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So that's Easter done for another year.  I thought i'd share some of my pictures from the weekend.  


No matter how hard I try to be green fingered I just don't quite succeed.  My mum has the most beautiful garden and I feel like surely I should have some of her gardening genes.  Don't get me wrong I have plants in my garden that are still alive but they are the hardy type (that don't need any effort) and this works for me. What i have come to realise is that you need to put a lot of time and effort into your garden if you want it to look perfect.....aint no-one got time for that, I mean I work and I'm a student and a mother.  But this year I really wanted to give growing from seed a go so naturally I picked the easiest seeds to grow SWEET PEAS. Whats the betting I can't even grow these haha.


BIKE RIDING ATTIRE Jeans-Hollister//Shirt-NewLook//Jacket-Seasalt//New Balance 420 - Schuh

YES..........Finally we had a good spell of weather and boy did it put me in the best of moods (you can probably tell from my face in the above pics. We totally made the most of the sunny weather and went out on our bikes not only on Thursday but also on Friday too (tick tick off that bucket list). On Thursday it was just myself and Fletcher and after spending a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get the bike rack on the back of my car we were off.  This was the first time Fletcher and I had gone out on our bikes together. Fletcher learnt to ride his bike last summer so ordinarily I would just take him out on his bike and walk beside him but as he is so confident now and he requested that I took my bike too I couldn't say no. We took the Bissoe to Devoran cycle path which is a really lovely flat cycle ride with a river running alongside it finishing at Devoran Quay. On Friday it was a similar story but Dylan came home early so we all went together.  It was the nicest feeling ever all three of us outside, having a family bike ride, enjoying the sunshine.  I can't wait to do it again!


(All pics from Pinterest)

Thank you for all your comments on my last post about striving for the perfect life. I've been busy adding to my bucket list over the last couple of days and thought I would share my cheap/free things I plan to do this Spring/Summer.  I really want to focus on enjoying the free things in life, they are more important than designer bags............not that I wouldn't say no to a mulberry and i'm sure owning one would bring me immense joy but hey ;-)


We put so much pressure on ourselves nowadays don't we. I remember before the days of social media (ok I actually remember the days before actual computers but we won't go into that) life really was a lot simpler. I mean you would cook your dinner and tuck straight in, now I'm like "hold up everyone I need a photo for insta" I mean what the hell, and then when you finally tuck in to your dinner is cold. Back in those days you would use your mobile phone to make actual phone calls and have actual conversations that no one else could read via Facebook or Twitter, its funny how we feel the need to share every aspect of our lives now isn't it and i know this post probably sounds massively hypocritical seeing as i openly share snippets of my life on my blog and I love doing it but sometimes wouldn't it be nice to just switch off from the social world from time to time. 


If you're looking for the perfect pink/nude lip colour combo I've found it, or should I say Charlotte Tilbury has found it.  I was very lucky to receive the Luscious Lip Slick set in Bitch Perfect for Mother's Day from Fletcher.........I may have sent the link to his daddy ;-)

The set comes with a lip liner in the shade Pink Venus and lipstick in the shade Bitch Perfect. I imagine its the sort of shade that would suit any skintone and it claims to have a tooth whitening effect, which I genuinely believe to be true.  The lipliner suits the lipstick shade perectly, the pencil is very soft making application simple and precise. The lipstick glides on beautifully and is the most gorgeous creamy consistency.  I blotted the first coat with tissue before applying a second coat and the end result is gorgeous creamy pinky/nude hue which I am all over!  Also how beautiful is the rose gold packaging - STUNNING!

Only problem now is I want more.......hmmmmm which shade to get next?

Keep Smiling


You may remember the lovely pearl necklace that I shared with you all on here a couple of weeks ago, it has stayed firmly around my neck ever since.  And now the geniuses behind Gemporia* are launching "The Diamond Room" on 4th March which will revolutionise the way we shop online.  Offering beautiful pieces of jewellery at a very competitive price.