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hear muffs

I am a massive fan of earmuffs, I mean they keep your ears warm without having to worry about flat hat hair.  They are an essential accessory for me as I live on a bit of a hill which means it gets very windy.  I suffer from awful brain freeze when its windy, I have been reduced to tears at times because I forgot my earmuffs and the earache is so bad.

I have a dog called Maisy that needs walking regularly, this means I have to go and brave the cold breeze on a daily basis so when I was recently contacted to try the mobile accessory Hear Muffs I jumped at the chance.  They keep your ears warm whilst listening to your favourite tunes {or in my case its currently an audiobook} they are basically the perfect dog walking essential for music lovers that live in cold windy areas {pretty sure these were made for me, they should rename them Sammuffs.......maybe I'll contact them about that}.  Its still pretty chilly around these parts so I've given them a test drive on a few occasions, you just plug them into your iPhone and your good to go.  Seriously now these things are SO WARM, the sound quality is fantastic, they are a bargainous £10 from John Lewis and what I also love about them is the fact that they have a little volume control on the cord. Winning combination if you ask me.

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so long, long hair

I have no idea what kind of pose I am trying to pull off here
Jeans/Gap>>Jumper/Newlook>>Vest/Primark>>Boots/Ugg>>Lipstick/Body Shop Pink Ginger

I did it!!!!! I had the chop.  

Yesterday I went along to my friends salon and got my hair cut into this long bob style.   I loved it before she had even finished it :-) I kinda feel liberated to be free of all that hair.  I did have a few subtle flashes of a caramel colour put through the underneath but you can't really see it so I think I'm going to go crazy and have a load more put in next time.  All in all though, I am super happy with how it turned out.

Happy Friday to you all, I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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my spring essentials

I am so excited for spring and it feels like its very nearly here.  Here are a few of my current loves for this spring

A great pair of earrings/F21>>Coral lipstick/Mac Costa Chic>>Pastel nail polish/ Essie Mint Candy Apple and Fiji/Barry M Peach Melba>>A fresh scent/DKNY Golden Delicious>>BB cream/Garnier Fair>>Gradual tan/Garnier Suumerbody>>Blush/Nars Orgasm>>Matching shower gel and moisturiser/Body Shop Shea

Coral jeans/Gap>>Print shirt/F21>>Grey blazer/Topshop>>Chick lit/Sophie Kinsella

I think its evident that I'm loving coral this spring.  I can't wait for the April showers to pass I've got high hopes for May/June/July.  Im dreaming of the days when I can go for a walk on the beach without a coat.

What are your essentials for spring?

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Another top with animals on


Its been a while since I've shown my face around here so here it is in all its glory, and yes that's right I'm wearing yet another top with animals on.  Todays choice is lizards.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, I had an extended break as I needed to use up my annual leave before the end of March so it was lovely.  My week off involved a lot of chocolate consumption, catching up on Homeland, painting and decorating and early morning walks in the SUN, yes that's right, the sun made a bit of an appearance over the last few days and boy oh boy has it changed my mood, its amazing what that big yellow bright thing in the sky does to ya, just needs to warm up a bit now so that I can wear sandals and flip flops instead of Uggs.  Oh and FYI my hair can't wait to be chopped next week, it took me FOREVER to style it this morning.

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