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According to my husband, 31 is the worst age ever.  I remember him saying he hated being 31, like it was a 'nothing' age so I prepared myself for disappointment on 18 November.  As it turns out I didn't actually mind it so much but I can kinda see where he's coming from.  I mean when you turn 20 you say goodbye to your teens and its all rather exciting and then and the following year you turn 21 which is kind of a big deal in itself.  But 31.....well its not as interesting as 21 is it!  But with age comes wisdom, i'm still waiting for the wisdom thing to happen, maybe when i'm 71 hey.

Anyway, wanna see what I got?

I think I did pretty well and want to thank my lovely friends and family for my gifts.
Keep Smiling


~New Christmas jumpers for me and the little dude - Mine is from M&S (now sold out), Fletcher's is from Next

~Goodies from America - My sister recently went to Disneyworld, Florida and she very kindly picked up a few bits that I was after whilst she was there.  Victoria's Secret really do the most flattering and beautiful underwear.  Their bath and shower products are so fruity and girly - perfect for layering and creating a subtle, fresh, everyday fragrance.

~Still working out - I love making time to work out.  I'm still following Kayla Itsines BBG, it motivates me, clears my head and I really do feel amazing afterwards (well after I've had my shower anyway).

~Baking - I baked raspberry trifle cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery book to take to work for my birthday last week and they went down a storm. The cases are from Lakeland if your wondering.

~Mani & Tea - Essie Forever Yummy and a really old gloopy black by Rimmel (which is now in the bin it was THAT bad) and tea always tastes better in a Cornishware mug.

~Woodland walks - We've been doing a lot of these lately, exploring new woodland areas in Cornwall that we have never been to before.  These pictures were taken at Pendarves Wood and the heavens opened just as we walked past a little bird watching hut.  It was lovely listening to the rain beating down on our shelter as we poked our heads out and watched it makes little ripples in the lake.

Keep Smiling


Jumper-Joy//Vest-Primark//Jeggings-Dorothy Perkins//Ankle Boots-Aldo//Hat-H&M 

Vest+Jumper+Skinny Jeans+Ankle Boots - This is a typical outfit for colder days.  Its definitely getting colder here in Kernow now and I've literally been living in ankle boots or brogues....ballet pumps just aren't cutting it in the rain i'm afraid.

The jumper is quite a new purchase from Joy The Store, its nice and baggy and I really like the print (its also in the sale so grab it quick if you like it).  I love how the green skinnies complement the navy.  And can we just take a second to appreciate how lovely this hat is too! It's also new and I have a feeling it will be staying firmly on my head for the foreseeable future.

This weekend I am celebrating my birthday.  My actual birthday is on Tuesday and I will  be working so i'm celebrating early but more about that next time.  For now its time to get my morning workout done, take a shower and hit the shops for some Christmas shopping.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Keep Smiling


Love this pic of me and my boy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween yesterday.  Fletcher spent from 7:10am-7pm as a vampire, we carved pumpkins, picked up a prescription from the GP surgery and then spent the afternoon driving to Saltash to look at a car (which I subsequently didn't end up buying) so you know it was a pretty standard non scary day really but Fletcher didn't seem to mind.   In all honesty i'm not sure he really understood the whole concept of Halloween, he asked me the day before if Father Christmas was going to be there??

I however celebrated Halloween on Thursday night when I dressed up as a Zombie/Corpse Bride for my Zumba class. We learnt the routine to Backstreet Boys - Everybody and my costume won best dressed, turns out I'm pretty good at making myself look revolting.  It was such an awesome night!

Have a wonderful weekend guys.

Keep Smiling