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Christmas was absolutely wonderful this year.  It was our first Christmas spent at home, just the 3 of us as we usually alternate between my family and Dylan's but we noticed last year that Fletcher really didn't get any time to play with any of his new toys as we had to be out the door to meet up with family soon after the present opening.  So this year we changed it up and stayed at home and our family came to us at different times throughout the day and it couldnt have worked out any better.


We picked up our REAL Christmas tree on Friday (I had been waiting for this day since the 1st December!).  It took us a while to actually find our tree and then once we found it we swiftly decided that we didn't like it anymore and wanted a different one.  About 30 minutes later we found "the one" and a very lovely gentleman came along with his saw and chopped it down for us and then helped us net it.  I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of getting a real tree and don't think I will ever go back to artificial. I also managed to pick up a rather large amount of Eucalyptus to scatter in random places in my home, I also decided that im going to add Eucalyptus when I wrap my presents.  I'm really into my greenery at the moment.


Jamie Jeans - Topshop//Navy Jumper, Shoes and Scarf all Primark


It's been a while since I've done a haul post, mainly because I have no money being a student and any "spare" money that I do have generally gets spent on Fletch or the home.  But it was my birthday last week and as I was given some spending money I obviously decided I needed to spend it all immediately.....which I did in Topshop & Primark.


Jumper-New Look//Jeans-Holister(Ryan)//Trainers - New Balance 420//Nails - OPI Red


Neutral Winter Fashion

Long time no blog.........It would appear work and college have been taking up a considerable amount of my time so unfortunately my blog has been neglected.  But as I am on annual leave this week I thought I'd try and get a couple of posts up for good measure.  Kicking off with this rather neutral colour palette of my favourite winter items (click on the pic for individual item info).  I am in need of a new waterproof hooded jacket and really love the look of the waxy navy parka.  And just look at those black and white scarves (heart eye emoji).  As always Topshop seem to come up trumps on the fashion front.  I want everything, just need to decide which bank to rob now!


I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating Halloween this weekend.  We celebrated Halloween slightly different due to having a little one with diabetes, he only ever has sweets when he needs them (due to low blood glucose levels) so instead we stayed in, brought the duvet down to the front room, had pizza in front of the TV whilst we watched Toy Story of Terror and do you know what, we all had the best time ever.   We had tons of trick or treater's and Fletch had so much fun dishing out the treats to everyone in his little Dracula costume.


It would seem I did a whole lot of baking and eating this weekend, and this post doesn't even include the HUGE takeaway burrito I had on Friday night.  On Friday Dylan surprised me with a day off so we had a breakfast date whilst Fletch was at preschool.  We went to Red River Cafe at Heartlands which is an old mining site with a gorgeous Cornish Engine House.  The restaurant is based in the Old Carpenters Workshop and they serve a really delicious breakfast using local produce.  It was yum but the only thing it was missing was baked beans.  Friday evening my wonderful sister and bro in law had Fletcher for the night so that Dylan and I could spend some quality time together.  We literally haven't had a whole evening just the two of us since Fletch was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes so it was a magical moment for us to be able to go out and do what we want for the evening and have a lie in TOGETHER!!  We decided to go to Habaneros in Falmouth for a takeaway burrito and it was sooooo good.  We drove to Falmouth Point and ate them in the car whilst watching the stars and the boats and then finished off the evening with a hot chocolate at Gylly Beach Cafe.  PERFECT.