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Blouse - Forever21>>Vest - Primark>>Jeans - Gap>>Ballet flats-NewLook>>Bracelet-Pandora

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Plans for this weekend include:

- Attending my nieces jewellery making party for her 10th birthday
- FINALLY ordering our Cornishware for the kitchen
- A meal out with the girls
- Possibly taking Fletcher to his first movie (postman pat) at the big screen with his best friend
- Having a lie in
- A little at home pamper session
- Tackling the pile of ironing
- Creating a flower bed in my front garden

Lets see how many things I can tick off from this list.  I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend

Keep Smiling



I'm all booked in for the big chop on 6 June.  I'm getting about 2 inches chopped off into a nice blunt long bob (or lob if you prefer to call it that).  I thought I would share what I'm currently loving to use on my barnet. I have very thick wavy hair and wash it approximately 2-3 times a week and I nearly always wash it in the evening so that the frizz calms down over night.

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo - Smells amazing - I lather this up and a lot of the time I go in for a second wash just to make sure its really clean.
Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner - Again smells amazing - I work this into the ends of my hair and leave for approximately 3 minutes whilst I get on with other business like exfoliating my knees and elbows!!!
Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Rescue Masque - I use this once a week and guess what it SMELLS AMAZING!!


Unique One - All in one hair treatment.  I spray this stuff onto towel dried hair and brush it through and then blast the hairdryer on it.  It has 10 effects to your hair: 1. Repair for dry and damaged hair.2. Shine and frizz control.3. Heat protection.4. Silkiness and smoothness.5. Hair colour protection/with UVA and UVB filters.6. Easier brushing and ironing.7. Incredible detangling.8. Long-lasting hairstyle.9. Split ends prevention.10. Adds body - Quite frankly its incredible stuff and smells divine (like a summer holiday) they also do it in coconut scent which I might try next time.
Moroccan oil - I don't need to tell you how great this product is because you probably already know.  Its a staple hair product for me now.  I rub a tiny amount through my palms and then run it through the ends of dry hair. LUSH.  I usually then go to bed and style my hair in the morning once the lions mane has been tamed a bit.
Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Heat Defence Spray - I spritz this onto my hair before firing up the styling tools (usually GHD's which I then use to create very loose waves)
Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray - Everyone knows by now that this is a fab dupe for Oribe texturizing spray (which is £19 for half the size..JEEZ!!)  I spray this onto the root area and ruffle my fingers though for amazing volume.
Hairspray - Not pictured purely because I don't always use hairspray as I favour the loose undone curl but if I am using hairspray then I just use whatever is on offer. 
Tigi Bed Head Headrush - This is an old favourite of mine, I've been using it for about 10 years.  It is always the last thing I spray onto my hair as it gives a lovely shine and oh my word......the smell, I can't describe it but its like heaven in a bottle and I think its the one thing that makes me repurchase over and over again.

So there you have it.  I think it is evident that I love the Charles Worthington Salon at Home range a lot and the smell of products seems to be a big factor on what I like to put on my hair.

What are your favourite/must have hair products? 

Keep Smiling


Right up my street

1. Thinking of going even shorter with my hair. I love this blunt long bob (her blog is pretty sweet too actually) 
2. Yellow statement necklace from Forever 21 - this would look great against a basic black top/dress
3. How beautiful are these pastel leather sandals from Zara.  They might have to be my new summer sandal for 2014.
4. Basic grey sweater Asos - perfect with skinny jeans of all colours
5. Essie tart deco - next on my Essie buy list 
6. Denim vans - YES PLEASE
7. Galvanised buckets/tubs - love the idea of lots of old beat up galvanised buckets and watering cans with pretty flowers spilling out. I've already started collecting a few from our local auction centre.

Keep Smiling


This looks like im posing but I'm actually watching a massive bee flying away
 Jeans/Gap>>Breton stripe top/Boden>>Denim shirt-Newlook>>Shoes-Converse

Last Sunday morning I  threw my patio doors open and sat on the doorstep with my cup of tea and Maisy dog by my side.  The morning sun letting light creep into my garden, a little dew scattered across the lawn, the birds conversing in song as if  in a permanent Musical.  I could hear Fletcher in the distance playing with his toys in his bedroom but the rest of the earth was still and in that moment I felt completely at peace with everything and noticed I was smiling to myself.  I love morning time and its safe to say I am a morning person.  There is something so nice about having the whole day ahead of you. But there was something extra special about last Sunday.  It was like I had put life into perspective.

Sometimes life can be hard and a struggle and sometimes we make bad decisions and mistakes and in these times of trouble its difficult to see a way out and you wonder if life will ever feel good again but these mistakes and struggles are what shape your life, you learn from them, become a better person and make better choices and whilst I was sat on my doorstep being all philosophical I noticed that all my past worries and bad mistakes and days where I just felt like life would never be good again were in the past and forgotten and all that mattered was right now and right now is pretty awesome.

Next time I feel overwhelmed by something I want to remember THIS moment of inner peace on my doorstep, where life is still and remind myself that as with everything life goes on, we're still going to have bad days but it's OK because everything is just a phase in your life and it ALWAYS gets better so live in the moment instead of just letting the moment pass by.

Happy Saturday!!!

Keep Smiling