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Let me first start by saying this is NOT a sponsored post I just really love The Body Shop and wanted to share the love.

I will never forgot the first time I spent my pocket money on beauty items.  I remember walking into The Body Shop after being lured in by that recognisable smell.  I even remember what I bought.....clear lipgloss//clear mascara//brown eyeliner//teatree facial wash.  I was about 12/13 at the time and I remember feeling really pleased with my purchases.  And lets not forget good old White Musk eau de toilette, I bought that a fair few times in my teens along with Dewberry and Ananya.

A couple of decades later and my love for The Body Shop remains.  I love that they always have great offers and the girls that work in my local shop in Truro are REALLY lovely.  And lets not forget that they are against animal testing, support community fair trade, protect the planet and are environmentally friendly.

I thought I would share a few of my favourites

Body Care - The body butters are my absolute favourite.  They are so moisturising and leave a lovely scent.  Im not sure if it really made any difference but I applied this to my belly every day when I was pregnant and didn't get one single stretch mark!  I think I've tried nearly every scent but I ALWAYS repurchase coconut and the scent really does linger on your skin all day.  I really love the fruitiness of Satsuma and Olive is a really lovely subtle scent.

For a lighter moisturiser I like the Shea Body Whip.  I would say Shea is my all time favourite scent from the Body Shop.  I had the travel size shower gel and moisturiser in my hospital bag when I gave birth to Fletcher so it always reminds me of THAT shower I had straight after giving birth when I felt and smelt amazing!
Skincare - I cannot stress enough how much I love the Body Shop skincare products.  The above 3 are my skin saviours.  The Camomile cleansing oil removes every last scrap of make up no problem.  I decant the Vitamin E hydrating toner into a spray bottle and spray it onto my face after cleansing and its so light and refreshing with a lovely fresh subtle scent.  The Vitamin E overnight serum oil is like silk (i've spoken about my love for this previously). I love it, you should all go and buy it!

Cosmetics - Pink Ginger 14 is my favourite lipstick ever.  It is such a lovely colour that really suits my skintone.  Unfortunately they don't seem to make it anymore and I only have one more back up......please make it again Body Shop!!
The eyeshadow in Vanilla Cream 13 is a really lovely matte base colour which can be used under ANY other eyeshadow.  Again this is another product that they have discontinued but Im pretty sure "sand on me" from their colour crush range is just the same.

Do you have any Body Shop favourites that you would like to share?  I hear the seaweed collection is really popular for combination/oily skin.

Keep Smiling


I entered a competition on Escentuals blog last month and couldn't believe my luck when I won. 

The competition was to win a fragrance set of the new Marc Jacobs fragrance Daisy Dream. 

The team at Escentual were fab and emailed me to inform me that I had won and asked for my address. I replied and it was sent out immediately in the post and arrived a day later. 

So onto the fragrance. It is simply beautiful. If I had to describe it in one word it would be CLEAN! It's a very light, airy, summery, fruity version of the distinctive original Daisy. 

According to Marc Jacobs it has top notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear. The heart notes are introduced with a bouquet of jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria and a medley of white woods, musks and coconut water reveal the base notes. 

Sounds incredible right. It's basically like summer in a ridiculously pretty bottle!! I layered the scent with the shower gel, body lotion followed by the fragrance and I can honestly say the scent lingered all day. I love it and love that it makes me feel super clean smelling. 

Thank you Escentual for picking my entry. 

Keep Smiling


Unfortunately I never got round to posting my June faves as the day I was getting the post prepared was also the day that Fletcher was diagnosed with diabetes.  But here I am a month later and I'm ready to share my faves.
BODY SHOP - VITAMIN E SERUM - I bought this as I had heard many great things about it and there was a ridiculously great offer on at the Body Shop [as there quite often is].  I put about 3 little drops of this into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and smooth all over my face right before bed.  It makes my face feel all warm for a second and feels like silk.
MAC LIPSTICK IN SYRUP - Such a beautiful flattering shade and really lovely creamy texture. Possibly my all time favourite MAC lipstick now.
MOROCCAN OIL - Everyone knows how fab this stuff is.  It tames frizz to perfection and smells like tiny oily drops of heaven.  In fact I love it so much I don't know why I haven't tried any of their other products, I might just have to do that.
STATEMENT NECKLACES - All from Forever 21.  I've been wearing these things to death.  They can brighten up the most boring outfit in an instant.
DENIM VANS - Just look at them!  Do I really need to say anymore.
24 - Having watched all the previous series I was thrilled when 24 came back for another series after a very long break.  I enjoyed this so much and REALLY hope they do another.
HORLICKS - What started as a nice occasional warm drink before bed every so often has now turned into an every night occurrence [Dylan has one every night too] we love it.
FRUIT & NUT - This is the perfect little evening snack.  We usually have this around 8pm.  Its really simple banana chips | fruit mix (tesco value if your wondering) | almonds | cashews.

MAKE LIFE EASIER - How beautiful is Kararzyna? That girl has style and I get the vibe that she is really sweet and lovely and I wish I was her friend so that I could steal her wardrobe.
BAREFOOTBLONDE - Amber has just recently given birth to her baby boy Atticus and I really enjoyed seeing all her pregnancy fashion posts and now all the pictures of her gorgeous son. She also has amazing hair and she REALLY knows what to do with it.
GETTING FIT & HEALTHY - I joined a gym in June.  It is conveniently situated on my way home from work so I can just pop in after work and spend an hour there working up a sweat.  I've also very recently started the Kayla Itsines BBG too.  My aim is to be strong, toned and healthy. I'm not aiming to lose weight if anything I would prefer to add muscle.  I'm also being a bit more selective about what i'm putting into my body, more fruit and veg, water, no alcohol, lean meats and less sugary treats.