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Yesterday I turned 33. Im totally fine about getting older, with age comes wisdom and all that its just a shame that it also comes with wrinkles but hey there's always botox right?

I may have mentioned to husband that I would REALLY love to have a spa day for my birthday with him. A spa day is Dylan's idea of hell but he must really love me because he only went and bloody booked The Scarlet.

Upon arriving at The Scarlet our car was taken away by the valet (how posh) and we were taken down to the spa. Once we had filled out some paperwork we then got into our robes and had a dip in the pool, which we had all to ourselves and sat in the eucalyptus steam room to open up our pores. It wasn't long before it was time for us to have a soak in the clifftop hot tub. This was the highlight of the day if I'm totally honest. The views were stunning and we just sat there looking out to the ocean drinking tea BLISS.

We went for the "Spend Time Together" package which involves a soak in the clifftop hot tub, a Rhassoul for 2 where you scrub yourself down with a salt scrub in your own private steam room, shower off and then apply mud to each other and let the steam work its magic. It was perfect as I knew Dylan would not enjoy having a stranger massage him and this way we could just spend some quality time together (and throw mud at each other......so much fun!)

After we had finished up with our Rhassoul it was time for a bit more relaxing, I read my book, Dylan checked his eyelids and then we were called up for our healthy lunch. I was a little worried that it wouldn't fill me up as it was a lot of greens and salad but I can honestly say all the food was delicious and we were introduced to pickled rhubarb.....I never even knew that was a thing, it was delicious.

After lunch we headed out to the clifftop sauna which was lovely and toasty, we then had another quick dip in the pool and just like that the day was over and it was time for us to go home.

This was the most relaxed, blissful birthday i've ever had. It was just what I needed after the tough week we had last week with Fletcher's diabetes. The Scarlet is a stunning hotel which I would actually love to return to and stay the night.....maybe next year :-)

Keep Smiling


1. Fresh new sparkly nails (OPI You Don't Know Jaques) 2. Bubble Bath and Youtube 3. A lie in and being woken by my little monkey 4. Starting my new book, already loving it
5. New Hair. About 3 inches shorter and blunt

Ahhhhh Monday.....we meet again! Although for once I'm actually pretty happy to be starting a new week after the nightmare week I had last week with Fletcher. I have to say though, looking back on how I felt this time last week to how I currently feel is just such a contrast. Its amazing how all consumed you get in that moment of fear and panic and you forget that you will actually feel normal again, pretty much like I do right now, apart from the odd wobble every now and then, but i'll take that any day.

The good news is i'm eating again. I completely lose my appetite when I'm anxious to the point where I was living off 1 packet of crisps every day for about 5 days. Hasten to add I lost half a stone in under a week which I'm working on putting back on this week (i'm sure it won't take long....give me all the pizza)

You may remember I set myself 5 little things to do over the weekend to perk myself up. Well I just wanted to say that this really helped me and I successfully managed all 5 (hence the above pictures). I actually think I might start doing this every week, just 5 small things to look forward to because it really is the little things in life that matter.

Keep Smiling


I always feel the most comfortable in a pair of comfy jeans and a nice cosy knit, especially this time of year when the weather is changing, although we've been pretty lucky with the mild weather recently. I like to buy some new knitwear each year to see me through the colder months and this little knit from Topshop has been worn on repeat.  I love that the neckline is nice and high without being a full on turtle neck (I don't really get on with turtle necks) and its a gorgeous blush pink. I don't think you can go wrong with a neutral palette. I nearly always buy from Topshop as I find the quality to be really good and I have jumpers from years ago that I still wear from there.

I paired it with my trusty Topshop Jamie Jeans (starting to sound like an ad for Topshop now, i promise it isn't) and a really old pair of boots from Aldo (similar) which i've had for years (i've got a new pair on my birthday list).

I've also been wearing my hair natural mainly because i'm too lazy to style it but also because I think its good to give your hair a break from all the heat, backcombing and hairspray.  I'm getting it cut later today so hopefully it will be in much better condition afterwards (its been about a year since I last got it cut).

Keep Smiling


A few photos from a couple of weeks ago at the Helford River when life felt normal. It was a gorgeous sunny day with a touch of rain and we went for a walk along the river and stopped for a hot chocolate. It was splendid.

This weeks been a rough one if I'm being completely honest.  I've been an emotional wreck.  We've been having a hard old time controlling Fletcher's bloods.  Living with diabetes is so exhausting, it consumes your whole life, and I'm not even the one with it.  My dear little Fletcher, bless him. Without going into too much detail, he keeps having too many prolonged hypos (lows) which can potentially be very dangerous, lead to coma or even death! He was hypo for over 3 hours on Monday and i've not been sleeping due to checking his bloods every hour in the night, basically because I was worried he might never wake up.  Coincidentally this all happened the day that Dylan had to go back to work so I was all alone. Thankfully I have a great support system and my friends and family have been incredible. My mum even stayed with me for 2 nights to help me out.

Anyway moving on.......Fletcher is on the mend now, we're slowly getting his bloods back to normal and I wanted to just get a little perspective. Whilst I can totally hate this horrible disease there are worse things out there and we are so grateful that his condition is something that can be treated with the right medication.  We have bad days but boy do we have way more good days and I just need to keep reminding myself of that.  Its so easy to forget the good times when you're going through a rough patch and you can almost spiral out of control, but I know that those good times are just around the corner again.

So to stay positive i'm going to make a list of 5 nice little things I want to do over the next few days to give me something to look forward to and to just perk myself up a bit.

1.  Paint my nails and add a little sparkle
2.  Have a bubble bath and watch youtube
3.  Start my new book (Me After You)
4.  Have a lie in (and sleep for 100 years)
5.  Get my hair cut

Its Friday tomorrow! YAY

Keep Smiling