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It has become apparent that I pretty much live in trainers these days, unless i'm at work then its either brogues or loafers.  In fact i'm struggling to remember the last time I actually wore a pair of heels.  I mean I do love heels but I only ever really wear them on a night out (which also isn't very often!) I do think that fashion and style in Cornwall is much more laid back than other areas of the UK though anyway.  

I bought this gorgeous jumper from Topshop a couple of weeks ago.  I know it may seem a bit daft buying a jumper when summer is just around the corner but you guys its bloody freezing.  I mean my heating is still very much ON . I always make the same mistake every year where I buy all these lovely tiny tops and end up wearing them on the 3 days that the sun comes out and that's it. So this year i'm stocking up on knitwear instead :-)

Keep Smiling


I always hated Sunday's growing up.  I think just knowing that you have to back to school the next day puts a downer on the day.  As I've grown up they have gradually become better.  Don't get me wrong I still have that "back to work" feeling but theres lots of other lovely things about Sundays.  For example:
  • Its my rest day - no workouts yay
  • We have croissants for breakfast
  • It's my lie in day (if husband is home)
  • Fresh bed sheets
  • I wash my hair (monumental moment)
  • Roast dinner at my parents house
  • Quality time with Fletcher
The last one on that list is the most important to me and as I had college on Saturday this weekend it meant that I literally only had Sunday to have fun with my son.  

I woke up on Sunday morning with no set plans, looked out the window, looked over to Fletch and said to him "lets go to the beach" well his face lit up and he demanded that we had icecream!  So I did us a packed lunch and we headed to Chapel Porth in St Agnes for a picnic on the beach.  It was a beautiful day and on the way there Fletcher told me I was number one (which is way better than when he called me a number two). The views at Wheal Coates are absolutely breathtaking and I just had the nicest day ever, just me and my boy.  We also managed to have time to plant our sunflower seeds (check out my sweet peas too) and also take the dog for a walk whilst Fletch rode his scooter so we had a really productive day. We finished the day off with roast dinner at my parents house with all the family (oh and I washed my hair and went to bed in my fresh sheets).

I hope you all had wonderful weekends.
Keep Smiling


Last week I popped into my local Boots to pick up some of the L'oreal Brow Artist and got totally suckered in by the 3 FOR 2 offer!  I'm a big fan of L'oreal as a drugstore brand and think you can really create some lovely make up looks without spending the earth.  I picked up:

Brow Artist in Light/Medium
Lip liner in the shade 300 Velvet Robe
Blush in the shade 160 Peach

I immediately couldn't wait to get it all on my face and thought I would share the finished look with you.  I obviously didn't use ONLY these 3 products so here is everything else that is on my face

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in the shade 02
Clarins instant concealer 01
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Urban Decay Naked Half Baked
Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-Porter Mascara
L'oreal Superliner in Black 
Body Shop lipstick in 14 Pink Ginger (my favourite ever but its discontinued)

We're currently studying make up application at college, which as a fan of make up I am really enjoying. I really love how the combination of these products turned out.  Its a very natural golden sunkissed look and I love that the blush really warms my complexion (I don't have any blush in this coral/peach shade).

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Keep Smiling


I'm no stranger when it comes fitness, I bust out at least 3 workouts a week so it may come as a shock to you to hear that I have never in my entire life tried a protein shake......NEVER LIKE EVER!  Well that was until today when I tried the Blueberry Sports Slender Shake*.  It comes in a sealed drinks bottle with the correct amount of protein powder already measured out so all you have to do is fill it up with water to the level on the side of bottle, put the lid back on, shake it like a Polaroid picture and then drink it. EASY.  They come in 3 flavours - Strawberry/Chocolate/Vanilla.  I went for Vanilla.

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Its well known that I'm a fan of baking, I have been for many years and have spent many an afternoon in my kitchen whipping up cupcakes with just a spoon and a bowl gradually moving on to a handheld mixer and then finally getting my freestanding Kitchenaid mixer for my 30th.  If I could I would bake more often but having a child means you HAVE to include them in the baking process which is all well and good but my child also has type 1 diabetes meaning that the whole licking the bowl situation can be quite interesting. I mean how much insulin should I give him for that goddamnit! The other problem is that if you bake something you then have to eat it.  So when my best friend Amy asked if I would bake for an Afternoon Tea fundraising event she was holding I happily obliged (baking for a good cause without the guilt of eating ALL the cake....... winner)


Hat-Old H&M (similar)//Top-ASOS//Vest-old H&M//Jeans-Hollister//Uggs//Nail Polish-OPI Rich Girls & Po Boys

Ladies and gentl....... (lets get real, no men are reading this!) I present to you my favourite knit of the moment.  Its a little bit pink a little bit nude so basically its PUDE.  The funny thing is I always avoided the nude colour when it came to clothes previously, thinking it looked too much like naked skin and it never really does a lot for ones complexion BUT because this top has that slight pink undertone it, it just makes it more wearable and less of a wash out!


OPI Nail Envy Hawaiian Orchid- I went a bit OPI mad in March and got a nice little selection of polishes.  My most worn polish in March was Hawaiian Orchid Nail Envy.  I love that they do Nail Envy in colours and this is the perfect nude/mauve shade that also strengthens and enriches the nail.