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I really love reading and also doing weekend posts. Its the time of the week when I get up to the most. I think I might try and make this a regular thing every Monday just to recap my weekend. Dylan finishes early on a Friday so Friday afternoon is officially when our weekend begins.  Here's what I got up to.

1. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.  Its the same every morning, porridge, linseed, dried fruit mix, almonds, banana, cinnamon and I added some dessicated coconut for a little added extra.  2.I always like to start the weekend with a clean house.  My cleaning days are Thursday and Friday and there is nothing better than a kitchen that smells of bleach and a scented candle. 3. Opening a new shower gel. Its no secret that I love the Body Shop skin products. The coconut scent reminds me of holidays and beaches and I layer the scent with the coconut body butter after my shower.  4. Eating clean.  Yum pineapple.

5. Maisy found the sun spot.  6. New beauty bits from Feelunique- my favourite kind of post.  7. Finishing Kayla's BBG for the 2nd time.  Fletcher always joins in :-) 8.  A perfect evening in with the girls, pizza, wedges, facials, manis and plenty of laughter. 

9&10.  A rainy Saturday spent baking easter cupcakes. 11.  A little "me time". I'm in love with that dark chocolate its Lindt caramel and seasalt, and that book Billy & Me is brilliant, I've almost finished it now and want to read her other stuff, I love her because she's married to Tom from McFly (big fan of McFly, I've lost count how many times I have seen them live) and also she has the BEST surname :-) 12. Cleaning out my closet, my room turned into a pigsty for a few hours on Sunday but both Dylan and I sorted through our clothes and donated a big bag to charity (I need to make room for some spring/summer basics)

And lastly a lovely Sunday roast.  I don't like roast potatoes if your wondering about the pasta situation. Also a few things not pictured are clean sheets and also a bath with a little Lush butterball bobbing away.

I hope you all had lovely weekends, mine was pretty productive considering the rain usually makes me want to stay in bed and be lazy. Please let me know if you like these kind of posts and i'll keep them coming.

Keep Smiling


Once a month I catch up with 2 of my best friends Amy & Steph.  We have been doing this every month for about 4 years now and don't plan on stopping any time soon.  I really look forward to our catch ups.  We always have so much to talk about and you know that old saying two is company, threes a crowd, well that doesn't apply to us, the three of us just gel so well together.

We usually take it in turns to visit each of our houses, or sometimes we venture out to a restaurant but this time it was my turn so on Friday I made some potato wedges (black pepper, seasalt, paprika), cracked open the Schloer, Steph brought the pizzas and mini eggs and Amy brought the popcorn and we had an evening of food,  facials, manicures, chat and laughter.  It was the perfect way to start the weekend.

I'm already looking forward to the next catch up in April and I can't wait for our summer catch up at the beach with a dip in the sea and roasting marshmallows under the stars wrapped in blankets.  I'm longing for Spring/Summer now.  Hurry up!

Keep Smiling


When it rains the only thing I want to do is stay inside, drink lots of tea, and bake. And that is pretty much how my day went today.

I decided to bake Easter inspired cupcakes as it is officially Easter next week.  So after a quick trip to Tesco to pick up the ingredients, my little helper and I put on our aprons, turned the oven on and got our bake on!

Here's what you'll need

For the cupcake mix

100g plain flour sieved
20g cocoa powder sieved
140g caster sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
pinch of salt
40g unsalted butter (room temp)
120ml milk
1 large egg
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the nest topping

150g dark chocolate
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
25ml double cream
25g icing sugar sieved
2 teaspoons boiling water
4 whole shredded wheat crushed
mini eggs to decorate

Method (Makes 12 cupcakes)

1.Preheat oven to 170 degrees Gas 3.
2.Put flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, salt and butter in a bowl and mix on a slow speed until you get a sandy consistency.
3.Whisk the milk, egg and vanilla extract together in a jug and slowly pour half the into the flour mixture and mix on a high speed to get rid of lumps.
4.Turn mixer down to a slower speed and slowly pour in the remaining milk mixture.  Mix for a couple more minutes.  Do not overmix.
5.Spoon mixture into cupcake cases and bake in a preheated oven for around 20 minutes (mine took 18 minutes)
6.While your cupcakes are cooling put the dark chocolate, butter and double cream in a heatproof bowl and place over a bowl of barely simmering water, stir occaisionally until melted
7.Remove from heat and stir in the icing sugar until combined.  Then stir in the boiling water until you have a smooth icing.
8.Add the crushed shredded wheat to the bowl and stir with a spatula until completed coated in the chocolate.
9.Spoon onto the cupcakes and decorate with mini eggs and little easter chicks.

Don't they look so cute! They taste yummy too.  I'll probably bake something different next week to take to my parents house for Easter Sunday Roast! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Keep Smiling


OK so I did another video EEEEEEK!!! and I'm actually speaking in this one too (double EEEEEK).  I say really a lot too.

I have been asked quite a few times how I style my hair and thought this was the easiest way to show you. As you can see I don't curl every piece of my hair, I don't even section it off.  I just take random sections of hair, curl them and then spray a shed load of dry shampoo and texturising spray to get some volume.  All products are linked if you open the video in YouTube.

I hope you enjoy the video.  Please make my day and give it a thumbs up.

Keep Smiling


Maisy can be a bit of a fussy eater believe it or not.  When we picked her up from the breeders we were sent away with a little bag of James Wellbeloved dry dog food as that was all she had ever eaten.  We continued to feed her this for many years.  One Christmas we thought we would give her a treat and bought her a little tray of Cesar thinking shes bound to like it there's a Westie on the pack! She had never tried a wet food before and she appeared to enjoy until about 10 minutes later when I found a pile of it on my front room carpet (Merry Christmas to you too).  Since then we have always stuck to dry food but as Westies are renowned for having problems with their skin it is always advised to use a hypoallergenic dog food.  We've tried lots and lots and the only one she ever seems to stick with is James Wellbeloved.

I was very kindly sent a sample of Browns Dog Food * to try recently.  Its suitable for sensitive, grown up dogs with skin and stomach problems and is hypoallergenic.  It also has something called MacroGard in it which is a natural beta glucane.  It is a completely natural product which helps with their immune system and is great for skin. I thought hey, why not give it a go.

Maisy has been eating this dog food for about 3-4 weeks now and absolutely loves it, in fact she loves it so much that she has finisihed the whole tub and I definitely need to buy another big tub of it.  If you have a dog that requires hypoallergenic food or has skin/stomach problems then you should definitely take a look at Browns Dog Food.

Keep Smiling


I hope you all had wonderful weekends. Mine was pretty awesome, spent mostly outdoors in the beautiful sunshine and the good news is I managed to tick everything off my list from my previous post.

After my morning workout I picked up my food shopping and got back just in time to see the eclipse, well I didn't exactly see it as I had nothing to view it through but I saw it go a little bit darker  I spent the day getting the house nice and clean for the weekend. I got Fletcher's ball pool out of the shed and he had hours of fun playing in there whilst I sorted my laundry!  I also managed to cut the grass and wash the car so it was a pretty productive day. We then got cosy on the sofa with some popcorn and watched Maleficent which we both enjoyed! 

The weather was superb so after breakfast I packed some sarnies and we set off to Devoran for a picnic by the sea and a little bike ride. We picked our spot by the waters edge and got ready to enjoy our picnic when suddenly this gigantic bird started hurtling towards us, it showed no signs of slowing down and flew right into Dylan. It then continued to taunt us by hissing and squacking at us and when it tried to attack Dylan again we decided that was our cue to leave. No joke this bird literally chased us back to our car! At first we thought it was a swan but after some research it looks like it was Canadian goose. We then found a lovely spot next to a stream where there were no geese and finally enjoyed our  picnic. Fletcher then had a blast riding his bike along the bike trail, it was so warm that I actually didn't even need to wear a coat.

My lie in day! I got up, had my breakfast, did my workout, showered and put on a hair mask.  After lunch we took Fletcher to the park and then took Maisy for a walk through some daffodil fields just up the road from where we live. Both Fletcher and Maisy loved running up and down endless rows of daffodils. We then finished the day off with Sunday roast at my parents house followed by a Lush bath, fresh PJ's, a ton of moisturiser, fresh sheets and a good read of my book.

Back to the grindstone now!

Keep Smiling


Benefit sure know how to promote a product, this stuff has been everywhere.  Unfortunately I missed the free sample of Roller Lash in Elle Magazine but Dylan remembered that I wanted to try it and picked one up for me for Mother's Day from Fletcher, he's very observant is my husband!

I could go on about Benefit's beautiful packaging for ages, It's always so eye-catching, quirky and unique to the brand. I wanted to share with you the results I got with this mascara as I think they are pretty darn impressive.  Now, I am a huge fan of Maxfactor Masterpiece Max mascara, you might say it is my holy grail mascara as I've been using it for about 4 years now but I can't help but be a little bit in love with Roller Lash. It is so effective, just take a look for yourselves.  I kept the rest of my eye make up simple with just a dusting of a matte vanilla eyeshadow as I didn't want to take the attention away from the lashes.


Like I said, its pretty amazing isn't it.  You don't even need to use eyelash curler's the wand just lifts the lashes up for you.  I feel a repurchase coming on! 

Keep Smiling


Fletcher was adamant he was getting in the photos, he didn't feel like smiling!

Oh hello sunshine, I have missed you.  How nice is it to get up in the morning and have actual sun shining in through the windows.  Don't get me wrong there is still a chill in the air, especially first thing in the morning, but since Wednesday it has been absolutely gorgeous in Cornwall.  I've been spending as much time outside as possible enjoying all that vitamin D.  On Thursday morning after my high intensity interval training I sat on my doorstep for a good 15 minutes with Fletcher and did nothing but just sit there and enjoy the warmth of the sun, it was beautiful. Yesterday the grass was cut and both cars got a wash and Fletcher was more than happy to lend a hand.  I love that the sun is such a mood booster, everyone's happier when the sun shines. I've even started cracking out some of my brighter clothes to match my mood.

Plans for this weekend:

Bike ride
Visit to the park
Movie (with popcorn)
Lie in
Bubble bath
Sunday roast with my family

I hope you all have an awesome weekend.  What are you up to?

Keep Smiling