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a little bit of pamper

I looked down at my toes a few days ago and my 15 year old self would have been so disappointed. One (possibly two) month old pink polish which had chipped and grown out and started to look discoloured, it was a sight for sore eyes let me tell ya.  I thought to myself I would never had let this happen in the 90s and its true, I wouldn't be seen dead without my toenails painted. I've always been a lover of beauty and make-up from a very young age.  I always remember the excitement I would feel every month the magazines Just 17 and It's Bliss came out {anyone remember them}.  I would ride my bike down to the local shop where my mum worked part time and use my pocket money to buy these teenage mags and I always loved reading the beauty tips more than anything. Every night was a pamper night back in those days.

I suppose as you get older there are more important things to life than making sure your toenails look pretty {and not to mention there is never EVER any time anymore} but last Thursday I turned back time and had a little bit of pamper.  So after putting Fletcher to bed I devoted the whole evening to primping and preening myself and it was magnificent.  I think I might schedule these kinds of nights more regularly and now I have toes that my 15 year old self would be proud of.......now pass me my Bliss mag.

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I've been back from my holiday for a month now and I had intended to do a post on what I bought  in Alcudia but just never got around to it, so sorry this is pretty late.  I love seeing what people buy whilst on holiday so I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my purchases.

Khaki shorts & Light Blue Jeans - Inside Clothing
Black Dress - Mango {I bought this for a friends wedding}
Calvin Klein - Beauty {smells so clean and fresh, I love it}
OPI Polish - Charged up Cherry
Rayban Wayfarers - Yellow {these are totally fake by the way}
Green Bag - Alcudia Market

Whats your favourite purchase?  I love the dress and can't wait to wear it to my friends wedding this weekend.

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30th Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

30th Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Mango navy blouse/Iphone 5 Case/Kerastase Nutritive Masque NutriThermique/WESC Headphones Conga - Green/Moroccanoil /Unique1 Haircare/Essie nail polish Haute as Hello/Winter Scent Diffuser | The White Company/Origins Ginger Souffle /Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens/The Hills Seasons 1-6 [DVD]/Newlyweds - Nick And Jessica Season 2-3/Newlyweds - Nick And Jessica: Season 1 ./Katy Perry - Prism
Its that time of the year again where I start to get excited for my birthday (18 November) and Christmas.  I turn 30 this year so its a pretty special one and it may sound weird but I'm actually looking forward to leaving my 20s behind, with age comes wisdom and all that and I'm excited about starting a new decade, things are different now i'm a mum and im looking forward to the next chapter in my life with my family. I hope you enjoy taking a peak into a few of the things i'm lusting after.

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Garnier BB Cream - Light/Clair
Mac Mineralise skin finish - Medium
Body Shop Bronzer 02 Warm Glow
Topshop Blush - Neon Rose 
Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo - Eternal gold
Eyeshadow - Naked Palette Half Baked and Dark Horse under lower lashes
Mascara - MaxFactor Masterpiece Max 
Mac Lipstick - Creme Cup 

This morning whilst getting ready I decided to throw some gold on my eyes and do you know what, I rather liked how it turned out.  I actually didn't realise how green it would make my eyes look, and whilst we're on the subject of eye colour, would you just look at my blue eyed boy, he has the most beautiful eyes ever, don't know who he gets them from because both Dylan and I have green eyes, must be the milkman??

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our first summer holiday

I know, I know.  Its been so long guys and I can only apologise for my sporadic blogposts these days, but lets be realistic here, this is more than likely how its gonna be from now on. I have accepted that I don't have as much time on my hands as I did previously and I hope you can accept this too.

You may or may not remember I mentioned something about booking a holiday a while ago.  Well that happened, and we spent 7 days in Alcudia, Majorca.  Holidays are SO different when you have a child. I enjoyed it in ways that I never imagined and I swear Fletcher grew up right in front of my eyes whilst we were there.  It was like he swallowed a dictionary and suddenly all these new words were falling out of his mouth.

The weather was hot but cloudy on most days but this was perfect weather for a fair skinned toddler (and mother).   Our days were mostly spent at the beach building sandcastles so that Fletcher could smash them down, pushing Fletcher down the slide from all angles {upside down, headfirst was a firm favourite) and dancing at the mini disco every night.   I relished in Fletcher's delight every day, just watching him carefree, fearless, loving life and being so confident made me feel so honored to be a mum, HIS mum!  And the enjoyment I got from seeing him so happy made up for the lack of tan I got.

We also decided to go without any internet connection for the whole time we were there and this was actually quite liberating.  I replaced checking my e-mails or social network sites with having actual conversations with my husband and reading a book, it felt fantastic to be connected to real life rather than connected to the internet!

Now I want to book another holiday for next year.  Any recommendations very much welcomed.

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