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suited and booted

Last weekend we attended Dylan's dads wedding.  It was our 4th wedding this year as a little family of 3 and each time I got Fletcher dressed into his tiny suit I felt my heart turn to mush, I mean c'mon look at that tie.

I love a good wedding.  There's something so wonderful about bringing two families together to share such a special occasion, it's so overwhelming when you realise that everyone is there for you.  My favourite part of a wedding is always the ceremony, I love listening to the vows and taking in everything that the vicar says, singing the hymns, listening to the readings and watching the bride and grooms reactions.

Every time I attend a wedding I can't help but think back to mine, it truly was one of the best days of my life, I remember being totally overwhelmed by all the people and then looking at my husband and it felt like we were the only 2 people in the church, everyone else just faded into the background, I remember really meaning every word of my vows, I remember the car journey to the reception where we just didn't stop talking because we hadn't spoken properly since the day before, I remember feeling so ridiculously in love when we had our first dance and I remember never wanting the day to end.

Life is a journey and I feel so blessed that I get to spend the rest of mine with Dylan.

Keep Smiling

monday musings

**Last week I bit the bullet and bought a walker for Fletcher.  I vowed that I would never buy one because they are gigantic, ugly, plastic monstrosities and I much prefer wooden toys, but this is perfect for putting him in whilst I get myself showered and ready in the mornings, and it folds down flat and isn't *shiny shiny plastic*

**We had a lovely family day out to the Blue Reef Aquarium last Tuesday.  Fletcher loved all the different sea creatures.  My favourites were the jellyfish,  I could stare at them all day they are so mesmerising.

**We've had boiler issues this week.  Our central heating hasn't been working properly for years so after 3 separate visits over 3 days from British Gas and 4 hours of labour its finally fixed and I'm going to celebrate by putting the heating on tonight

**Dylan's making really slow progress on the bathroom.  He started it when Fletcher was 2 weeks old and I joked that it wouldn't be finished by Christmas.  Turns out I may be right.  He's hit so many problems and only being home at the weekends makes it really difficult especially as he wants to spend time with his son.  We'll get there eventually though and I promise to show you all pictures when it is complete.

Keep Smiling

autumn/winter wishlist

autumn/winter wishlist

chanel chance / cornishware tea storage /  filofax metropol / lauren conrad beauty book / kitchenaid mixer / topshop bowling bag / yankee candle / topshop khaki army jacket / babyliss curling tong / rocketdog wedges 

Every year around this time I get a bit ahead of myself and start making a little list of things I'm lusting after {it's my birthday next month and hello Christmas is just around the corner} I know Christmas is all about giving but a girls allowed to dream right?

Chanel Chance - This is such a beautiful fragrance.  It's a very distinctive fragrance and I can always tell if someone is wearing it because I love it so much.   

Cornishware - Dylan and I both adore Cornishware {maybe it's because we are Cornish?} We are planning to redecorate our kitchen next and I would love to have some of this dotted around the kitchen, maybe with a bit of Emma Bridgewater thrown in for good measure

Filofax - I'm pretty sure I had one of these when I was little.  At the moment I use my iPhone to store my appointments, meetings etc but I've noticed that this information often disappears from my phone so I'm going to stick with old pen to paper in the future.

Lauren Conrad Beauty - Who doesn't love LC? I have her style book and think this would be a good addition

Kitchenaid Mixer - This is more of a pipe-dream.  I would love to own one but the £430 pricetag means that it will probably never happen.

Topshop Bag - Love love love this bag, and it's big enough to store nappies, wetwipes and biscotti    

Yankee candle - I mentioned this in my last post.  I really want a nice Christmas Candle.  I'm thinking something cinnamony or apple-fied

Topshop jacket - Because we all need a bit of khaki in our lives

Babyliss curling tong - I have been curling my hair with my GHD's for years and think these would make a nice change

Rocketdog wedge boots - I tried these on last week and fell in love.  Wedges are just so comfy and I'm a sucker for comfort.

Keep Smiling

What are you lusting after? whats on your wish list?

whats hot/whats not

cardigan + vest -topshop/jeans-dorothy perkins/ballet pumps-newlook

what's hot

Autumn - all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. It's time to crack out the scarves, hats, mittens, cosy socks, hot chocolate and make a pumpkin pie. There is something so magical about this time of year. That fresh crisp smell in the air, the crunchy golden leaves, the darker evenings, the eerieness of Halloween, the fireworks lighting up the sky on bonfire night, blowing out candles on my birthday and then eventually the excitement of Christmas.  I love it with a passion.

Tim Hortons Vanilla Cappucino - love this stuff.  Dylan introduced it to me when we went to Whistler back in 2009 {along with their apple fritters mmmm} luckily we have friends in Canada who bring it back for us whenever they visit.

Yankee Candles - after perusing the website for a rather long time I plan to buy my first Yankee jar for Christmas this year, do you have any recommendations?  I want a really festive scent.

Great British Bake-Off - I'm obsessed with this programme, I can't believe its nearly over, I want James to win but I think Brendan is going to.

whats not

Frizzy hair - thanks to the drizzle my hair is all a frizzle

Weaning Fletcher - I'm not talking about the food kind, I'm talking about the breastfeeding kind.  I never thought I would be so emotional about it but I actually cried a little bit when I gave Fletcher his first bottle of formula milk, I also felt really low for a couple of days following this.  I'm still breastfeeding him in the morning and before bed but will eventually stop completely over the next month or so.  I never thought it would be so hard to let go but there's no feeling like that bond with your son.

Going back to work - Bleurrrgh, I don't want to go back.  I love being at home with my boy doing mum things.  Oh well I'm sure i'll be fine and at least I'm only going back part-time.

ha ha ha ha stayin' alive

I love this dress

get your groove on

rocking all over the world 
hair bow
Last night Dylan and I went to a friends 30th birthday party.  It was 70s theme and was one of those party's that I wasn't really all that fussed about going to and thought I would probably leave early {you know when your just not really feeling it} but low and behold it turned out to be a cracking night.  It was held in a marquee and was decked out with balloons, fairy lights and hay thrown all over the floor **keeping it real Westcountry style** and everyone made such an effort with their costumes, it looked awesome and my feet didn't leave the dance floor all night.  It felt so good to get my groove on and dance with my husband {something we don't really do so much anymore}.

The weather was treacherous outside but it didn't put a dampener on our spirits and everyone had a great time {The 70s really was a great decade for music}.  We left at about midnight with a couple of pasties from the buffet and Dylan told me that I drove like a granny all the way home haha, there was a lot of water on the road so I had to be extra careful.  It always feels so good to get home, take your shoes off, put your PJ's on, take your make up off and stare at your baby for a few minutes though :-)

Keep Smiling

my little water baby

Just look at those little pouty lips and those gorgeous blue eyes!! So proud of my little water baby, and this really was a truly amazing experience.

I'm so glad we started swimming lessons for Fletcher, he loves the water and it brings me so much joy every Saturday morning.

Keep Smiling

monday musings

jumper-newlook/jeans + vest-topshop/shoes-primark
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was spent watching films/eating seasalt and cider vinegar crisps/making cups of tea whilst husband tiled the bathroom/an afternoon cuppa with friends/a family walk/doing a jigsaw and finished with a Sunday roast at my mums.

Some big changes have happened recently for Fletcher.  Over the last couple of weeks we have weaned him off his dummy completely, he has started to have some formula in the day {I'm phasing out the breastfeeding slowly} and we started sleep training last week which has resulted in him sleeping brilliantly again.

We started the sleep training because Fletcher had started waking up in the night again and couldn't settle himself.  I had always breastfed him to sleep at night and from the age of 7 weeks he would sleep right through from 8pm-7am.  But then suddenly he started waking in the middle of the night for his dummy to soothe himself as I assume he had associated sucking with sleeping, that was fine to begin with as he would fall back to sleep in seconds but then he started waking more often and the dummy wasn't enough, he wanted boob!  I ended up feeding him in the night again just to get him to sleep {rather annoying when he had slept so brilliantly in the beginning} So over the last couple of weeks we changed up the routine and started putting him to sleep in his cot awake with a soft teddy and a little night light and do you know what IT WORKED!!!!  He now sleeps from 7pm-7am and I'm as happy as a clam.  He just needs to master daytime naps now..........he's never been a fan of those.

Keep Smiling