnatally to keep my belly moisturised and I'm sure it helped bring the suppleness back too.
Bath & Bodyworks Twilight Woods Body Cream - I bought this in NY a year and a half ago and it is probably my favourite smelling moisturiser ever hence why I saved it for special occasions.  It has now run out and as we don't have Bath & Bodyworks in the UK I will probably never buy it again :-(

Palmers Cocoa Butter - Another product that I used throughout my pregnancy, this one I used on my boobs to prevent stretch marks and I've continued to use it whilst i'm still breast feeding.  It smells fab and is really moisturising.
Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter - The Body Shop moisturisers/body butters are my all time favourite, I have gone through so many different scents and I love them all.  My all time fave is the shea scent.
Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturiser - A really lovely day time moisturiser.  It suited my skin, I had no breakouts and my skin never felt dry.
Vanilla Candle Dunelm Mill - This smelt pleasant but was nothing fantastic and it didn't burn the wax around the outsides so a little disappointing to be honest.  I would love to be able to fill my house with Jo Malone and Diptyque candles but I just can't justify spending nearly £40 on a candle.  Maybe I'll treat myself to a travel one at Christmas or something.

Keep Smiling