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have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what I wear to work?  No didn't think you had, well I'm gonna show ya anyway.

Leggings & Tunic/Topshop>>Blazer/Primark>>Pumps/Newlook

I work part time Monday-Wednesday at my local hospital as a Medical Secretary and the rest of the week I'm mama to Fletcher .  I must admit my work-style has always been very basic and comfortable {aka boring} but I'm trying to be a bit more versatile whilst still trying to find my own personal style, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever find it.

This blazer has been sat in my wardrobe for years never worn.  I would ordinarily throw a cardigan on over this tunic but I saw the blazer hanging there in my wardrobe and I thought to myself "this could work" and do you know what, I think I like it :-)

What shall I inject into my work wardrobe next?

Keep Smiling


Jeans/Gap>>Top/Miss Selfridge>>Jacket/Topshop>>Boots/Ugg>>Neclace/Primark

Hey you lovely lot.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine was rather marvelous and went something like this:

>> painting the bathroom ceiling
>> a lovely morning swimming lesson with Fletcher
>> eating Cornish pasties for lunch
>> an afternoon tea party with some lovely ladies which involved a lot of cake and tea
>> a Saturday night in sans husband {he was at a poker night} watching a ton of YouTube videos
>> a hungover husband {too much beer at the poker night, reminds me why I very rarely drink alcohol}
>> a trip to Hobbycraft for someones birthday supplies
>> a manicure and facemask {simultaneously I may add}
>> fresh bed linen

Keep Smiling


Every weekend Dylan and I take it in turns to have a lie-in.  Today was my lie-in..............

As I lay there with a sleepy head all wrapped up in my duvet, head squished right into the pillow I closed my eyes to get an extra few minutes but I couldn't help but listen to the sounds that filled the house.  Sounds that were never there this time last year.  Baby babble, music from toys, dog and baby play, wooden blocks being knocked on the door, tiny feet pounding up and down the hallway, baby giggles the sound of FAMILY!!  The most beautiful sound I have ever heard, so I lay there awake for a while and just enjoyed the sound of MY family. I feel so lucky to have these guys in my life.

Keep Smiling

Giveaway - Josoblu Re-Uz Bag

The lovely people of Josoblu recently sent me one of their Re-Uz carrier's to review and they also gave me an extra to giveaway to you guys!! How lovely of them hey?

These bags are absolutely fantastic, they are wipe-clean, come in an array of funky colours and designs {check out the other designs here} and they fold down into their own little bag.  They are great for taking to the beach, gym, swimming pool, school, college, work or just plain old shopping.  Mine will probably get the most use when taking trips to Primark.....anyone ever notice that their brown paper bags tear after about 10 minutes of walking out the doors!!  I put the bag to the test last weekend when I went to town to pick up a few bits.  I can confirm it is strong, sturdy and waterproof {thanks rain}.

Here's what Josoblu have to say about the bags: 
Foldable, shower-proof shopping bag with a handy pouch so you can tuck it safely inside your handbag. Pretty and versatile enough to carry to the beach or behind your pram. Dual carry handles mean the bag can be carried over the shoulder or by hand. Very compact when folded into its own little bag measuring about 11cm x 11cm.

  • Lightweight, reusable shopping bag, that conveniently folds up into a small pouch
  • Wipe clean material
  • Small pouch features a clip which can be used to attach it to the bag handle when in use.
  • Measures approximately 11cm x 11cm when folded and 29cm x 36cm x 14.5cm when unfolded
If you want to be in for a chance of winning this pucci style bag please like Josoblu on Facebook and/or follow them on twitter @Josoblu.  The giveaway is open to UK, Ireland, European readers only {sorry} and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 13 February {not 7 Feb as stated on the rafflecopter T&Cs}.  Please complete the rafflecopter widget below you have a chance of up to 8 entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep Smiling


I've been going crazy sorting and organising things about the house recently.  Last week I cleaned both mine and Dylan's cars inside and out, complete with new air-freshener.  I also went through our wardrobes and drawers and had a massive clear out.  Basically we went through all of our clothes and shoes and threw out anything that was:
a)  damaged
b)  faded
c)  hadn't been worn in the last year

We ended up with quite a decent size bag for the charity shops.  I then deep cleaned the inside of the wardrobe with bleach and dettol and gave it a fresh lick of white paint, let it air out for 24 hours, had a hard time sleeping through all the bleach fumes, stuck the dehumidifier in there, put all the clothes back folded neatly and then made some lavender bags to hang.

To make the lavender bags I cut circles {using a plate as a template} out of some leftover fabric I had kicking around, grabbed a handful of lavender {i bought mine from e-bay} and tied a ribbon around it and hung it from the wardrobe, simple!

These last few weeks it hit me that my baby boy is no longer a baby baby, he is a growing into such a little tiddler now and so much has happened over such a small period of time.  He started taking his first steps at 10 1/2 months and then decided to take the longest unaided walk on Christmas Day......yep that's right CHRISTMAS DAY!! It totally made up for how crap I was feeling that day I tell ya! He was a late teether and finally cut his first tooth last week, we also bought him a new "bigger boy" car seat for Christmas which he took his first ride in today and seemed genuinely thrilled to be in it.  But the icing on the cake was getting his feet measured in Clarks for his first pair of shoes today.  He flirted with the girl that measured his feet and then paraded around the shop on his own in his brand new shoes, he even got his picture taken.   I can't believe he turns 1 next month.

Keep Smiling

new beginnings

*that last pic is my "Fletcher Face", he was being super cute and I couldn't resist the smiles *
Jeans/Gap>>Jacket/Topshop>>Scarf/Urban Outfitters>>Bag/Boohoo>>Boots/Rocketdog

So 2013 is upon is!  I've been reflecting on 2012......

It was a wonderful year on so many levels.  It was the year that brought my beautiful healthy baby boy into the world, It was a great year to be British with the Jubilee and the Olympics, I had 11 months off work to focus on being a mama, Dylan was posted to Cornwall meaning more time as a family but then it took a bit of a turn towards the end of the year.  I'm not going to go into detail as it is very personal and I like to keep things positive on here but lets just say the first 3/4 of the year were amazing and the last 1/4 was utterly terrible, ending with Dylan and I both being ill for Fletcher's first Christmas.  But onwards and upwards now, I have high hopes for 2013 and plan to make it a year full of love, laughter, family, fun and new beginnings.

So 2013............lets do this!

Keep Smiling

haul - sale shopping

Happy New Year you lovely lot!  Thought I'd kick off the year with a sale shopping haul.  Husband and I went to Exeter on Friday to spend our Christmas money and for the first time in my life everything I bought was in the sale. That never happens!

Aztec scarf - Urban Outfitters £8
Nike trainers - Sports Direct £30 (a must for my Zumba sessions)
Flare Jeans - Gap - £15
Always skinny Jeans - Gap- £20
Coral Jeggings - Gap -£25
Grey and white top - Gap - £8
Black & grey top - Miss Selfridge - £18
Grey heart tank - Topshop - £7
Necklace - Topshop - £5

I am absolutely thrilled with my purchases and nearly everything was half price.
Did you guys hit the sales? Did you get everything you wanted?

Keep Smiling