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7 Year Itch

^^Look at that sky ^^

On Monday we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary {the 7 year itch apparently}.  Every year we take it in turns to organise something and it was husbands turn this year.  After a long day at work I got home and was presented with flowers, chocolates and perfume and told to be ready for 6:30pm.  Our sitters {my fabulous sister and bro in law - you guys rock btw} arrived promptly at 6:30 and off we went.

We had a table booked at PorthVeor Manor Hotel which is an absolutely gorgeous hotel in Porth, Newquay.  Our table was right by the window with a view of the beach and the hotel gardens and although it rained for a brief spell everything was just perfect (I actually don't mind the rain, without rain you would never get a rainbow!) the sunset was magnificent, the sky turned this beautiful reddy/orange/pink shade and we spent the evening just reminiscing about our lives and gushing about how amazing Fletcher is.  The food was delicious I was treated to a 3 course meal with coffee and mints to finish.....as I said, PERFECT!

Happy 7 Years Dylan, you really are rather wonderful, I knew there was a reason why I married you :-)

Keep Smiling


We had an incredibly good run of sunny days here in Cornwall recently, I think it was something like 10 straight days of sunshine WOWZA!!  It's unbelievable how the sun can really boost your mood, I just wanted to get out, wear my shades and feel the sun on my skin.  It was also the perfect opportunity to take Fletcher's new bike seat for a test run {how awesome is his helmet btw!!}

Other activities during this brief spell of summer have been

> A BBQ with some really great friends
> A swim in the sea
> A picnic on the beach
> Paddling pool fun
> Dining alfresco {the best way in my opinion}
> Oh and a DIY ombre, which i'm not 100% happy with and will probably just whack another colour over it

Alas the grey skies and drizzle have made a comeback, but its ok coz that just makes me feel all the more smug for going out and enjoying the sunshine while it was here.  

Keep Smiling


If there is one thing I know for certain its that Fletcher is happiest when he is outside playing or in the bath tub splashing.  I'm loving this 16 month period he is into EVERYTHING which is keeping me very busy, he is communicating more and understands a lot more than I give him credit for.

He absolutely loves the great outdoors which I am more than happy about, I would rather we be outside kicking his ball and looking for birds and worms than being sat indoors in front of a TV.

Happy Saturday you lovely lot.  We're off to a BBQ today for some more outdoor fun.

Keep Smiling