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The search is over, I have found the ultimate base for my make up. I find that the combination of these products leaves me with the most natural, glowy, cake free base ever.  


NEVER underestimate the power of well fitted underwear!  I went to Marks & Spencer's over the weekend as I had a 20% off friends and family voucher and I desperately needed some new undies.  I was immediately drawn to this beautiful red and grey Limited Collection set and was delighted when they actually had my size in the bra and the pants.  It then dawned on me that I haven't actually owned a proper matching set of bra and pants EVER...............I do now and now I want more :-)

{A very late} January Faves

Pixi Glow Tonic - I've been using this daily since the end of November and I feel like it really prepares the skin for any moisturiser I put on after.  I'm sure it makes the moisturiser sink into the skin better.  It has 5% Glycolic acid in it which removes dead skin cells.  Its also great for hyper-pigmentation such as sun spots and also is great on acne prone skin.  I love it.


My little man turned 4 on Wednesday 3rd February.  I took the week off work as it was also Dylan's first week back at Brize Norton so he wouldn't be there for his actual birthday.  I spent the whole day on Tuesday baking 24 cupcakes for him to take into Pre School and a 3 tier chocolate birthday cake (it's what he wanted).  I'm not complaining though, it was nice to dust off the Kitchenaid as I hadn't used it in a while and I do love baking.  Both recipes were from my trusty Hummingbird Bakery book.  I used the vanilla cupcake recipe for the cupcakes and the chocolate cupcake recipe for the cake and it all turned out great. Fletcher wanted Go Jetters on the top of his cake so I spent the evening searching for pictures on the internet and cutting out the characters and sticking them to cocktail sticks. I was really rather pleased with the end result.

He was so excited on the morning of his birthday.  We facetimed daddy in the morning so we both got to watch him open his present from us, a red ukulele which he was thrilled about. He was even more excited to take his cupcakes into Pre School for his class mates. That afternoon we played in the garden with his new bubble machine and then at about 4pm the doorbell rang and who should be stood on the other side of the door........DADDY!!  Best birthday present ever, he came home early!!  We had a lovely little tea party in the evening with all our family and Fletch finished the day off with a lush bathbomb - he loves them as much as his mama.

On Saturday we took him to Country Skittles for a party with all his friends and he had the time of his life bowling, playing air hockey, Mario Kart and hanging out and laughing with his best mates.  It was just perfect!

Keep Smiling


January is over and all thoughts have now turned to Valentines Day. I personally am a massive fan of Valentine's Day. I know it's not for everybody and that you should show your significant other love and affection throughout the year rather than just on one day (which I do) but I have to admit I am a sucker for all that commercial stuff. Sorry!


Finally....It isn't January anymore, that went on for ages didn't it? So here we are 1st February, its still raining, its cold, wet and miserable so what does one do to cheer themselves up.  Well you buy a new bikini of course.  Nevermind the fact that I don't have a summer holiday booked or that the UK summer is nearly always non existent but HELLO SCALLOP!  I think that's enough reason.
I'm not even sure what even lead me to search for a scallop bikini but I knew it was the one thing I was lacking in my life and the fact that it was a whopping £10 from Boohoo meant that I had no option but to buy it.