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Committing another fashion crime mixing navy with black (I like it though)
Dress-Topshop(old)||Cardi-NewLook (last year)||Tights-Primark||Brogues-Schuh

I love walking.  Its nice, easy, low impact, you don't need to think about what you're doing you just automatically put one foot in front of the other.  Walking is one of my favourite forms of low intensity workout (Zumba is my absolute favorite).  I love sticking my headphones on and getting lost in the music. Another one of my favourite things to do when out walking in the evenings is to nose into peoples homes.  Now I'm aware this makes me sound like I'm a creepy stalker but this isn't as odd and stalkerish as it sounds.  People leave their lights on and their curtains wide open for the world to see and I just love taking a peak into other peoples lives for a brief second.  Don't worry, I don't stand right outside with my head pressed against the window, its merely just a passing glance.  

Whilst out on my walk recently I saw a mother and daughter in the kitchen baking together.  I saw a family sitting down around their table eating dinner, 2 guys playing a computer game, a little boy sat on his bunk bed in his PJ's, a house that appeared empty with every single light on. I always wonder what everyone else's routine is or do they even have a routine? What happened in their day today? Do they have worries? Are they happy? 

It got me thinking, we all have worries, fears, skills, hobbies and we all have some areas that we excel in and others that we're not so good at but that's what makes us individual and although I will never know any of these peoples fears or skills (unless I knock on the door and ask them, which lets face it I'm not going to do that) I will just enjoy observing their lives from afar, through the window, well until they notice me and draw their curtains anyway.

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I was recently invited to share my thoughts on the latest menswear trends. I'm always sharing women's fashion and trends that I'm loving so it's nice to talk about menswear for a change.

Shirts and Stripes


Top of my list is shirts and who doesn't love a man in a shirt. It instantly smartens any look. I love both bold patterns and also a plain simple style. Shirts are so versatile too, they can be dressed up for smart occasions with a tie, suit trousers, some cuff links and a pair of smart shoes or dressed down with jeans, shorts or trainers for day time. I'm also a big fan of the shirt under a jumper look, which is my husbands "go to" look. 


Stripes are such a classic look. They never go out of style. I love a white tee with some nice colourful stripes thrown in. And stripes aren't just limited to tops, there are some really great stripe shorts out there or if your not feeling that brave you could liven up plain shorts or trousers with a striped belt. 
Menswear-Chinos and Slimline Trousers


Another of my favourite trends. Chinos for men definitely seem to be sticking around and I think they look really great in the spring/summer rolled up with a pair of sandals or flip flops (I also like them styled this way for women too). I really love the chino short in pastel shades paired with a simple striped or plain t shirt. I can imagine them looking great in a pastel blue colour with just a plain white t-shirt. 


A classic smart pair of trousers should be in every mans wardrobe. Dylan went out of his comfort zone recently and purchased a couple of pairs of trousers in this style from Zara. It makes a nice change to jeans every day. I love this style in classic colours such as black/grey/navy. 

Menswear-The Quilted Jacket


The quilted jacket has been a big hit over the last couple of years and I must admit they do look very smart and the trend doesn't see to be disappearing any time too soon. I personally like them in black or navy and Barbour do the best ones in my opinion. 

I couldn't upload a blogpost on menswear without including my own man could I. So here is Dylan in a classic shirt with slimline trousers pulling his best Derek Zoolander (Blue Steel) pose and I've gotta say he looks pretty damn fine if I do say so myself. It was so nice to be the one behind the lens for a change instead of nagging him to take outfit pictures for me. 

Shirt c/o House of Fraser||Slimline Trouser-Zara||Shoes-Vans||Sunglasses-Rayban

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my menswear faves.  I think my model did a great job! I would love to know what your favourites are.  All items in this post are linked.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one that has issues with dry dehydrated skin in the colder months. All that central heating and ice cold air hitting your face every day starts to really take its toll on your skin. I discovered 2 products this winter that have been little saviours and they also work amazingly well together, it's like they are the elite team and they were both featured in my December Favourites. 

I use this as part of my evening routine (after I've removed my eye make up with a separate cleanser). The first thing I noticed about this product was the smell, it is so lovely and actually quite strong which worried me to begin with as highly scented products usually don't mix with my skin as it can be quite sensitive but I can confirm I have absolutely zero complaints. 

A pea sized amount is all I need mixed with a teeny tiny bit of water to make a slightly milky consistency. I then massage this onto my face and flannel off with hot running water. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh. My skin really seems to love it and I can't rave about this stuff enough. It's fab. 

I was given a little tester of this to try at a Clarins counter and loved it so much that I bought the full size. Again this is another product from my evening routine. This goes on after I've toned and applied my eye cream. Using the pipette I apply 3 drops to my palms, rub them together and gently pat (not rub) this all over my face and neck. I then go to bed and wake up the next morning looking like a super model! Ok that's a lie, it's not quite supermodel standards but my skin definitely has a glow to it and it feels as smooth as silk. 

These 2 products together have definitely changed my skin this winter. I usually have chapped skin and areas of dryness on my cheeks at this time of the year but this year I have absolutely no dryness at all just a fully hydrated face :-) if you can get a little sample of the Blue a Orchid oil from a Clarins counter I really recommend trying it. I always find the staff are more than happy to help you find the right products to suit your skin. 

I would love to know your skin care favourites helping you through the winter months. 

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Scarf-ASOS||Grey sweater-Forever 21||Denim shirt-New Look||Jeans-Hollister(Ryan)||Boots-Aldo

It would seem I have a problem.  A scarf addiction problem.  I already own far to many scarves than I care to mention but when I saw this one on the ASOS website well it just had to be mine because you can never have too many plaid scarves right? Unfortunately it appears to have already sold out on their website but I've also got a lot of love for THIS one and really need to restrain myself from buying it.

I talked myself into buying it as I thought I could also use it this spring/summer as it is lightweight and then when I thought about it some more I decided it would also double up as a blanket when I travel to Greece in May.  I think this was reason enough to buy it, plus it was only £18.

So crazy things happened to my Instagram this week.  Kayla Itsines, the fitness guru behind the Bikini Body Guide featured me on her IG page and I was incredibly overwhelmed by the whole thing.  The support and comments from everyone was amazing, apart from the odd comment here and there telling me that it was fake because I didn't show my face or that I looked too thin but hey I can take the criticism, I know its me in the pictures and I'm pretty darn happy with what I have achieved. The pic she posted has over 40 000 likes so that totally outweighs all the negativity, and we all know how I feel about negativity!

Also how are we feeling about the double denim look I'm trying to pull off here. Yay or Nay? **im still thinking about buying that other scarf!!!**

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I was contacted recently by Accoustic Sheep who are the makers of this genius invention Sleep Phones. I feel like this product was made for me (although i'm pretty sure there are others out there that would fully appreciate them just as much as me)  They are designed for the person that likes to fall asleep listening to music, relaxation apps, audiobooks (me, me, me).  So when they asked me if I would like to give them a try I was hardly going to turn them down was I.

It's no secret that I love mindful meditation and my favourite app to listen to before bed is Headspace. Prior to using the Sleep Phones I would just stick my regular earphones in and switch my app on.  However, I am a side sleeper and after a while my regular earphones would really start to dig in which I found terribly uncomfortable. This is the part where Sleep Phones come in and save the day (or you ears for that matter).  Its a headband which is made of the softest fleece material that feels like a cloud and the speakers are inside the headband. I have been using them for a week now and it is just like sleeping on a musical cloud, no earache included.

The sound quality is great, you can maneuver the speakers to suit your head size/shape and the lead is long enough so that you don't have to have your phone up by your head and the lead tucks away nicely at the nape of your neck or at the front depending on how you like to wear them (they actually have wireless options too!). What I really love about them is that they double up as an eye mask, blocking out all the light.  You can also download free music/sounds from their website too.

If you have trouble dropping off to sleep, or like me you just enjoy listening to relaxation apps, music etc then I highly recommend this little fleecy number.  Such a great invention. Sleeping is my jam :-)

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Where do I start! Valentine's Day was such a let down for me this year.  You would probably think the opposite from my Instagram feed but this is a typical case of  "life through an Instagram filter".  I like to keep things real though so I will fill you in on the most unromantic day of the year.

I had plans for a lovely day filled with breakfast in bed, a romantic beach walk, a tasty dinner with dessert followed by a movie and popcorn.  Sounds great right?   It was going to be pretty low key as I begrudge paying over the odds for a meal in a restaurant when I can quite easily cook something delicious at home. We had said from the beginning that we were NOT doing gifts this year which I was more than happy with however I did not realise that this included cards also.

The day before (Friday 13th) Dylan had a leaving do to go to in the afternoon. Being the loving wife I am I drove him to his destination and also picked him up, this took 2 hours out of my day just taxiing him around. After I dropped him off I then spent the afternoon at my sister's house MAKING him a card.  We also made little heart chocolates with white chocolate, M&Ms and sugar strands, they were amazing.

After cooking dinner for myself and Fletcher, I quickly threw him in the bath, put him in his PJ's and wrapped him up in his dressing gown I put him in the car along with a little hot water bottle to keep him cosy and went to pick up my drunk husband at 7pm.  He then spent the evening drunk sleeping on the sofa, a picture of pure beauty let me tell you.

So, Valentines morning.  I got up with Fletcher and let Dylan have a lie in.  At 9am I made breakfast for myself and Dylan, after spending a fair amount of time making it look pretty.  I presented it to him in bed only for him to say he couldn't eat a thing, I saw the positive side to this and so I ate the lot!  I then gave him his card...........you know, the one I had spent time making the day before, only to be presented with a big fat NOTHING! Yep my husband of 9 years didn't even get me a card!  I think I made it pretty clear how disappointed I was.  I like to think that his hangover from hell was Karma mwah hahahaha im so evil.

All was not lost though.  The weather was beautiful and so I left my husband throwing up in the bathroom and spent the afternoon with my other love at the beach and it was really lovely just building sandcastles with Flletch and watching the waves crashing.  By the time we got home from the beach,  husband was feeling much better and so we still had our tasty meal and dessert but decided to leave the movie for another time.  So instead I did all the things I love. I had a lush bath, painted my nails, read my book and had an early night.

Even though my day didn't exactly go how I had planned and Dylan's hangover kinda ruined everything, I still had a lovely day nonetheless.  I know I sound like a moaning wife but in all honesty I really was OK about it all.  Dylan very rarely goes out drinking so I actually didn't mind that he did and he is actually quite funny when he is drunk so it was quite amusing picking him up.  He also told me that he doesn't need to buy me a card to tell me how much he loves me, because he tells me every day (which is true, he does) so actually I don't mind that he didn't get me a card.............Oh who the hell am I kidding, where's my bloody card!!!!

Keep Smiling


Fletcher turned 3 on Tuesday 3rd Feb and It was a day of joy and happiness.  Dylan and I took the week off work so that we could spend his special day together as a family.  We didn't plan a party or anything as we thought we would save the parties for when he is that little bit older.  Both Fletcher and I unfortunately had colds for his birthday.  Fletcher was just starting to get over his cold but mine had just kicked in that day, but it was nothing that a little Ibuprofen couldn't fix temporarily.  

It all started with a wall of balloons which I spent quite some time making the night before, It was worth all the effort though. As soon as he came around that corner his face lit up and he gasped "BALLOONS, I LOVE BALLOONS".  It's true, the kid really (I mean reaaalllly) loves balloons.  Once he had got over that excitement we lead him over to the window where he just stood in awe and gazed at the world which had turned white overnight.  I still can't believe it snowed on his birthday, my wish actually came true! (read back through my other posts)

Naturally we spent the day throwing snowballs at each other and making a very small snowman and then warming up indoors by the fire.  Our friends and family visited us throughout the day and Fletcher tried his hardest to blow out his sparkler candle.  We had some cake (which actually tasted more like a scone to be honest).  After his bath I read him a couple of new books that he had received as gifts and he went to sleep a very happy boy.  It couldn't have been more perfect really.

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I wore this little gem last week to my friends birthday meal.  Its from Primark, if you hadn't already guessed that from the title of this post.  I can't remember the exact price but it was somewhere around £10-£15.  I love a bit of floral and this dress ticks all the boxes, silky smooth material, fully lined, affordable and it has a belt which I can loosen a couple of notches when I've over eaten.

I went for a bold lip and a simple eye (I like to emphasise one or the other) lip colour is MAC So Chaud.

Primark is coming to Cornwall this year, at present our closest store is just over an hour away in Plymouth so we're all pretty excited to finally get a Primark in Truro.  Now if we could just work towards getting a Zara, H&M, Oasis, Space NK and MAC in Truro I will be eternally grateful.

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Eurrrrgh my hands are horrible

Kylie Jenner's lips have been the talk of the town for quite some time now.  Did she/didn't she get surgery, I'm actually not that bothered, all I wanted to know was what the hell that gorgeous nude shade was on her lips.  Word on the street is that  her favourites are MAC lip liner in Whirl and also MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy both of which are sold out EVERYWHERE!  So imagine my astonishment when I happened to be surfing the internet and came across Velvet Teddy on the House of Fraser website and it was in stock, I couldn't believe my luck so very quickly put it in my shopping basket and didn't even care that I had to pay for delivery (something I usually really hate).

Unfortunately I haven't had as much luck getting hold of Whirl lip liner but I discovered recently that I actually do already own the perfect dupe for this.  The Body Shop 02 Beech  its only £8 too (good old Body Shop) It compliments Velvet Teddy perfectly.  Now obviously I don't own Whirl so I can't do an actual comparison but after viewing swatches on Google images i'd say its a pretty darn perfect match and a really convincing dupe for Whirl.

I wore both together today and really loved how well they went together. Velvet Teddy is super matte so I would definitely recommend prepping your lips first, I do this by brushing a dry toothbrush over my lips to get the dry skin off and then dabbing some lip balm as a base.This colour combo definitely has a 90's feel about it, I love it when trends come back around again, lets just hope the UV hair mascara stays back in the 90's were it firmly belongs though hey, I don't think I'm ready to relive that.  

So if you are dying to get your hands on Velvet Teddy, don't give up, just keep checking the internet and I'm sure eventually it will turn up again.  If you're struggling to get hold of Whirl then you should give The Body Shop a whirl (see what I did there).

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