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We had a very CORNISH weekend this past weekend. It started on Friday when Dylan and I went to the Cornish Food Festival in Truro after dropping Fletch off to school. We totally made the most of our free time and spent the day tasting all the different cheeses, fudge, clotted cream custard, chocolate, shortbread biscuits, cider you name it we tried it. We did actually buy a few bits whilst there and both opted for the pulled pork nachos for lunch (which were incredible btw). I can't go to Truro without going into Topshop so I obviously didn't come out of there empty handed and Im sure there will be an outfit post very soon featuring my new knitwear.

Saturday was a very rainy day but I actually went out for lunch at Trevaskis farm to celebrate 2 of my friends turning 30. Whilst there we picked pumpkins in the rain all ready for me to make pumpkin soup and Dylan to make pumpkin pie. Saturday evening saw more birthday celebrations at a barn dance. 

Sunday was sunny again but Fletch had come down with a stinker of a cold so we had plenty of snuggles on the sofa with blankets, hot water bottles and a Lego movie in the morning. After bacon sarnies for lunch we decided to go out and get some fresh air.  Im so glad we did, we went to Roskilly's Farm and had a lovely afternoon seeing all the farm animals, walking around the ponds and watching the cows being milked. We obviously finished off with ice-cream and I think the fresh air did Fletch the world of good as he was much chirpier come Monday morning.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends with loved ones. Theres nothing better than spending time with family and friends. Quite clearly we were all  about the farm life this weekend.
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Dress - New Look // Top - Topshop sold out (similar) // Shoes - New Look

Its officially cool enough for tights but on occasions still a little too warm for a coat. The weather definitely makes for awkward dressing so I'm keeping it simple with a plain pinafore dress from New Look and black everything else (it doesn't even look like i'm wearing shoes). If I'm being totally honest Im actually relieved that I can finally cover up my legs because they are always so pale and I can fully embrace my paleness throughout the autumn/winter months without having to worry about applying fake tan frequently.

I'll be cracking out my scarves next........oh Autumn

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I always said I would never be that mum that let their child run around the beach naked.........Im such a hypocrite. Last week I was totally THAT mum.

My mum, dad and I went to Gwithian beach just for an hour (the beach I visit the most out of our huge selection in Cornwall, its my fave) and we weren't expecting it to be quite so warm so didn't bring swimmers or even a towel but Fletch was desperate to get in the sea so we let him go in his pants.  He thought it was brilliant and when he got them wet we just took them off as its such a quiet beach anyway and he ran around naked for a good 10 minutes before I couldn't handle the nakedness any longer and put his top back on to protect his modesty.

But honestly he had the time of his life, just proving again that the best things in life really are free. I hope I'm creating the best memories for his childhood just as my parents did, I hope he will look back at these times in his life with fond memories.......... I know I will

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I love nothing more than a little pamper session and this morning my skin was feeling rather dull and lifeless so after my morning shower I decided to give myself a little mini at home facial using some of my favourite skincare products. I thought i'd bring you along for the ride and show you what I love putting on my face.

BODY SHOP Camomile Cleansing Butter £10
Love this stuff, especially for taking off stubborn eye make up but its also a great as a pre cleanse in the morning to shift all the nasty grime, sweat and dirt off that builds up on your fave overnight.

ELEMIS Biotec cleanser £39.50
I then used this skin energising cleanser from Elemis.  A little goes a long way and I love the smell of it.

DERMALOGICA Daily Microfoliant £41.75 
This is a cult classic.  I try not to use this every day as I find it can dry my skin out with overuse but it is great for combination skin and really makes my skin glow.

ANTIPODES Aura Mask £23
Oh my word the smell of this stuff is incredible. It has manuka honey in it which is known for its amazing antibacterial properties so its great for blemish prone skin. I also dab this onto spots as and when I get them....so good!

PIXI Glow Tonic £18
I've been using this toner for about a year now.  It has glycolic acid in it so its almost like your giving your skin a teeny tiny acid peel every day.

BOTANICS Eye Cream £10
I am still on the hunt for an amazing eye cream that will take all my wrinkles and dark circles away. Im pretty sure it doesn't exist so it looks like botox is the only way for me in the meantime this eye cream keeps my eye area well hydrated.

FIRST AID Ultra Repair Cream £9 
Whenever my skin is feeling particularly dry and parched I slather a truck load of this on my face and just leave it there to sink in. Always does the trick.

I hope you've enjoyed this little skincare blogpost
Keep Smiling