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Oriflame is a Swedesh beauty brand founded in 1967 and I was lucky enough to be sent their Skin Dream BB cream recently.

I am a big fan of BB cream and its pretty much all I use in the summer months apart from if I'm going out for a special occasion and want a bit of extra coverage.
Product:  Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream
Shade:  Fair
Price:  £10.95 {currently on offer online £7.95}

I was sent the lightest shade which suited me perfectly as I am very fair skinned.  The cream blended in beautifully with none of that cakeyness that foundation often leaves behind with a nice even dewy finish {just how I like it}.

What really stood out to me though was the fact that the cream has SPF 30 in it and that all Oriflame products are based on natural ingredients and they never test on animals.

I've used this cream every day since I received it and haven't broken out at all.  I must admit I'm rather taken with it.

Keep Smiling


Pic taken by a friend for her photography portfolio

Five things I'm thankful for this week

1.  Water - on a broad scale.  DRINK/SWIM/BATHE/WASH - it has so many uses what would we do without water really?
2.  Essie Lovie Dovie Nail Polish -  I painted my nails in this colour this week and it made me smile, such a pretty pink colour.
3.  Horlicks Chocolate - It tastes like maltesers and makes you all warm inside ready for bed.  Love the stuff
4.  Saving money - Our mortgage deal came to an end recently and we were paying a ridiculous rate of  over 5% were now down to 2.99% so this is a rather sweet little saving every month.
5.  Fruit - Fletcher seems to really be into his blueberries/bananas/plums/grapes at the moment and this means I'm also eating more of it too.  Never a bad thing.

Keep Smiling



5 things I'm thankful for this week

1..  A really good nights sleep - I had THE worst nights sleep on Sunday night, you know when your brain just won't switch off and you go into overdrive thinking about basically anything and everything and then throw on top of that a really warm room and a really dry mouth and you've got a recipe for a sleepless night. The good news is that on Monday night I chilled right out, had a cup of chocolate horlicks and went to bed before 10pm and fell asleep in about 2 seconds and felt like a new woman again in the morning.

2..  A handy husband - We've been redecorating our kitchen the last couple of weeks and although Dylan turns into a monster when he does any kind of DIY he is really good at EVERYTHING!  So good in fact that he has the nickname "Mr Fixit" or as Fletch says "Daddy Fixit".  I really appreciate that he will give everything a go and it has saved us a lot of money in the longrun, we were quoted £1300 to fit our kitchen!

3..  Bruno Mars - Just because Fletcher thinks the song locked out of heaven is amazing and he dances like a crazy baby and shouts OOOH! at the exact right time.

4.. My dishwasher - Oh my, the hours i'm saving using this little beauty are incredible.  I can't believe I lived so long without one.

5.. Tesco home delivery - I started using Tesco home delivery last year after having Fletcher.  Basically I was fed up of walking up and down aisles, putting stuff into a trolley only to unload it onto a conveyor belt, repack it and put it back into the trolley, unload it again into my car, get home and then take multiple trips to my car unloading it into my house and THEN finally unpacking it to put it in my cupboards...its all very time consuming and rather annoying.  So thanks Tesco