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my home - bathroom

I don't know about you but I love nothing more than having a sneaky look around other peoples homes.  I'm THAT person who stares into your lounge window as I walk past when its dark and you've left your lights on and your curtains open {I know I'm not the only person that does this}.  So here is your little sneaky look into my bathroom window.
 I don't have any before pictures but I do have this "in the process" picture.  Oh that was not fun!
The original layout was a small bathroom with a cloakroom directly next door.  We knocked both rooms into one to make one larger bathroom.

The bathroom suite, bathmat, turquoise soap dispenser, beaker,brush holder all came from Homebase.  The tiles and mosaics are from a local tile shop.  The toilet seat is from The Range, the floor mats/towels are from Asda, toy storage bucket is by Mebby which I bought it from Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I might be brave and show you around a bit more of my house soon.

Keep Smiling

love is in the air

Last Thursday I was woken early, not by the baby but by the sound of rustling as husband placed a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the bed along with a box of Thorntons chocolates and a card.  He informed me that someone had left them on the doorstep. He then had to leave me for the day to go to work but I had Fletcher for company so it wasn't all bad.

I got up, went down to the living room to start my day when I noticed another card and Haribo cupcakes  turns out there are special cards out there for mama's on Valentines day and Fletcher just happened to buy me one, isn't he just a dear.
I've gotta say, that husband of mine is a keeper, he cooked up a 3 course meal which involved homemade bang bang chicken, steak and veg with the most amazing Mexican cheese sauce which actually blew my mind, a not so homemade rhubarb crumble {I've gotta give the guy a break, he had been in work all day} and a glass of red wine.
Friday we went for a drive, like a proper old married couple and stopped off at Falmouth point for a coffee and a little walk by the water, the weather was fantastically cold and sunny, there were couples everywhere eating ice cream, enjoying picnics, love was most certainly in the air.
Jeans/Gap(always skinny)>>Jumper and shirt/Newlook>>Boots/Ugg

I had a really lovely couple of days celebrating St Valentine.  I know Valentines day isn't for everyone but its extra special for us as it marks the anniversary of when we first started dating back in 2002 so we always try and do something special.  I hope you had a good one whatever you did.

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lent....what are you giving up

Another work related outfit post - This is what I wore to work yesterday

I hope you all enjoyed your pancakes yesterday, Fletcher sure did although I would say he preferred what was inside the pancake more {banana and cream}.   I went a big overboard with the icing sugar so it would seem and then had major pancake jealousy when I saw Lydia's Instagram pic of her glitter pancakes!! I am soooo going crazy with the glitter next year!

This year for Lent I am giving up swearing/cursing {should be easy I pretty much never swear} and any heat related hair tools, this means no hairdryer, curling tongs, straightening irons etc... and to add I want to pay a compliment to someone every day because making other people happy makes me happy and go to bed at a decent hour.  Lets see how I get on.

What are you giving up for lent?

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Re-Uz bag Giveaway winner...........

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Lindy you are the winner of THIS bag, I have e-mailed you.  Please let me know your address and i'll get the bag sent out to you ASAP.  Hope you like it :-)

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What a lovely little weekend I've had.  It started early for us as Dylan had Thursday and Friday off.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Impromptu lunch at Ask

Beach Day

Coffee break at Costa

And other stuff not photographed includes >>swimming lesson>>a trip into town>>movie night with popcorn>>manicure>>face mask.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend whatever you did.  Happy Monday to you! 

Keep Smiling

be wise.... immunise

Jeans & Top/Gap>>Blazer/Topshop>>Converse>>Bracelet/Pandora>>Necklace/Gift from Fletcher 
My friend told me I looked like Heidi the goat herder with my hair like this - now thats a complement if I ever heard one.

Fletcher had his 1 year jabs yesterday.  I don't know why but for some reason I was really dreading these ones.  I was absolutely fine with all his others but I just felt different this time.  I don't know whether it was because hes that little bit older now and his cry is different to that newborn cry or whether it was the fact that I couldn't breastfeed him to soothe him like I did all the other times (I stopped breastfeeding a couple of weeks ago) but whilst I sat there and watched 3 tiny needles being stuck into my baby's chubby pork chop legs I felt my heart sink and then it got a little bit cloudy in there.  It's over now though and apart from a couple of tiny bruises he is absolutely fine and safe from lots of diseases.  Be wise...immunise!

Happy Friday to you.  Have a good one :-)

Keep Smiling


Fletcher turned one on Sunday!  Its true when they say "they grow up so fast" I feel like I blinked and suddenly he wasn't a baby anymore.  The day was just beautiful, Fletcher woke early at 6:30am, we left him in his room chatting to himself and then after a while we burst into his room dancing and singing and the biggest smile spread across his face, he was beaming.  The morning was very relaxed and we watched him open his presents from us whilst we drank tea.  We decided to keep it pretty relaxed for his first birthday and just had a little afternoon tea party with family and close friends.

I spent the weekend making his cake, cinnamon palmiers, cupcakes, fruit skewers, sandwiches, tissue pompoms, labels, and although it was a lot of work I had a blast doing it.  Thanks to Pinterest for all of these wonderful birthday ideas.

Fletcher had a ball and totally lapped up all the attention, he really is a rather confident little boy, and its a quality that I hope will stay with him forever.  

When it came to eating his cupcake he got a little bit excited and gave us a little naked sugar dance!

Thank you Fletcher for being in our lives, we feel so blessed to have you.  I learn from you every day and now truly appreciate the things that really matter in life.  I still can't believe you are mine forever, I'm the luckiest person in the world.  Love you to the moon and back little man xx

Keep Smiling