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Christmas was absolutely wonderful this year.  It was our first Christmas spent at home, just the 3 of us as we usually alternate between my family and Dylan's but we noticed last year that Fletcher really didn't get any time to play with any of his new toys as we had to be out the door to meet up with family soon after the present opening.  So this year we changed it up and stayed at home and our family came to us at different times throughout the day and it couldnt have worked out any better.


We picked up our REAL Christmas tree on Friday (I had been waiting for this day since the 1st December!).  It took us a while to actually find our tree and then once we found it we swiftly decided that we didn't like it anymore and wanted a different one.  About 30 minutes later we found "the one" and a very lovely gentleman came along with his saw and chopped it down for us and then helped us net it.  I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of getting a real tree and don't think I will ever go back to artificial. I also managed to pick up a rather large amount of Eucalyptus to scatter in random places in my home, I also decided that im going to add Eucalyptus when I wrap my presents.  I'm really into my greenery at the moment.


Jamie Jeans - Topshop//Navy Jumper, Shoes and Scarf all Primark